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The Business Shaman: Exploring the Mystery of Success!

Note: This article was written for a internet business site. It is a promo for my work with the business world. I published it here for anyone who is interested in a shamanic perspective on creating success, in both business and life. If you read between the lines, it will offer you some help when dealing with any challange.

Executive ESP: A Pathway to Success!

We all have psychic abilities that we use daily, although most of us don't even realize that. The full study of this issue would take many books, and years of experience to grasp all the factors. Since we can't do that here, we can still focus on applying these skills to making informed business decisions. Those of us making constant business choices, effecting staff, ethics , health, and the botton line ,need all the data we can get our hands on. So these tidbits are designed to help you use your natural abitities, and to improve your business situation!

Eight Skills of Highly Successful Consultants

With deference to Dr. Covey and his very popular Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (all habits that will make us better consultants!), here are eight skills that all of us as consultants can work on to improve.  This article will start with three overarching skills, then describe five more specific skills to consider in your ongoing development.

Identifying Potential in Ourselves and Others

If there is someone nearby as you read this look in their eyes.  Look closely and you will see great potential inside this person regardless of how ?successful? or accomplished they are.  If you are alone, get up, find a mirror, and look in your own eyes.  There is great potential there too!

Nine Steps to Help You Develop Your Potential

Go into any bookstore and you will find a big selection of self-help and personal improvement products.  Most everyone (and I?ll bet everyone reading this) wants to improve.  We know we need to get better, and we want to get better. We may want to improve our personal relationships, our business capabilities, our ability to be disciplined, our desire to juggle four chain saws, or any of hundreds of other things.  In that book store you can find books to help you do any of those things!

Leaders Versus Cheerleaders

Everyone wants to describe themselves as a leader. Everyday, new books on leadership come out on the market. Leaders are seen everywhere ? business, society, and, of course, politics. Yet, in our culture where greatness is often measured by noise rather than accomplishment, I thought it would be helpful to define the factors that differentiate the true leader from the notorious ?cheerleader.?

Five Key Strategies for Making Your Nonprofit Business More Effective

Consistently applying these strategies will help you achieve attention-getting results. Give it a try and track your progress.

Great Hires: Avoid Costly Mistakes

The goal of selection interviews, buying apples, is to make the most appropriate hire the right people for the job. The goal is to match applicants with openings. More specifically to match applicant?s qualifications with the job requirements. The interview is a subjective tool that attempts to forecast a candidate?s performance.

Business Leadership Skills - Managing the Human Being Behind the Business

It?s a common problem and we?ve all seen it - business owners that are just ?too busy? all of the time, and as a result, do not enjoy the success in business they had hoped for. Let?s not kid ourselves, there is a lot to focus on: technology, employees, sales, marketing and so on. These functions are essential and need to be well organised and managed.

Plans & Goal Setting - Kicking winning Goals

The competition for business is hotting up. The advances in new technology, ease of communication, and increasing expectations from customers have combined to make the marketplace more competitive than ever. In this world it is critical for small and medium businesses to be proactive about creating their future. Without proactivity, things just seem to ?happen? without your control.

50 Great Ways to Motivate and Not Break the Bank

Quick, Easy, and Even Fun!

Performance Appraisals: Nightmares or Sweet Dreams

Some managers think of performance appraisal meetings and recollections of torn Achilles' heels or root canals immediately surface. They're sort of "been there, don't want to go again" situations. The more it can be put off, the better.

Birds of a Feather May Be Turkeys

Birds of a Feather May Be TurkeysBy Gene Griessman, PhD

10 Ways New Managers Become Great Leaders

"It is a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead and find no one there." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Are You Managing to Lead?

For many people, the terms "manager" and "leader" are synonymous.  In the business world, they are often used interchangeably, i.e. "team leader", "team manager", "project manager" - you get the idea.  And why not?  After all, leaders and managers do basically the same thing, right?

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