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The Golden Key to Meeting Success

We all attend many meetings. I?m sure you have been to some great meetings and some poor ones. Unfortunately for everyone I?ve ever talked to, the number of poor ones far outweighs the number of great ones.

Problem Solving the Problem Solving Meeting

We go to meetings to share information, to report on project status, to make decisions, to get the free lunch, and because we were invited. (Sorry that I digressed). This is only a partial list ? there are many other valid reasons for holding meetings.

Accountability Equals Meeting Success

Leslie was the new manager of the group. She was replacing Tom, a well respected manager who was retiring. Once she arrived, she made it one of her first priorities to sit down with everyone on the team and get to know them.

Management Development - Micromanagement Works!

Getting into the detail of everything each of your people does, will really damage your relationships with them. Sure, there are times where their hand needs to be held, and then there are times when you have to be sensitive enough to their needs to back off and let them learn for themselves.

Regaining Control - Nine Steps for New Managers

My client had faced the same challenge, which was frustrating as well as intimidating for him as well - yet he was determined to break the mould.

Qualities of a Great Manager

In the call center environment we are often only as successful as the people we hire. While our front line employees are critical to our business, choosing the right managers powerfully impact your success. So what makes a good manager? Ask 100 people and you might get 100 different answers. While the behaviors that make a great manager may be open to interpretation, there are some competencies and corresponding questions, which stand the test of time.

Allowing Employees Responsibility

Merely assigning a task with detailed instructions is not effective delegation. An employee cannot grow without the freedom to make decisions on how the job should be done. Managers must also be aware that only through the conjunction of responsibility and authority can the desired results be achieved. Additionally, a delegate must be held accountable for his or her actions.

Diversity Training: The Worst Possible Reasons to Request Executive Funding

You?re on your organization's diversity committee. You have the best of intentions.

Directed Introspection

One of the greatest obstacles to progress can often be our awareness of past failures. If we tried something a couple of years ago and fell flat on our faces (and especially if we were ridiculed or derided as a result) we tend to be reluctant to rock the boat again. When we believe that history will repeat itself, we become paralysed by fear.

Holding Effective Meetings Can Be Easier than You Think!

I'm sure you've experienced those typical "headache" meetings! You know the kind I'm talking about -- the ones where the key players are running late, no one knows exactly why the meeting was called, and there's not a single agenda in sight. Everyone's sitting around wondering, "Will this last 20 minutes or will we be here all day?" It's impossible to tell!

Hire The Person, Not The Resume

?? [get] the right people on the bus, the right people in the right seats (and the wrong people off the bus) and then [figure] out where to drive it.? - Jim Collins ? Good To Great

Be a Change Agent ( Part 1)

Aligning business organizations to be successful in the present and keep on doing this in the future means to develop a new style of Leadership. To celebrate success in our days a leader most is able to craft a strategic vision, define objectives, design, implement and monitor the execution of a strategy and be a change leader in those same organizations.

Toxic Bosses

What?s everyone?s favorite topic around the water cooler? Bad bosses! You know, the ones who make life in the office unbearable? Here are some of the more common varieties you?ll find.

Its All In The Systems

Have you ever noticed french fries taste the same at every McDonald?s? The same can be said for Subway and its Italian BMT. How do these fast food icons replicate themselves at nearly 40,000 locations when some eateries struggle to get it right in a single restaurant? The answer is simple: it?s all in the systems.

7 Essential Elements To Every Organizational Change

[This article is based on excerpts from the special report "Overcoming Resistance to Change" by Dr. Mike Beitler.]

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