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10 Resolutions For The New Year!!

Each year many people create a list of resolutions designed to help them improve their lives. As Business Leaders, we also need to take a look at our business lives and find ways to improve ourselves.

Competion or Cooperation?

It has been said, there is no better way to hone your skills and improve your performance, than competition. Competing with others, or even with your self, fosters continued improvement, striving for even higher goals, and an ongoing sense of achievement. Competition in the world of business is natural and expected. Every business has competitors that are vying for the dollars in the marketplace. And over the years, some of these competitors have been classic. Coke versus Pepsi comes to mind, as does Avis versus Hertz in the rental car industry. Years ago Miller Lite had commercials where two factions of their fans competed over the reason to buy their product. As a crowd gathered half the group would shout out "Less Filling!!" while the other half would retort "Tastes Great!!!" They were humorous commercials with Miller Lite being the only real competitor. These classic competitions served to strengthen the product itself and made the competitors stronger. In effect, both Pepsi and Coke won, as did Avis and Hertz.

7 Tips for Growing Your Business You Do Not Want to Ignore: Business Strategies To Easily Implement

Growing companies must always be ready for the next challenge. If you fail in meeting critical business challenges you will not grow. Challenges often require some type of breakthrough. But do not be misled. A business breakthrough does not have to be something no one has thought of ? it just needs to be a solution to your problem that you can act on now. Breakthroughs may involve simply finding the solution to a common, nagging problem or it may be nurturing a more complex way of thinking. We all must be ready and observant of breakthrough opportunities. What keeps us from moving forward can easily be overcome by incorporating one or all of the following tips. There is nothing magical about growing a business ? it just takes the right effort.

The Dog That Didnt Bark

A few weeks ago, after consultations with others in an association I represent, I made a partnership pitch to another organization with similar interests. If the idea comes to fruition, it will radically change our organization.

4 Simple Steps to Successful Delegation

Last month, my featured article was about creating a ?Stop Doing? list. Hopefully, if you followed my suggestion, you now have a list of tasks that you are looking to delegate away. It seems a natural progression that I now disclose a few simple steps that will ensure your foray into delegation is a success.

Hiring and Retaining Good Employees

Hiring good employees is not only important to business, it?s essential. Employees are the heart and soul of a business; they are the mechanism that makes a business run; they are the breath of life that enables a business to be something more than an idea. A business cannot run unless someone (employees, in this case) is doing the work. Any intelligent business owner should want good employees.

Outsourcing NOT Just for Big Business

Outsourcing has become a controversial issue and a hot topic among presidential candidates this year. But have you stopped to think how your business can benefit from the efficiency, functionality and cost savings of outsourcing? If you have, you might find that, like many others, you are already outsourcing-and enjoying its benefits.

Why Business Owners Need Security

The main reason is to stop any potential lawsuits from happening! But do you know how many individuals I have talked to about this very thing? Many! Do you know what the majority have told me? They have locks and cameras, so they don?t need anymore security than that!

The Top Three Problems IT Managers Face and How to Overcome Them

Todays business environment has changed drastically from just a few years back. Rather than working exclusively with equipment, data, and systems, todays IT managers face issues such as cross training, personnel management, interdepartmental communication, and a widening job scope for all IT employees.

Effective Multi Cultural International Business Meetings

Of the many areas in international business where cultural differences manifest is in the corporate meeting room. International meetings are an area where differences in cultural values, etiquette, interpretations of professional conduct and corporate rules are at their most visible and challenging to control.

Cultural Awareness - an HR Perspective

The use of cultural awareness training has increased rapidly in the majority of global companies over the last decade.

Are You At The Mercy Of Computer Geeks?

Many business owners are sabotaging their business without even realizing it. They are completely out of the loop when it comes to all technology aspects of their operation such as websites, computers and software. They become completely dependent on their technical people and naively believe that things are "being taken care of".

Building A Stellar Business One Employee At A Time

Top businesses that continually lead their industry clearly understand a simple fact:

Islam in the Workplace

Suggested practice for HR personnel

The Ten Keys to Maximizing Employee Performance

1. Let people know what you expect. If people know what?s expected of them, that?s what they?ll do--if they don?t know what?s expected, they?ll do something else. Communicate clear and unambiguous performance expectations and hold people accountable for their achievement.

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