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I Count It All Joy

A new chapter in my life begins today, the anniversary of my birth. It is therefore necessary that I pause to reflect upon this past year.

You Are a Person of Abundance

Heaven is a place of abundance and earth is a place of abundance. Every where God is, is a place of abundance, for God is an abundant God. If God is in you, then you are a person of abundance!

How To Change Your Attitudes

What type of person grabs your attention and motivates you? Usually it's a person who is very passionate about what he or she is doing. She's on fire and her excitement floods the room she is in. When she talks something inside you gets stirred - the desire also to be passionate about something. Anything! You don't want to leave her presence because you hope that some of that passion will rub off on you.

An Analysis of Western Mans Guiding Presuppositions

An analysis of Western man's guiding presuppositions, A Review of the book "Impulse of Power" by Jack Kettler

Spirit Guide Communication ? Get the Answers You Seek

There are many energy beings available to assist us in our spiritual growth. Some of the groups of helpers are the Angels, the Master Teachers, and Spirit Guides. What are Spirit Guides and how do they differ from some of the other helpers?

The Problem with Anger

As Christians, we know we need God in every aspect of our lives do we not? We need God to work on us because some of us are so spiritually immature that it is hard to distinguish Christians from non-Christians. Thus, God commands us to do certain things for our own sake ? not His. God wants to teach us how to move beyond ourselves to others. God knows we cannot make it to His kingdom until we learn how to sacrifice our needs, our wants, and our desires, for the good of someone else. In other words, until we learn how to love one another, even the unlovable. And, we can never love until we get rid of the anger.

A New Beginning

Sometimes showing up for life can seem like a major achievement. And within that ?showing up? we?re showing tremendous courage. We?re not giving up. We?re forcing our way back - searching for meaning, trying to find a new direction? a reason to go on.

The Joy of Tantric Massage

Originating in what is now modern India; Tantra is at least 5000-7000 or more years old, pre-dating and influencing both Hinduism and Buddhism.

Contentment in Gratitude

"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. " 1 Thessalonians 5: 18, NIV

When is it Right to be Angry?

Many of us have been taught that it is wrong to be angry. This thinking weighs heavily in both the sacred and secular domains. Is that thinking right or wrong?

The Power Of Prayer - Gush Katif Needs You Now

You can?t help but feel a sense of electricity in the air. History is unfolding, make that prophecy is being fulfilled, and will continue to be fulfilled daily from now until the coming of the Lord. The most exciting, and challenging times in human history are beginning to unfold with increased intensity each day.

De-materialization #1

Come on now!? Really? This is going too far, you might say. Eastern philosophy tells us there are seven layers of manifest physicality and spirituality. The same laws that operate in one dimension operate in all dimensions according to the phrase 'As Above, So Below' that is credited to the Babylonian Hermes Trismegistus and the Magi. It is one of the three laws of the magi and if you study the cosmogony of the spheres and the beliefs of people like Shakespeare you'll see this concept. This is undoubtedly true of the phenomena of invisibility and de-materialization as well. Many people can appear invisible who are not invisible however, and this is a different practice called 'mind-fogging'. Anton Mesmer was able to demonstrate this before skeptics and the marveling masses alike. Carlos Castaneda readers will have heard about his 'amber rays' that sound a lot like the energy packets of Tesla with non-force potential and also might have expression as gravity and affinity. The next quote tells us about a level of invisible force field that occurs with the input of elementals and possibly spiritual humans or sorcerer?s charms. In science we can probably already create some fields of force that enable much of these things and the Star Trek aficionados will recognize 'cloaking' in this helical seven layered conscious and unconscious interplay.

De-Materialization #2

My lady Lydia was a Hawkins of the ancestry of the great privateer 'Black Jack' just as thousands of miles away in Ottawa (We met in Las Vegas.) a cousin of my sister-in-law who was about to come work for my family's company was living. They looked like twins and that was a powerful co-incidence of synchronous energy in itself. When I saw him I asked him if he was related to the privateer and he was amazed that I knew this. Our meeting was a 'trip' of grandiose proportions that makes another book I have written seem so weird it would only be regarded as fiction (that book is called 'The Nos Feratu'). In this meeting with Lydia, I was able to exhibit some control that later was almost non-existent and nearly rendered my soul. Rendered has many meanings and when applied to the butcher and his trade, it is close to what kind of lard or jelly (fish) my heart was 'feeling' after a few months that were wild beyond my own vivid dreams. The setting of the story began at the 'Shark Club' in Las Vegas one night just before I turned forty, about eleven years ago. I was in the process of buying a home in Las Vegas after moving from Los Angeles where I had been involved with a basic and ordinary woman (totally honest, and without my having even talked about an 'US') who had another amazing 'gift'. Her special talent was total sensory recall of the physical body. Yes, my life has been a myriad maze of the paranormal and sexual interplay of what most people would call 'fantasy'. In the relationship with Lydia she was honest and totally in control with no reason for me to even grasp at the smallest of straws to think there could ever be an 'US'.

Why is Kabbalah so Attractive to Hollywood A-Listers Like Madonna, Britney Spears and Demi Moore?

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA: Of course we may never know the real answer, but speculation could be that Kabbalah is a mystical and practical approach to evolution and growth.

What The Bleep is All This Quantum Physics Stuff About?

?Quantum Physics is the science of gods? Newtonian Physics is the science of the small minds of men.?

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