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The Gift of Gratitude

Gratitude might seem like a soft or even an obvious subject to you. Perhaps you would rather read about a leadership lesson or a marketing approach or even a motivational technique. If that is what you are thinking, I urge you to read on. I don?t think you will be disappointed.

Think Before You Talk

What you say to other people can make or break you and it can happen without you even knowing about it. That old saying ?loose lips sink ships? is oh so true in business. If you like to gossip as most people do, learn to listen rather than participate. Oh, you?re saying to yourself that yes maybe you do talk about the job or your co workers, but never to anyone who?s involved outside your work.

Transform Any Business into a Go-Getting Power House by Working SMART

Probably as well known as SWOT, SMART turns goals, objectives and tasks into concrete deliverables. If there is one key to turning busy, ineffectual organisations into models of streamlined efficiency then this is it.

4 Steps to Success In Life, Business, The Universe And Everything

Everyone wants to succeed in life. And no one starts a business of any sort, on-line or off-line, wanting to fail.

Managing Yo-Yo Style

Does being managed by others smack more of ?Survivor? than Stephen Covey for you? Could there BE any more management styles out there?have you gotten to experience all of them yet? And what kind of manager are you?or should you try to be?

5 Management Decision Making Lessons from a Long Shot. A Heartening Belmont Victory

Like many, I watched the 134th Belmont Stakes hoping to see the first Triple Crown in 24 years. Instead, I saw the 70-1 long shot, Sarava, appear from nowhere to win. We should take heart from this unlikely victory. As small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs, the "big shots" often see us as long shots -- worth a cursory notice, but rarely more.

One Simple Idea to Grow Your Business

Perhaps the most common theme I?ve heard in working with business owners or managers is that they rarely have time to plan for the future. They are so busy with day to day tasks and responsibilities, just getting through their weekly ?To Do? list or fighting fires consumes all their time and energy, and then some.

Turbo-Charge Your Rollout with ERM

Employees are the often-neglected stakeholders in the success or failure of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) initiative. But employees don't always resist new ways of doing business. If you factor in relationship management practices that engage people in the change process, you can circumvent significant resistance and actually speed up implementation.

Take Your Firm to the Next Level

So you did such a good job in 2003 at bringing in new clients to your firm that you?re swamped with business, your firm is large and growing, and all parts of your marketing system are in place and running smoothly? Congratulations - you're off to a great start for 2004!

Setting a Pitiful Example: Twenty-six Warnings to Heed *

TO: All Parents [and Employers and Managers]

Hiring Productive Employees: A Checklist for Assessing Their Appeal

The characteristics of job applicants have a strong influence on whether or not they get hired. Their characteristics also indicate the level of their productivity. If you are about to hire employees, consider the characteristics listed below in checklist form. The candidates who possess them are probably the ones who will be readily accepted by your staff. This acceptance plays an important role in the team-building process and the productivity of the staff.

People Literacy

Every Manager has experienced the frustration of not understanding why one management approach that works beautifully with one employee is ineffective with another. That?s because what we think would be motivating isn?t always motivating to someone else.

Avoid Outsourcing Pitfalls in the Injection Molds and Stamping Dies Markets

When looking to outsource overseas for Plastic Injection Molds or Stamping Dies there are many things to consider. Usually price is the first thing to be looked at, that's probably why you're looking overseas for a new mold or die source-to save money. One of the first places to come to mind is Asia. Large labour forces and low wages can get your job done quickly and cheaply. Or so you think.

Nine Vital Lessons For Avoiding Training Fads That Waste Time, Money and Enthusiasm

Unfortunately, at least two thirds of much of the training and development effort undertaken by organisations to develop their people is wasted.

Middle Managers Behaving Badly ? How To Stop This Damaging Your Results

More and more I hear and read about a looming crisis of leadership at the middle management level and the inevitable resulting increase in, poor performance, accidents and production mistakes and hence declining profits.

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