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Practical Stress Management -- 7 Spiritual Solutions

Stress is amazingly persistent, even seductive. We get used to feeling tight and tense. Though positive thinking has its place, unless it is backed up by practical spiritual wisdom it tends to get overwhelmed and fade away.

How A Grudge Can Affect You

As we go through life we all have to deal with feelings of anger, resentment or bitterness when people hurt us. Can you think of someone who has hurt you so badly that you are finding it really hard to let go of the pain or grudge?

Using Psalm 23 as Spiritual Affirmation


Spirit and the Law of Cause and Effect

Most of our troubles are bought about by exercising our own free will.

Spiritual Sanity

Prior to the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States and its people of freedom, this article was written in as an outcome of some research that I completed regarding the history of world religions and the fervor of religious dogma that continues to be the mark of "man's inhumanity to man."

8 Ways to Plant Spiritual Ideas Deep in Your Heart

The fundamental aim of spiritual study is to get facts and principles into the Heart?s fertile ground. Ideas must get through habitual and familiar filters; otherwise, the information is diverted from having its full power. It?s not how much you read or hear that counts, but how much you take in and make your own.

Spiritual Belief

The atmosphere surrounding the earth is still a matter of special interest for scientific research. Some physicists have discovered and suggest that we are living within a field of energy that surrounds and envelops the earth, like an invisible halo. Through this are shot electrical charges. It appears that not only does this energy charge the batteries of our mind, body and soul it also helps us to be successful. Einstein stated that to the physicist this field is as real as the chair you are sitting on.

Why We Choose Our Parents

There is a concept in Jewish mystical thought known as gilgul, which can be translated as reincarnation. Gilgul does not necessarily mean that a soul in its entirety has been reincarnated; it may only be a nitzotz, or spark of a soul, that is reincarnated. That is to say that an individual can possess a nitzotz from the soul of someone who has lived previously. Gilgul occurs when the preceding incarnation of that soul has more to accomplish.

Are You a Microwave or Crock Pot?

In our fast paced society we often want everything done quickly or your boss wants it done yesterday. In your spiritual life are you a Microwave or Crock Pot? I think often we want God to answer our prayers in Microwave fashion. I prayed a specific request today and I want it answered today. If our prayers are not answered quickly, we often wonder, ?What is God doing?? We also decide to go it on our own and not wait for God?s direction. Often it is difficult to wait on God?s timing.

Anam Cara - The Blessing

In Corrogue it is frosty.

Well Being and Your Authentic Voice

In Corrogue I feel wonderful.

Life Coaching and Beyond

In Corrogue the air is chill and the frost is on the ground.

Art of Living ? Finding It?s a Wonderful Life

In Corrogue I am finding it?s a wonderful life.

Inner Beauty ? Finding the Source

In Corrogue I am seeking the source of inner beauty.

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