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Why Businesses Need to Start Nurturing Collective Wisdom

COLLECTIVE WISDOM CAN BE AN effective tool for solving the problem of knowledge deficit, or the underutilization of organizational knowledge. If you are a small, medium or large business, and you don?t have a method in place for harnessing and managing your organization?s collective knowledge, you may be losing opportunities for significant revenue enhancement. According to a study by the Delphi Group, less than 20 percent of knowledge available to an enterprise is actually used. Furthermore,

Medical Collection. How Organized is Your Office?

At one time or another, all of us have experienced the frustration of waiting in a doctor?s office. It seems as though every time we go to see the doctor or the dentist we end up having to wait for a ridiculous amount of time, and then when we finally do get in, we are only ?treated? for a few minutes and then sent on our way. I have always wondered why that is the case. If the doctor is only seeing each patient for a fraction of the time that the patient had to wait, then what are they doing behind the scenes? As a student in the field of business, I have often wondered if doctor?s offices are slow because they might possibly be a little bit disorganized. I have friends that work in medical offices and they have said to me that things can be a bit crazy because there is so much paperwork that goes on and time to be organized is hard to come by. In this article I would like to propose a few solutions to help medical offices to be more organized.

Business & Family Safety and Health Rating

For good reason, practically every endeavor in life is rated. I've seen ratings on who or what's #1 in business, industry, NFL, NBA, MLB, person of the century, athlete of the century, technology, restaurants, university, neighborhoods, travel destination, best looking, best movie, best book, etc. It doesn't stop. In fact, there are multiple ratings for the same #1 spot because of varying value systems. Of course, each of us has our independent rating to see if it's in agreement with the masses, the experts, or promotional efforts.

Five Overlooked Ways To Hire Winners

Here is a true story. My dentist did a ?clinical? evaluation of my teeth. That is his fancy way to say he looked in my mouth and starred at my teeth with his own two eyes. He found no cavities in his ?clinical? evaluation. I felt happy and relieved!

Service Level Agreement (SLA) Boot Camp

Service Level Agreements, or "SLA's" are tricky but useful mechanisms for managing the risk of an on-going relationship with IT service providers. Unfortunately, most SLA's that show up in service contracts as worthless, cosmetic paper additions. SLA's can be extremely powerful tools to help you and your service provider get the most out of a relationship.

Tales from the Corporate Frontlines: Finding The Perfect Balance

This article relates to the Work/Life Balance competency, which investigates how your staff feels with regard to the balance between work and personal life. It explores issues such as priority of family and hours on the job, also covered in this competency. Organizations that enjoy a high satisfaction level in this area will normally exhibit a low rate of absenteeism and experience higher employee retention. Evaluating this competency is helpful in understanding issues relating to a workforce that is commonly tardy or absent from work.

Profound Knowledge

We all are on a quest for knowledge. Whether its information that will make our lives easier or just small packets of data that in a trivial way allows us to sort out "why things are the way they are on this planet." As intelligent beings we are constantly receiving and sorting information, in most instances, we are overwhelmed. Therefore, when relevant information arrives that is meaningful, concise and thought provoking, we have a tendency to reflect on this data for the principles and guidance that it offers. Here are seven insights that are worthy of the title Profound Knowledge.

How To Decrease Downtime and Increase Productivity

All maintenance activities of the workforce must be documented, this includes breakdown repairs, callouts, preventive maintenance, replacement maintenance, overhauls, and Testing & Inspection work. Maintenance work by production line employees must be included, whether or not the employee is listed as in maintenance. These activities can then be mined for maintenance information "gold".

Stomp Out Leeches In Your Company

Recently, I felt appalled to see a political candidate running on the motto of ?Demand More!? That motto oozes extreme nerve, and implies some people think it is o.k., as the saying goes, to ?rob Peter to pay Paul.?

Managing Rebellious Employees

Surveys of executives reveal that many companies fall short of their profit objectives due to ?people problems.? Research for my Absolutely Fabulous Organizational Change book found these ?people problems? fall into two ?r? categories: rebellion and resistance.

Get Out Of The Stone Age: Give Leadership Talks

160 years ago, the newly invented electric telegraph carried the first news message. The message zipped 40 miles in a flash over wires from Baltimore to Washington, D.C.

He Hate Me: Turning Their Bad Attitude Into Your Great Results

"He Hate Me" was the nickname of Rod Smart, a leading rusher in 2002 for the Las Vegas Outlaws of the now defunct XFL pro football league. Looking for an edge, the XFL allowed players to put nicknames on their uniforms. "I was always saying, 'he hate me,' all through camp in Vegas," Smart said. "If I didn't get the ball, I'd talk to the other running backs and say, 'he hate me, man; this coach hate me.' I was always saying that." Smart put He Hate Me on the back of his number 32 jersey, and now the name lives in lore even though XFL has been out of business for years.

Problem Solving - Think Cleopatras Ass

Picture the scene. Anthony pops down to the guardhouse, partly because he wants a break with the lads, but also because he has a problem. Cleopatra says she wants to bathe in ass's milk. So Anthony tells the guys in the guardhouse, that he needs some help. "The wife wants to bathe in ass's milk now." He says.

Setting Clearer Performance Expectations

The annual performance review.

Employees Commit Corporate Fraud

Imagine the following scenario; Ten years ago you decided to quit your job and start your own company. For ten years you worked hard, made sacrifices, and it paid off in the end. One of your first employees, a loyal, hard working employee has been by your side the whole way.

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