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Why Angels, Why Now?

The Angelic realms have been very active throughout the human experience. They?as brilliant aspects of your Source?have been offered as protectors and teachers for every one of you. And yes, it can seem very difficult to know this when you see it, as we are talking about the Angelic Realms, the Dimensions of Light, both of which are not always visible to the human eye.

African American Hiking for Spiritual Health

Hiking is gaining popularity within the African-American community. We're beginning to spend more time in nature in an effort to connect deeply with the spirit within. The alertness that is required to observe the natural beauty around us is calming, energizing and edifying. Noticing the colors on the trees, listening to the sounds of the birds, and overlooking scenic landscapes or wonderful bodies of water can heal the soul very profoundly.

African American Spiritual Health and Healing

African-American people are natural caretakers. We do a great job of assisting and loving those around us. However, many of us fall short when it comes to taking good care of ourselves. We expend our energies giving to our kids, our jobs, our partners and others. Then, at the end of the day, we have nothing left for us. If this goes on for too long, we can begin to experience our lives as less than fulfilling.

It Seems We Have All Taken a POW

Just for a moment think of what is stopping you from living your dream. Is it fear? Is it change? Most people in today?s world have thought that at some point in their spirits evolution that money is the root of all evil. The correct way to look at that is that the love of money is the root of all evil. Money itself is a means to an end.

Getting Your Feelings Down on Paper

Journal Expressions

To Witness the Life that is God

My wife, our friend and I went to listen to a concert in one of the well known Halls in Melbourne. After parking our car two elderly ladies showed us where the entrance was and we began walking toward it. Coming down from a small asphalt slope on the way we suddenly heard an alarming sound behind us, turned around and saw that one of these ladies had fallen heavily. She sustained a deep wound on her forehead and was bleeding. She wanted to see a doctor, her friend and myself helped her up. However, she became pale and could not proceed. We sat her down on some nearby stairs, and she closed her eyes, her body became seemingly lifeless, and I realized that she lost consciousness. An ambulance was called.

Humility, Not Pride: Keeping Ice Off Your Bow

Tony was a professinoal salt-water fisherman. He explained how he cruised out to sea each morning, coming back each evening with his catch.

Discover Who You Are And Why You Are Here

You are a Creative Worker:

You Can Influence Your Fortunes In Life

Natural laws exist that serve to maintain order in the universe. These laws are usually manifested as regularity in nature (as in the seasons) or as a relationship between cause and effect. In the physical realm natural laws exist which govern the behaviour of matter. Examples of such laws are Newton’s Laws of Motion. In the social aspect of life, natural laws also exist that regulate human activity. The Law of Demand and Supply is an example of such a law. This phenomenon is also manifested in the spiritual aspect of life. Universal and immutable spiritual laws exist which govern human creative activity.

Anam Cara - Watching The River Flow

I love rivers. I have for many years lived away from rivers. Yet, when I ever felt unhappy or uninspired I would seek out a pathway along the nearest river to my home.

Anam Cara - Life as a Box of Paints

Lonely Song

People Fail in Life Because They Do Not Plan

Life is growth. For many people life is like a merry go round. They feel life is going to work, paying bills, spend time with family that is it. You must always ask this question. Is this all I want in my life? Are you utilizing your God given potential? You must make a choice of how you want to live your life.

No Other gods Before Me

The passenger had to be carried onto the plane and carefully strapped into a first-class seat. She said nothing. As the airliner achieved cruising altitude, perhaps the flight attendants came around. ?Would you like a beverage?? one may have asked. No reply. ?What about a meal?? The question was ignored. Undoubtedly, the passenger said nothing. She didn?t move, didn?t look out the window, didn?t make a sound. In fact, she didn?t even breathe.

Penthouse or Basement? The Spiritual Realm is Topsy-Turvy

Am I dreaming? The sign outside the skyscraper reads: ?Spiritual Realm.? I hurry straight to the elevator. ?Up, please,? I tell the operator.

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