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Delegate, Dont Abdicate

One of the key skills for the leaders of growing businesses is to 'get' the distinction between delegation and abdication.

Improving Your Inter-Company Communications At No Cost

It's all very well having a flashy (and expensive) advertising campaign, backed up by a wealth of positive PR, but if your staff are not all pulling in the same direction this could be the biggest leak in your plan.

Performance Expectations - 5 Tips and 5 Questions

People want to understand their role - they want to do well! So by being clear, really clear about what it expected of them, makes a big, big difference! And that improves performance as well as saving you time chasing others around to deliver what you want.

Resistance - How to Handle It

Do you ever meet with resistance from other people - I bet you do! It might be a customer, a colleague, a member of your team or even someone in your personal life. Dealing with resistance or objections is one of the biggest challenges faced by business people; so let's consider why we get resistance and how we can handle it. I'm going to talk about customer contacts but the same rules apply whether it's a colleague or even someone in your personal life.

Negative Self-talk is Too Expensive

I'm always fascinated by the people who lift huge weights, particularly in competitions like the Olympic Games. There are events for men and women and they get up on stage to lift a bar with huge weights attached. I often wonder what sort of things they're saying to themselves as they pace up and down, rubbing their hands with resin powder and taking huge breaths.

Managing Creativity - An Oxymoron! Not

Interrogated on a beach in Barbados by friends insistent that there was little validity to my speciality, I have felt compelled to answer the most common objections in the field of Managing Creativity and Innovation.

Employees - Treat Them the Way They Expect to be Treated

When you have to deal with one of your team who's complaining to you, rather than allowing your negative programmes to take over, get your thinking part in gear and try to see the situation the way they see it. You don't necessarily have to agree with them but perhaps you can empathise with their point of view.

Rapport - How to Build it with Your Team

I've often heard managers say - "My door is always open, come and talk to me anytime."

People - You Cant Make Them What Theyre Not

Many business people and managers are spending too much time trying to change the underperforming people who work for them. They seem to believe that if they train people - tell them what to do or even threaten them with the sack - then the performance level will go up.

Is Your Management Style Assisting or Hurting Your Business?

Many times business owners can have significant differences in management styles that can deter the growth of both the employees and the business.

Issue Management Methodology for Tracking Project Issues

1. What is an Issue?

Interviewing Applicants Can Be Hazardous to Your Wealth

1st Fact: Interviewing applicants is the most common way companies decide whom to hire.

How to Reject a Job Applicant

A Nightmare That Really Happened

Coaching Champions at Work

I saw Brian Kerr (the Irish national football coach) on television not so long ago and it reminded me of a platform I shared with him at a Banking Institute seminar in Dublin. Whilst I was waiting for my turn I listened to Brian and experienced two emotions ? admiration and jealousy. Firstly I admired what Brian had already achieved at under 21 level and the passion with which he expressed his love of the game. Secondly I was jealous at the way in which coaching in the sports world is readily accepted whilst coaching in the business world runs the risk of becoming yet another fad. In sports there is an unconditional acceptance that the coach is key to unlocking potential, in business coaching is seen as merely another name for training, and training as we know is for trainers to conduct, whilst management is on a different plane and status level altogether. In sports it is unusual for coaches not to be involved in training, indeed training is often an outcome of a coaching session. In business, managers at all levels appear keen to divorce themselves from the training function.

Productive Meetings: How to Make Your Meetings More Productive

There?s one simple secret to effective meetings: set an agenda and stick to it. The agenda drives the content and outcomes of the meeting and, where appropriate, should reflect the needs of all attendees so everyone has a buy-in and an interest in the outcomes. Follow these simple steps for planning and running meetings and you?ll be amazed at what you can achieve. And, just in case not everyone in your organisation is following these steps to great meetings, I?ve included some key questions you should ask before you accept any meeting invitation?yes, you do have an option and you can say no if joining in the meeting is not the most effective use of your time.

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