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Anamchara - Meeting With The Master

His name sounds as Finn. He has beautiful blue eyes and the blondest of blond hair. He shares his name with Fionn Mac Cumhail. This is frequently anglicised as Finn Mac Cool. Finn Mac Cool is one of the most celebrated heroes in Irish myth.

Anamchara - The Value of Ritual

Let me explain my approach to the practice of ritual. For me ritual is an act of presence. It is presenting myself fully in this moment. It is bringing focused attention to what is now. This is assisted by symbols and representations that I imbue with meaning. This is a feeling engagement with what is of real value in this life.

Anamchara - Living The Real Life

?Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Caught in a landslide No escape from reality.?

Getting Comfortable in Your Own Skin

What does it mean to be comfortable in your own skin? It?s about expressing yourself in a way they feels the most appropriate.

Do You Make These 3 Mistakes In Your Christian Life?

You're probably sabotaging your successful Christian life right now if you're making one or more of these mistakes. Do you know what they are?

Where is Your Focus?

I have a long-term goal--a life-long goal really--to develop the mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16). I want to think His thoughts, to share His attitudes, and to see the world and its people as He saw them, as He sees them.

Enough Warm-ups, Already!

Among those arriving to the stadium early were two old timers: a husband and wife who always attended these events, and who were former runners themselves. In fact, they were world-class champions whose races were the stuff of legends. They could recount, if they chose to do so, tales of close races, humiliating defeats, and former glory.

How To Find Your Center Of Power

The still place is the beginning. Settle in there, ask for order, and an inner force will prioritize all that you need.

Drop the Negations

What really binds us to any negative emotional state in which we find ourselves suffering is this: choice.

Sunday Dinner

No one appreciates mothers enough. In this life, that?s a given. The only one who comes closest to a real appreciation is a woman who has become a mother herself, and even she probably doesn?t fully appreciate the woman a generation above her.

The Healing Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness breaks all bounds of repression and depression. It liberates the psyche from bondage to the past.

How I Met My Angel

Today I was in rather a whimsical mood, and so instead of my usual ?how to? article, I thought I'd create a fairy tale for the child within you to enjoy.

What Animal Communicators Do

Many people are awakening today to the idea that the animals who live with us are more than child substitutes, more than "pets". The term "pet" means an animal who lives with us for our amusement or as our companion. All animals are, in fact, sentience beings - conscious, intelligent, with life purposes and life goals. They are aware of themselves and of their situations. They make life choices. They often express unconditional love for the humans who are part of their families.


I always thought Ecclesiastes was like Proverbs. That?s probably because of the ?to every time there is a season. . .? passage. So when a friend of mine read Ecclesiastes from ?The Message,? I wasn?t prepared for her reaction.

Spirituality: Blues for Buddha

Being critical of Buddhism isn't easy.

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