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Why Keep a Journal

What purpose does keeping a journal serve?


Listen to the sound of silence. Enjoy the peace and quiet.Listen to the wind, minimize the clutter in your mind. Feel the deafening sound of silence.

Am I W.Y.S.I.W.Y.G.? Are you?

Neither White-washed Nor Unmarked

When I was 10 years old my father decided to dig a full basement out from under our house. In one corner he pointed out to me a change in the pattern of the packed earth that formed the wall. ?Notice how this part is all layered,? he said, ?while the earth right next to it is not? This may be an old Indian grave.? I was filled with amazement. Our house might have been built on top of a dead man?s bones!

What Does Unconditional Love Really Mean?

Unconditional love means unconditional freedom. Love and freedom are two of those words that are interchangeable. Freedom of choice is unconditional love, unconditional freedom. Choice is another of those words that are interchangeable with Love and freedom.

God Drives a Harley, a Bus and a Taxi

God rides a Harley, God drives truck, God is a dictator in a small country, God is a doctor and a patient, God is the Saint and the sinner, and yes God is even a lawyer. There is nothing that God is not. God is in and around everything because God is who you truly are, you have simply forgotten.

Working With The Light

I do not want curiosity seekers, who come for a novel experience. There is a phrase that has been used down through the ages for such people. "Do not cast the Pearl before the swine". The swine comes across a precious jewel on the trail and does not recognize it value. It is unfortunate for humans that most fall into the swine category! Please do not be offended by my remark! Every soul is at a different level of understanding and appreciation. There are those who have the maturity to realize the value of such a jewel, all others want to rush out to watch the latest Tom Cruz movie.

The Five Essential Secrets of Managing Your Energy Successfully

Inspirational author Vernon Howard wrote, "Would you be worried over a $300 house payment if you had $3,000,000 in the bank? Spiritually, that is the way it can be for you."

The Emptiness That Binds The Universe

What is the opportunity here? What is the benefit of this difficulty? What is the gift? ~ Marc Allen

You Are Spirit Powered (Moving to Transformation)

A spiritual event is what happens in every moment of every day of our lives. It is not only about the extraordinary things that happen in our lives that we cannot explain, but everyday things, like working watching TV, making love or going to the bathroom. It is not something that is veiled in mystery, ritual or mystic ceremonies. Being spiritual is being ordinary. Everything is spiritual we are spiritual beings. Therefore all that we do is spiritual.

Living Your Noble Purpose

?A common jar of clay can never become a noble masterpiece, unless it is broken by its master, refined in fire, and renewed.? ? Sharif Khan

The Dark Side of Spirituality

On reading Susan Cato?s Time Magazine Canada piece titled, ?In Search of the Spiritual,? I became increasingly annoyed at the realization that many people keep making the erroneous split between religion and spirituality, when they are one and the same. For example, in the Time Canada piece, Rabbi Leigh Lerner, who leads the Temple Emanu-El?Beth Sholom, a Reform congregation in Montreal, states, ?Religiosity may not be increasing, but spirituality is,? confirming the notion that ?spirituality is separate and preferable to religion.?

Anam Chara - The Flow of Life

I am deeply drawn to the above Irish Blessing.

Anam Chara - Telling Your Story

We as human beings travelled in small bands for hundreds of thousands of years.

Anam Cara - Discovering Your Being

The more that ?little me? allows surrender the more is done. What is done is ?good.? This, I know, seems a value judgement. It might be better to say that ?what is done is joy.? No resistance. No getting in the way. No concern for results. Simply trusting what will be will be. This free flow of feeling energy is the experience of joy.

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