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Psychic Vampires, and How to Cope with Them!

Forget what you have read or seen about vampires. The old image of count Dracula, or even his modern contempories is not what we are going to talk about here. No.

What is Prayer?

Prayer from a child?s simple bedtime prayer, to the prayers of the most devoted monks of the eastern religions, is something that is done the world over.

The Hand of God

There I was living in a tiny bedroom in my parent?s not-so-large, five room apartment. I had, as they say, "run out of options." My life was out of control, way out. Had it not been for mom and dad?s willingness to let me stay with them, I would have been homeless living in Central Park or another one of New York City?s fine parks. Years of rampant excess had brought me to my knees.

The Forgotten Secret

It's not exactly a news flash that we live in an increasingly complex society. Technology is changing at a pace so rapidly that even the experts are hard pressed to keep up. Our businesses are changing daily and becoming more competitive than ever before. Our children are facing challenges and pressures unheard of a decade ago and our personal lives have become a fast paced, multi tasked assortment of responsibilities and activities requiring the agility of a circus performer to just cope with daily living.

Trust is Prosperity

A while back the Lord had given me this message which has prompted me to study it further and find out just what He meant. He told me, "Trust is Prosperity". Somehow I felt His love surround me and I wasn't quite sure what He meant, but I knew that my trust in Him would prosper me in ways I had not even thought about, not just financial. Prosperity engulfs many things, both physical and spiritual. It could be our health, our attitudes, the condition of our spiritual life, and somehow I think the financial end of it is on the far end of this prosperity. I realize that first we must be spiritualy whole before the material prosperity ever enters in to the picture.

Elvis Left the Building and Moved in with Me!

Years ago no matter where I lived, whether a house was new or not, I?d experience doors opening and closing by themselves, items disappearing only to be found later in the strangest places, seeing people others didn?t and being touched by unseen hands. Not only was this unnerving; it was also really frustrating! Each time I moved I?d think ?Here we go again! What surprises are in store for me this time??

Gods Will

Many may wonder what is God?s will, or how do I put God?s will into my life? Well let?s see what the Bible says about God?s will. We must first understand that Jesus wants us to be holy. Let?s look at 1Peter 1:13 it says Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. As obedient children, do not conform to the evil desires you had when you lived in ignorance. But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written; Be holy, because I am holy.

Do Good Luck Symbols, Charms, & Talismans Really Work?

Symbols and symbolism are popular in almost every civilisation, culture and religion that has evolved on Earth. They are deeply ingrained in the way of our life itself. Symbols impact our subconscious mind and if their influences are strong enough, then they could stimulate confidence, effort and good outcomes. Whether we realize or not paintings, pictures, jewellery, statues, birds, animals and so forth have meanings and effect on us.

Bringing Heaven to Earth: Looking for the Good

Everyday I am challenged to find the good in things: world events; newspaper headlines; hometown issues; even my marriage. Of all of the Spiritual Scientist characteristics this one seems to go in and out of focus the most.

Bringing Heaven to Earth: Applying Spiritual Principles Consistently Over Time

I am often asked to explain what I mean by becoming a spiritual scientist ? in other words, what?s the science part? Because these terms are being bantered about quite liberally these days, I welcome the opportunity to clarify what for me is a simple and profound process.

Servants of the Antichrist

The "Left Behind" series is inspiring, in that it makes people think about serious, life-and-death situations. Yet it tends to assume that, even in the face of disaster, life for fundamentalist American Christians will center around the same values and goals that have dominated their lives up until now. In other words, people will still go to church on Sundays and work in system jobs the rest of the week, right through the Tribulation and all that comes with it. They will still be loaded with money, and they will still jet around the world at will. There is nothing in the book that speaks to the condition of poor Christians. This materialistic philosophy is practised at a time (in the story) when people should be seriously considering whether the values they lived by before the trouble began were really the right ones.

The Pizza Parable

Behold, a certain young maiden did often times and at strange hours greatly desire a pizza. This would often happen in the second or the third watch, when home delivery was not available. At such times there would be much weeping and gnashing of teeth because she could not have the desire of her heart.

Animal Totems - Accept the Gifts They Have To Offer You

You can think of your Animal Totems as imaginary guides on your life journey. You might also think of them as Power Animals because each one imparts a special energy, or power, to your life.

How to Hear the Voice of God

In this series I would like to take you through the Word of God to show you how we can all clearly hear the voice of God. I would also like to show you how to train yourself in hearing and being led by the voice of God. Determine in your heart to allow the Word of God to be your guide and have an open mind as you are reading this book with your Bible. The Holy Spirit will witness with your spirit and reveal the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Truly Save

I can truly say to this day of August, 2005, that if you call on Jesus, he will surely save your life. I?m thinking of a time when I know it for a fact that it was the Grace of God that saved me.

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