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Mind, Body, Spirit Healing vs Traditional Psychotherapy/Psychoanalysis

The word "psychology" is the combination of two terms - study (ology) and soul (psyche), or mind. The derivation of the word from Latin gives it this clear and obvious meaning:

Change Your Beliefs -- Change Your Health

To many people in the Western world Metaphysical Healing is akin to voodoo, quackery, complete fantasy or lunacy. In China, Japan, India and other Eastern countries Metaphysical Healing has been the primary medical practice for thousands of years. Metaphysical Healing is becoming more recognized in the western world. However, it is primarily considered a last resort approach, whereas, in Eastern countries Western medicine is considered a last resort approach.

Be Abundant...Set a New Mental Equivalent

Limiting beliefs, just like positive, empowering thoughts, provide a foundation for our experiences and what we demonstrate. Old beliefs can leave us behind ? and are often stale, lingering ideas left-over from our childhood experiences or from other areas of life that no longer carry any useful meaning. Abandoning negative assumptions about lack opens room to develop an abundant mindset. We can do that by setting a new mental equivalent that resets the dial on our trust channel ? the channel we listen to that tells us to trust that we already have everything. A belief system must change in order to create a new reality.

The Amazing Possibilities In Your Impossible Dream

There was this TV commercial a couple of years back that made me look away every time it came on. It was for some kind of a power saw and the premise was that there was this guy who built furniture for a living.

Faith - Moves Mountains

Faith is the remarkable force that gives us the empowerment to accomplish the ordinary or the seemingly impossible. How many examples of the remarkable empower of faith in action do you know? Mother Theresa, for instance, had faith that God would provide the food, money and the provisions she needed to continue her service to the poorest of the poor. The chronology of her work is filled with miracle stories about how the things she needed showed up exactly when she needed them, often in the most surprising ways.

Experiences With Angels

All of my life I had heard, read and sang about angels, not really giving a lot of thought to or about them. Just before my mother passed away in August of 1984 she told me of her wonderful experience of a visit from an angel. After talking with Mom there was no doubt in either of our minds that this was a real experience, Mom passed away shortly after that.

We Have An Emotional Jesus

Lately In my email newsletters (available for FREE at http://www.ChristThroughMe.com ) I've been talking about how Jesus has experienced everything that we will ever go through here on earth.

A Tale Of Three Essences

Water of Enlightenment, Angel of Peace and Harmony for Nature are a trio of remarkable vibrational essences. They teach, raise our awareness and question what we know by their very existence. These three essences are even more remarkable because they are channelled essences. "Oh boy, this is a hard one to swallow" I hear you say. Just have an open mind and read on.

Love vs. Fear - Volume 18

Breaking with tradition, today's article comes from the 9-23-04 edition of Sojomail. Sojomail is produced by Sojourners; an evangelical journal, and calls itself a 'weekly email-zine of spirituality, politics and culture.' I personally object to their use of the term spirituality, because they are decidedly Christian oriented. For them to replace the word 'spirituality' with the word 'Christianity' would be a lot more accurate. I do feel that the good people at Sojourners do have very wonderful intentions. I just wish they didn't feel the need to route all their efforts through Christianity, to the exclusion of billions of the earth's inhabitants.

Is America Losing Its Religion?

Has America known its finest hour? Are we losing our religion and sanity as well? What is wrong with our society anyway? These are baffling questions that are frequently being asked by more and more people, even the media.

Pioneering Insanity

?They?re crazy!? That?s what they?re saying about us. The majority of the people in America at this time in history do not channel spirits, do not converse with angels or aliens, do not astral project, do not know about any kind of higher vibration, and do not talk about Starseeds, Indigo Children, nor Lightworkers. They don?t know anything about ancient secrets being coded into crystals nor about the healing effects of various stones. The only animals they talk to are their pets and they don?t actually listen for any kind of a response. They don?t talk to dead people. They have no idea what kind of a higher purpose or mission they might have been sent here to do. They have no idea what it is to have a voice from above speak to you and ask you to step out of the normal way of things to do some sort of holy spiritual work that will help guide or save humanity. They just go about their lives having no idea what it is to walk in our shoes. They call us crazy and sometimes it?s difficult not to agree with them.

Quick! Throw Me A Line!

I was reminiscing with a friend recently about his ?dark night of the soul? that he?d just experienced. During his pain, he turned his back on God. Raised in a traditional Catholic family he found himself very angry at God and at the church during an especially ugly divorce and custody battle. As he?s coming back into himself, we?ve been talking and processing together through a lot of what happened and what he?s been through. It took him three years to even begin to let go of the extreme rage he felt when she first left him. I had tried desperately to guide him through his hell with the help of my spiritual beliefs, but he was just too mad at God to hear any of it. His issues had nothing to do with me, but they just about ended our friendship because of his overwhelming anger at the entire world and everyone in it.

Accessing Your Spiritual Guidance

For the last 35 years, I have been working with individuals, couples and families, as well as business relationships. I have 8 published books on relationships and healing, some of them best-sellers. In the first half of my career, I worked as a traditional psychotherapist, and was not happy with the results. In the last 18 years I have worked with a process called Inner Bonding, which is a powerful six step psychological and spiritual healing process. I discovered that there is no real healing without a personal connection with a source of spiritual guidance.

Do You Need An Answer About Life?

I was originally brought up Catholic, at the insistence of my parents. I quickly lost interest after going through my confirmation and began doing my own thing. After many years of drinking and partying, I got very bored and thought, ?Is this ALL there is to life?!?!? I thought, ?If there really IS any truth to a ?life after death?, I should at least TRY to find the answer.? I started to do some research on science and religion to see if I could come up with any TRUTH about the ?meaning of life?.

Hard Times Can Be Your Best Time

Do you have a dream, but are waiting for "just the right time" to start working toward fulfilling it? Will you feel comfortable pursuing your dream only when everything in your life is working? Consider this:

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