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Losing Control

One of the most frightening things about melting from a normal, Solid, ego-based lifestyle, to a more Liquid, dynamic, spiritual one is that some concepts that you always assumed to be sound and good and true, start to lose their solidity. The very glue that holds together this solid, stable world begins to lose its cohesion. For example, take the simple concept of "self-control." You have control of yourself. You are in charge of your Destiny, the Captain of your Fate, the Master of your Mind...

Lonely Photos

After first seeing my photography, people often try to understand the man behind the lens. "I'll bet he is..." Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Tortured. Lives alone. About the work itself, it is often quite positive, but about my personal life? Wayne Wirs is invariably... misunderstood.

The Truth of Reactions

In my life, I have tried to be Good and Pure and True. In these qualities, I have failed miserably. Why is it so hard to be good? Why is it so difficult to act in harmony with our mental ideals?

Do You Have Hot Buttons?

You may ask, "What are hot buttons anyway?"Hot buttons are those that, when people push, you turn red and out comes the anger, resentment, insecurity, and other negative emotions you wish weren't a part of your life.Remember the last time your boss made a comment about the project you completed? For some reason, his assessment just sent you through the roof. What about when your partner told you that you are gaining weight? Did you get upset and begin feeling insecure about your relationship? What if your manager or teacher doesn't spend much time talking with you? Do you feel less valued or respected?Some people avoid these hot buttons being pushed by simply avoiding people. Unfortunately, avoiding people can often mean "avoiding" the opportunities that can potentially change our lives for the better.

Enthusiam And The Spirit

In this article, I would like deal with one specific aspect of attitude, that is, "enthusiasm." To have an enthusiastic attitude about we do is essential.

Life According to Green Principles: SoulBest

Green Principles: SoulBest

7 Ways to Stay Spiritually Balanced

When we find spirituality, or it finds us, the experience feels surreal. We begin to feel like we're walking on a tightrope between two different worlds. We become ungrounded and loose touch with the physical side of life. When our spiritual mission becomes clear, it is even truer. Learning to breathe and to walk between these two experiences until they merge can be a tough balancing act. It?s easy to choose and get lost in the new experience because it feels so good and so right. Regular aspects in the physical world seem less important and get set aside, many times incomplete.

Life is a Continuous Prayer

Prayer doesn't just happen when we kneel or put our hands together and focus. Prayer actually occurs more often than we think.

GOD 1.0: The Universal OS

Welcome to the GOD 1.0 Tech Support Page. GOD 1.0 is the only operating system you'll ever need. It's universal, self-healing and infinitely adaptable. It is available in all languages and functions on all hardware configurations. GOD 1.0 automatically upgrades as needed to keep up with your growth and awareness and is guaranteed to improve your functioning, productivity, quality of life and networking programs from the moment you install it.

A Ministry Of One

Each of us has far more potential to serve the Highest Cause, and each other, than we ever tap into. Many of us seeking to commit our lives to such service have, even if only briefly, considered leading or joining an established ministry - at least until the responsibilities associated with our real-world concerns reasserted themselves in our thoughts. How can we even begin to commit to a ministry service with all the work we currently do and all the responsibilities we have? Such a choice seems to be reserved for those with no families, no need to work (or a willingness to live in abject poverty for their cause) and none of the other demands on their time that most people have. I was agonizing over the same problems when the following question popped into my head:

Email From God - Or, How Such Big Ideas Get Into Such Little Hands

It happens to us all from time to time, especially to creative types - that diminishing little voice from deep inside that is convinced that the things we do are no big deal, simply because we did them and we have trouble seeing ourselves as authors of anything truly important. "Basically," the voice whispers in sad despair, "if I did it, then it must be stupid, easy, worthless..." and many other unhappy assessments.

The Foundational Laws of Spiritual Physics

Over the past years, I have undergone a life-altering transition from living on autopilot to recreating my life as a spiritual calling and a force for good. One aspect of this transition has been the acknowledgement of what I call the "Foundational Laws of Spiritual Physics", detailed below. Basically, these laws state that any action that does not promote the overall betterment of mankind (or soul-kind, for that matter) is a waste of energy at best, and a horrifically destructive force at worst. Any person, life-path, or civilization that tries to deny these laws suffers the same fate as any material object that tries to deny the laws of material physics - it will be inherently unstable, unsupportable and destructive to itself (and probably to anything around it, as well).

The Gratitude Toll

I very often see rants, complaints, wishes and dreams that have a similar theme, and that theme goes something like this:

Creating A Tithe Account

Almost every spiritual and religious teaching exhorts its followers to donate a portion of their income to the support of the community and the common good, both as a way of ensuring (and insuring) the community's ability to care for its own and as a way to allow the tither to realize the extent of and to express gratitude for their own success. Although each religion and sect has its own idea of what constitutes a proper tithe (usually around 10% of the participant's earnings), the concept of tithing is a wise and long-standing tradition - one that each of us should be encouraged to add to our lives.

What Are You Leaving On The Table Of Life?

Our Creator is an infinitely loving and generous provider - and yet most of us have trouble asking for help or for those things that are rightly ours to request. We insist on doing it all alone and then wonder why things go so far downhill so fast. Of course, some of us have been taught that it is not right to ask for things, or that we can ask for things, for others or for the common good, not for ourselves. But why should this be the case? Nearly every spiritual and religious canon teaches that we have only to ask and we shall receive, that our Creator is our provider and that we are rich beyond imagining in all things because or our relationship to God. No, I see no issue with asking for what we need (or want) as part of our divine birthright - accepting, of course, that our answer could be "No," for any number of reasons that we are not in a position to see or understand.

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