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5 Paper Management Tips for Christians

My favorite scripture is Roman?s 8:28. "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose."

Oh, God. What Do I Do Now?

Uh, oh. I?m in trouble now. I found God. Now what do I do with Him?

Sole Work ? Walking the Spiritual Path

For the past several years I have struggled with getting (and staying) fit. Ok I admit it, the struggle has been longer than just a few years. As a kid, instead of playing nicely with the girls, I fought with the neighborhood boys. I attempted to join their fun and received new scars weekly in bloody games of soccer. I was always the last one picked to play on the kickball team and, as the catcher of my 5th grade softball team, I pummeled the pitcher in the head with a fast ball. Uncoordinated in team sports, I succeeded only at baton twirling which was fun but I barely broke a sweat. After failures in group sports I thought I?d try running so, a few years ago I attempted to train for a half marathon. I ended up limping home in tears and thought I?d never exercise again. (I couldn?t even MOVE after that, much less exercise!)

Divine Authorship

What does the story of your life say about you? Does it speak of heroic journeys into new and exciting lands of achievement and growth? Or is it an angry and repetitive diatribe against the vagaries of a wantonly malicious universe? Does it sing with finely crafted phrasing and uplifting themes? Or is it plodding, dreary and full of errors, omissions and clichés?

Are You Hooked to the Power Source?

As Christian?s we are often very independent. We try to do everything and often feel we do everything. Are there times when you are frustrated, tired, irritable, and have no energy? I am not selling you a vitamin supplement, so don?t worry. I have recently realized this past week how little I turn things over to the ultimate Power Source - God. Lord, I cannot do this in my own strength. If the children argue one more time - I will scream. God, help me to know what to say without screaming. Lord, what is your agenda for me today - you know I all ready have one figured out.  Do we see the many requests of our children as divine interruptions or just another thing to do on our list?

Be Still - You?ve Got To Be Kidding?

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10

Are Your Children Growing Up Too Fast?

Each time our children graduate from one stage to another (i.e. crawling - walking, preschool - school, high school - graduation) we as parents are excited and a little sad as well. We want our children to grow up, but we reminisce about the "good old" days. I think those mixed feelings are normal for all of us. My question for you is - "Are your children growing up too fast emotionally and socially?" We can't stop their physical growth, but we can effect their emotional and social growth.

Ten Suggestions For The Overscheduled Child

Ever wonder what happened to the family dinner hour? Or for that matter the family dinner half hour? Monday is Soccer Practice, Tuesday is Piano lesson, Wednesday is Church Activities, Thursday is a Soccer Game, Friday a birthday party  to attend. A number of events will fill up the weekend. Do you feel like a professional scheduler and taxi driver? Are you finding yourself increasingly irritable as you go from one activity to the next? Maybe you and your children are overscheduled.

Renee?s Mommy is Here

I still remember the scene vividly. I was getting out of my car at the baby-sitter?s house and a little boy comes running out the door. The little boys begins to yell - ?Renee?s Mommy is here!? I remember stopping in my tracks and thinking - ?Oh, that is who I am now - Renee?s Mommy.? My whole identity is now Renee?s Mommy - or is it?

Standing in the Gap

I?m weary of saying No to my children. Not just the everyday No?s. Don?t hit your brother and No, you cannot have 5 pieces of candy. I am weary of the No I am continually saying to our culture. The world is bound and determined to take away my children?s innocence. They want my children to grow up way too fast. They want my little girl to dress like an adult. They want my little boy to know things he is way too young to know. I?m weary of saying you can?t go to that movie, because it is not appropriate for your age. No, you can?t wear what everyone else is wearing, because it is not appropriate. The straw that finally broke the camel?s back was when my son walked in while I was watching the news. He asked me, ?Mommy is it true that men can marry men and women can marry women?? ?Mom, if two women marry can they have a baby?? My son is 6. I don?t want to be discussing sexuality with him much less homosexuality. So, I told him that no men can?t marry men and women can?t marry women (for now anyway) and that women with women cannot have a baby. (Don?t get me started on explaining how they can).  I should not be having these discussions with my children, but I?m being forced too.  What happened to childhood innocence?

Willing to Walk with Jesus?

Can two walk together unless they have agreed to do so? - Amos 3:3

The Kabbalah of Transformation: Turning Darkness into Light


Animal Spirit Guides & Totems

Animal spirit totems can be viewed in different ways according to each of us as individual people. The basic principle of an animal totem is an animal spirit who gives us insight into ourselves, a glimpse of the divine powers at work in our world, and can transcend us to a place of healing for ourselves and other people.

Heal Emotional Difficulties With Your Imagination

How did an artist accidently learn healing visualizations and improve his life? How can you do the same? Read on.

In Search of a Teacher of Spirit: Eleven Conscious Considerations

Many of us are on an inward or outward path?to Enlightenment, to our Higher Selves, to our eternal connection with Source. We are called to this for reasons only the individual can describe, or more often, just know, and in the course of this Path, we often connect with other like minded (Light minded?) beings. And because we all have chosen specific areas of Service, we alternate roles of healer, teacher, guide and leader. We each can offer Service to others, often by our presence and energetic state. Sometimes, we may be drawn or called to provide Illumination through insights we have received on our personal journey, or in CoCreation with nonphysical Beings of Light, or aspects of Spirit. All are valid and vital aspects of our experiencing and expressing ourselves as Source. The ?teacher? and the ?student? offer each other great gifts of Spirit, and Lessons beyond what is recognizable in physical manifestation. For the purpose of this offering, I refer to those beings recognized as, or offering structured format or experience, as spiritual teachers. While many are called to be spiritual teachers, a Teacher of Spirit is a powerful Illuminating Force. We ?know them when we se(ns)e them?, and more importantly, by the virtue of their Service, our lives change, and we GROW into our fullest spiritual potential.

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