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Employee Retention: Five Leadership Fundamentals

Are your management practices on the right track? Retaining your valued or high performing employees must be a strategic issue for your company. Throwing more money at your workers is not the answer and can become very costly. The more effective way to retain top talent is to address their important needs.

The Silent Assassin - What to Do When They Visit You?


Keep Your Good Workers by Building Good Leaders

A recent report from the American Hospital Association?s Commission on the Workforce asked healthcare workers key questions about the performance of their front line managers. The study concluded that an employee?s decision to stay with or leave an organization is primarily based on his or her relationship with an immediate supervisor. No matter what industry or setting or company size, effective leaders: Possess personal integrity. Can easily adapt to change. Work to build the talent of others. Communicate well with their people. Have the ability to build and lead a team. Can analyze problems and create solutions. Encourage a collaborative work environment. Five Ways to Develop More Effective Front Line Managers: Encourage and give managers time to attend leadership courses. Learning and growing is part of their job. Develop an approach to hire and assess managers based on the above key competencies, not on old job descriptions. Reward effective leadership on a regular basis whether it is through a ?Manager of the Month? award or free movie tickets. Get creative with training. Start peer coaching groups - managers with similar levels of authority meet once a month to discuss challenges in managing people, dealing with organizational politics, or other thorny issues. Do short reviews every three to six months to catch performance problems before they blossom into big leadership headaches. When problems are identified, action plans should be put into place to rectify the issue before the next appraisal.

Your Appraisal System Can Be Better ? Overcome These Nine Serious Failings

This article is directed at senior managers. As a senior colleague you have the authority to make tremendous improvements. You can have maximum effect in improving your existing appraisal system or starting one that contributes to profits or other targets.

So, You Want to be in Management? Five Essential Factors that Will Determine Your Chances

The following information is based upon over 500 interviews with senior executives with whom I conducted over the past four years. These senior executives represent a variety of industries and organizations. It is interesting to note the similarities of their responses. The research concentrated on five areas:

Can Your Business Run Without You?

If you are a business owner or a business owner to be, let's examine this scenario.

More Problem-Solving Success Tips

The ability to solve complicated problems quickly is more important than ever in today?s tough economy.

In Leadership, The Critical Convergence Drives Great Results

The Leader's Fallacy lives! We subscribe to the Fallacy when we believe our enthusiasm over a particular leadership challenge is automatically reciprocated by the people we lead.

Bar Charts Brought to Life: Index of Interactive Information for HTML and PDF

Bar Charts and the Information Challenge

6 Shared Factors of Successful Executives

These factors where determined by interviews with and books from very successful people. Fac­tors which eminently successful people con­sidered essential were collected and classified. They were gathered from talks with big men, from personal letters, from printed interviews, and from books? the end result being ideas of thirty-one of the most successful people of our country.

Creating Advisory Boards

There is no substitute for soliciting the opinions of the executive team, the people who will be most affected by change or its absence. However, often the answers to complicated questions don?t lie within those most affected. Frequently the CEO will need to look outside the organization for advice and wisdom. Sometimes this comes for a Board of Directors, a body of individuals that has the duty of influencing a company?s direction. Members of this board have a fiduciary responsibility to represent the shareholders by making pivotal decisions.

Dont Hire Squirrels to be Your Top Dogs

Bad hiring decisions cost organizations, both in dollars and lost opportunities. But getting the right people in the right places doing the right thing is not easy. It requires painstaking efforts and objective information. Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, and growth all require an unprecedented need for information about how to hire top performers and a framework for assessing the competencies required to lead people during extraordinary times. Therefore, hiring the right people involves more than guesswork and subjectivity. The formula is simple but not easy: know what a squirrel is and set a trap to catch them.

Getting the Most from Appraisals

Does your organisation have one of those annual ?occasions? that few look forward to: the annual appraisal or performance review? How do you look forward to it? I wonder how people talk about it before and after?

Coaching Can Get The Boss In Shape

Who tells the boss that they can improve their management or leadership? How do they look at themselves objectively and identify what areas they can improve and the benefits of doing so?

Why You Should Hold One More Meeting

If you are completely happy with where you and your business currently are then you can stop here. If growth and change aren?t something you have any interest in, there is no need for you to read any further.

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