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The Trouble With Tarot Reading

Anything can be used for divination; coins, tea leaves, cards, the flight of birds, the spilled entrails of captured enemies. The objects used are a focus for the psychic talent of the seer. Or rather a distractor, so that the everyday consciousness is pre-occupied, and something else can give its opinion.

Spiritual Marketing

Let me say that marketing can be a corrupting experience. In the wrong hands, marketing can create more frustration, more dishonesty and more greed than any occupation.

Introduction to the Five Powers of Spirit

You are a dual being. Part eternal spirit and part temporal body. Together these comprise your soul. The soul is more powerful than the spirit alone. You are the child of a Divine Father. He desires you to become a soul composed of spirit permanently united with an incorruptible, perfected body of flesh and bone. When we were young in the universe we existed as mere intelligences. Our Father gave us bodies of spirit that allowed us to grow and evolve. But without a physical body, we came to a place of limitation beyond which we could not pass.

Existence of God: Facts and Figures Does God Exist?

Existence of God: facts and figures Does God exist?

Fatal Distractions

There is so much going on in the world around us that it is easy for us to become distracted from keeping our focus on Christ and spiritual things. And our vision slips away from us when we turn to glance at the things of the world.

Unconditional Love Really Means Unconditional Radiance

The fastest way to raise your frequency is to do the job you were designed to do. You were designed to love. You were designed to radiate Love unconditionally. Now before you go, ?Oh THAT again. I?ve tried loving unconditionally, and it is impossible,? you need to understand that what I?m saying is different. What I?m saying is that you are to love, plain and simple. Not love somebody. Not love something. Just to love. Okay, in a sense, you are to love somebody or something, but not in the ordinary sense. You are simply to love God.

Mankinds Ten Worst Enemies: #1 Pride

We have a proclivity to think of individuals and nations as our adversaries when they present a threat to our personal or national well being. But, I submit, that our greatest adversary is Satan and he makes his assaults from within not without. It is an inside covert operation.

GOD Loves Us All

God, what a wonderful spirit. He, is our ever present savior and helper in times of need. This God, who loves us and lives within the beleivers of Christ,ie, "Those that are saved". What, would this world be like without Him? Could this world, inhabited by humans live in peace and prosperity? No, it could not. Why, because this world is ever controlled by the devil, and his fallen elite. They have corrupted this world beyond our comprehension and understanding.

Psychotherapy and Spiritual Growth

The teacher of the future.... will be a master of integrating both of these pillars that normally operate independently of each other. The poor ego gets a bad rap. Historically, the psychotherapist has worked on helping an individual develop a healthy ego while the spiritual teacher assists in transcending the ego. It is important to understand that ego is nothing more than a Latin word for "I" -- so the therapist is assisting the individual in developing a healthy identity that is absolutely necessary. Think about it...how can you transcend something you don't even

Dancing with the Devil

"If you can't dance with the devil You will never walk in the Light." Well now..this is an interesting subject isn't it? At a recent event, I was asked about the "Anti-Christ," a topic that brings chills

AD33Today: A Search in Modern America

We, a group of ordinary people who believe in Jesus Christ, choose to leave behind our modern American lifestyles for one year to seek God?s face, presence and love with all our hearts; as one body, praying to be bound together in love and to be led by the Holy Spirit. We will battle the elements of the southern Rocky Mountains as we attempt to simulate the lifestyle of the first century disciples as they were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria because of intense persecution. Leaving most everything they owned, they were forced to begin their lives again, but this time as communities of those trusting in Jesus Christ, filled with the Spirit.

Why The Fulfillment Of Your Vision Delays

When God first unveils a business or ministry vision that He wants you to fulfill, it is often the case that there is a long delay or wait until the vision comes to pass. The reason the Lord has given you the revelation now is so that He can gain your attention and to equip you for the work ahead. The Lord is patient and well organized and will not move you into your appointment until your disposition matches the revelation. In other words, there is a work ahead of you that requires your character, understanding, knowledge, skills and experience to be prepared for the task.

Who is God?

Since the beginning of time mankind has pondered, who God is. He did not choose to reveal much about himself probably because we couldn?t understand it. He is another dimension in which we don?t even understand the terms. This article summarizes what is revealed about him in the Bible. Please publish it liberally to spread the word about him. Notifying me at lynn_b2@yahoo.com would be appreciated. Total words 801.

What Is The Universal Subconscious?

There are many different and interchangeable terms that are used to describe the Universal Subconscious mind. But whatever term you use, metaphysicians and scientists agree that our Universe is a field of vibrating energy. Things that are denser operate at a lower frequency, and then there are also finer forms, such as thoughts and emotions, which operate at a much higher frequency. All of these things make up a collective Universal consciousness that we all share.

Forgiveness Stories Definition Quotes | Power to Forgive Vested with Human Beings

forgiveness stories quotes definition and love

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