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A Merry Heart is Like a Medicine

When the body of Christ isn't protected we become vulnerable and sick in the same way. Every person in the body of Christ represents an important part of that body. Some people lead and some follow, but without the other one, it's impossible to work correctly. When one person in the congregation hurts, we should all hurt and when someone has a praise report, we should all be in praise. But unfortuneately, this is not the case. We neglect eachother's needs, we covet eachother's possesions, we envy, we get jealous, and we secretly hold unforgiveness towards our brethren. This behavior soon leads to an attack on the body of Christ. A serious illness will develop and could end up causing death among the whole church. I've seen it happen when even the pastors were destroyed by the leading of the people and not the leading of God. This led to offenses and regrets and soon the church folded.

Resolutions or Revelations?

There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve ourselves either outwardly or inwardly. What's important is to check the motives behind the improvements.

Angels on Assignment

Recently it has come to my attention people are noticing Angels popping up in the strangest places. Several years ago you would only hear about Angels at Christmas time 'Peace on Earth' that kind of thing. Now they are everywhere. In all forms of art and in each generation's music. Have you thought about the reasons why?

Spiritual Inspiration Music and The New Age

Spiritual Inspiration Music is about Love, Growth, Spiritual and Personal Development and our relationship to the Divine. It's about opening up, being your Self, expressing that Self by allowing the Great Creator to move through you.

What is True Freedom?


Looking for God - Heres My Story On Finding the Lord

Hopefully you're reading this article because you're intrigued by the page title: "Looking for God?" This article is dedicated to the Big Guy who makes it possible for all of us to be who we are. God loves each one of us, big, small, short, tall, wherever we are. I encourage you to take a moment to think about the great things God has done in your life.

Catch A New Lover With DIY Magic!

One night, whilst watching TV, I understood a very useful magical principle which is highly practical and immensely efficient. Anyone can do it - if they really want to, that is! - and although it involves interior decoration, it is easy to do, once you get your head around the basic principles.

Natural Talent

Before Donna was born she took with her a dollar, Peter took with him a pen and Harry brought along a hammer. These were the only significant things that these people brought with them into their physical lives from birth.

The Mystery of Purpose

Some men see things as they are and say, "Why?" I dream of things that never were and say, "Why not?" -George Bernard Shaw

Life Gets Teejus, Don?t It?

Those five words are from a song that I remember hearing a long time ago. It may even be the song?s title. I dunno. For those of you who don?t speak casual English, the word ?teejus? can be translated to ?tedious?. Somehow it just doesn?t have the same impact though. I think I?ll just stick with teejus?

Love and Light

Seems that everyone who writes to me signs their letters "love and light." It has such a bright uplifting sound to it. Lightworkers are being taught to hold the energy of the light and to equate love with a warm white light that heals and protects. After what feels like an age of suppression and darkness, it all sounds like such a refreshing change, much like the first bits of sunlight after a long harsh winter. And so the pendulum swings. Still we do not find balance.

Motivated By All The Wrong Reasons

Sometimes trying to be spiritual holds us back from actually living the spiritual life we want. In our quest to live such spiritual and good lives, we often avoid the stuff that makes us seem unspiritual, even if that very stuff can move us toward our own spiritual growth.

Pursuing Your Destiny

During my childhood days, I disliked Lenten season because radio and TV stations were off the air (no cable yet during the 70's) and food is limited to veggies and fish. Likewise, I was taught that holy week (1) is a time to be sad (at least in Manila), the elders then are singing the passion in a sad tune. (2) I was also told to "be careful" because God is "dead" (as if all forces of hell is turned loose during those days). And (3) People should act holy. I thought, people have the rest of the year to live like the devil. I even remember asking my mother, 'why is God dying every year?'

Why Jesus?

There are many contradictions in life and none more easily seen than when contrasting how God teaches us to live by His Word, the Bible, and how we are taught in the world, the school of hard knocks.

Whatd We Miss?

Did we just overlook the amount of love that God has for us?

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