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How Your Feelings and Those of Your Employees Can Make The Difference

How we feel is really more important than what we know. This is because how we feel plays a bigger role in our behavior than knowing what we should or should not do. For instance, we ?know? smoking is bad for us. We see research that tell us auto accident injuries and deaths can be greatly reduced by using seat belts. We ?know? that brushing our teeth after each meal fights tooth decay. Despite these facts that we ?know", many of us smoke, don?t use seat belts, and fail to brush after eating. We have other needs and feelings that are stronger and take the place of our ?knowing? what we should do.

Important Communication Tips For Managers

The following tips will help you communicate more effectively with your employees:

Supervisor-Employee Relations: Tips For Managers

Supervisor-employee relations are a critical part of a work place atmosphere and promoting productivity and cohesiveness. The following tips address these issues:

Pricing Strategy for Retail Flower Shops

When you create your profit and loss statement to assess the health of your business, you will see:

Assertiveness Helps Accomplish Everything

When trying to get something accomplished, assertive behavior is the most effective. Although other methods may accomplish the intended ends, the alternatives imperil our own rights or those of others, creating conflict and building mistrust into relationships. One of the keys to effectiveness is learning how to communicate thoughts and feelings without jeopardizing yourself or others, and this ability elevates both morale and productivity in the workplace.


Budgets! There I've said it. For some the most hated and feared word in business. But it doesn't have to be that way. As a matter of fact, a well thought out and constructed budget can be the small business owners best friend. After all, a budget is just a laid out plan to produce profits and profits is what we are all after.

The How-Tos of Firing Incompetent Employees

CATEGORIES OF OFFENSES: Most organizations have two categories of offenses in their policies. One category is for flagrant actions which are cause for immediate termination. Cited as examples of such offenses were theft of company property, gross negligence, and being intoxicated on the job. The second category comprises all other offenses for which some prior notification to the employee is required. In these cases, there is a slow but steady accrual of chronic problems or offenses, no single one enough to cause a termination, but taken together making the decision unavoidable.

Poor Employee Performance: How to Deal

KEEP WRITTEN RECORDS: ?Document !Document! Document!? Keep a record of periodic performance reviews, incidents of unsatisfactory performance, conferences where warnings are administered or terminations are announced. Issue warnings and terminations in writing as well as verbally. When dealing with a particularly unstable or vindictive employee, request that the employee sign a written summary of a warning or termination conference to attest to the fact that the summary is accurate (not that they necessarily agree with it).

Problem-Solving Success Tip: Look For Sponsors And Solution Owners

Look for sponsors and solution owners rather than problem owners.

Group Decision Making : Are the Decisions Really Made by the Group?

GROUP DECISION-MAKING: Many managers feel they are well-versed in areas of group effort, such as problem-solving, goal-setting, and action planning. Frequently, however, the implementation of such techniques never seem to get beyond the initial stage. Often, this is because managers can not quite seem to understand that brainstorming or group decision-making requires comprehensive utilization of various processes. Managers may unknowingly find themselves perpetuating problems instead of solving them.

Is Your Employee Newsletter Management Propaganda?

It should not be. If it is an effective newsletter, it will serve the needs of readers (employees) as much as it serves the needs of the publisher (management).

Have You Fixed the Broken Window?

Left alone it doesn't take long for a building with a single broken window to rapidly become a building with many broken windows. Fixing problems when they are small will prevent them from developing into larger problems.

Your Company Without Training - Any Questions?

Okay, be honest!

The ?Better People? Fallacy

It?s easy enough to convince your own staff that better people will prevail, even against the odds. It?s what they want to hear. And surely in a marketing war quality is a factor as well as quantity.

The ?Better Product? fallacy

Another fallacy ingrained in the minds of most marketing managers is the belief that the better product will win the marketing battle.

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