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How To Use W Edwards Deming

Human beings and the way they interact are extraordinarily Complex. Deming tried to define that complexity.

A Management Strategy

I witnessed some interesting behaviour from one of our premier management schools this summer. A behaviour that I have since discovered is not uncommon.

Understanding How Change Has Changed

There seems to be an assumption that change is a single traumatic event that is thrust upon us and over which we have no control.

Is A Bad Attitude Permanent

Today there is great weight put on a person?s attitude. It is as if this is something for which they are individually responsible and should be held to account for.

Turning a Negative Employee Into a Positive Asset

Several years ago, I took over the supervision of a section in a Public Agency. I was a newbie in management, enthusiastic, and excited about the opportunity that lay before me. I was informed by my manager that I had a problem employee on my team. He described her as unpleasant, resistant, not a team player and told me that I would have my hands full managing her. He stated that she had been forced upon him by another department and now we had to deal with her. I listened and filed his comments.

Successful Managing Through Delegation

Managers should avoid the tendency to constantly delegate to the same one or two capable individuals. This practice only overloads the best personnel while slighting all others.

Status Quo Pep Talks That Can Threaten Your Leadership

Organizations live and die by results. Yet most organizations get a fraction of the results they are capable of. There are many reasons for this: poor strategy, poor leadership, insufficient resources, etc. But one main reason is overlooked by most leaders. Many organizations stumble because they are permeated with a robust status quo.

Ten Steps to Take the Work out of Work ? Replicate Yourself!

They say that management can be a lonely place. A manager has to lead from the front, make challenging demands of their people and if part of an organisation, pass on the dictats of the more senior and remote bosses up at the top.

Follow Up: It Makes A Difference

A while back the headlight switch on our minivan quit working, so early one Saturday morning we took it to the neighborhood repair shop that has been mailing postcards to us the past three years. They said it would take 90 minutes to check things out.

The Three-category Approach to Performance Management: Effort, Ability, or Environment

Performance Management is the act of managing personal or organizational performance. What can complicate this process are all the factors that can arise where a textbook process meets the situations and people that exist in your world. As an effective director, manager, or supervisor it is your job to ensure the success of the organization by achieving of all key performance indicators.

Business Fit

I have been an entrepreneur for over twenty years and have absolutely embraced information that would help maintain a well managed and profitable business. We have been a part of the information era for sometime now. As business owners, we have access to more information than ever in this generation of technology. But how can we use this technology to aid our business?

Beyond Management Coaching: When Things Are Getting Out of Control

Leaders and Managers often ask us, ?What do you do when you have tried to coach and counsel an employee about a performance concern, and the employee has not responded?

The High Cost of Employee Turnover Among Project Managers

Imagine for a moment this scenario from a frustrated Senior Manager of a large pharmaceutical organization: ?Our organization has experienced a large turnover among project managers in the past year. This creates problems providing ongoing quality and service to our stakeholders. We just don?t know what is causing the problem!? Sound familiar? Well you?re not alone. I remember that filmmaker Woody Allen once said that ?80% of success is showing up.? However, the greater challenge is finding ways to keep people there.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Problem Solving

In today?s chaotic world and uncertain economic times too many good people are burdened by too many problems that seem insurmountable and too many businesses find it increasingly difficult to compete effectively. The old traditional methods of finding solutions to these problems don?t seem to work like they used to. In fact, the world seems more burdened today with more complex problems than at any time in history. What the world needs is a brand new, reliable approach that DOES work.

Phone Sex is Bad for Business

On August 3rd/2005, Reuters reported that a German man had colluded with a phone sex operator to defraud his employer?s company out of approximately 16,000 Euro or almost 20,000 US dollars, by making 160 phone calls over a year and a half from work. He apparently split the profits 50/50 with the phone sex operator. The courts convicted the man and gave him a suspended sentence of eight months.

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