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I had the intention of writing about Soul Mates but it occurred to me to write more about a Soul on its own beforehand. I believe we need to address what we mean by a Soul before we get into anything else.

The Gods Of Our Planet Earth

Remember me! It?s me! Joseph here in touch with you again! Okay, so you don?t remember! That?s fine then, so let me refresh your mind a bit. When we were in spirit, we had the same discussion you know and I told you, ?Hopefully you will remember me when I approach you on this plane.? However, I now realize that I had forgotten to mention how I would approach you.

Living Between Two Worlds!

We are all here on this plane, thinking to ourselves ?who am I and what am I doing here?? I believe this question is bouncing around in the heads of many people! Some of us then go in search of our answers by asking people whom we think know more than ourselves for help! We seek guidance from our mediums and psychics, from religions and other groups that we think we might find an answer and in most cases we are still left wondering. Have we ever stopped to question why? Have we asked ourselves why we are not convinced by the answers we get from other people?

Life as a Human/Medium/Psychic Being

We often forget that we are human beings first, and that there is nothing wrong about our making mistakes or having troubles in life ? it is all a part of our growth. We have to allow ourselves to be in situations that can bring us in different direction in our lives. So then, how would you describe yourself?

Spiritual Healing - The Hidden Truth and Misconception

Throughout history, what is portrayed in all religions as being the manifestation of prayer or miracles is in fact manifestation of our connection with the essence of our Soul and the manifestation of the power of spiritual healing. We have heard throughout the centuries about such miracles that have happened to people, and how they changed their lives. This has carried on until now when we still hear of these ?miracles? in our time today. What would be the difference between a miracle that has been approved by a religion and one that has been manifested by a healer?

My Experience with Spiritual Healing

Healing is a special gift that any human being can have. It is fortunate that we are provided with the opportunity to acknowledge and develop it. There is no difference from any human being performing healing and Christ healing. The only difference is if you belong to a large institution like a Catholic church where healing is sometimes defined as a miracle. Many great healers came into our plane and performed their miracles, such as Edward Cayce, Harry Edwards and many others known and unknown to us. The good part of it is that we are all healers. The only difference between a full pledged healer and any one of us is very simple. A healer is a human being who has dedicated his or her life in order to help humanity and to show us that we are not alone, by becoming a channel for the spirit to do their work. Many powers are beyond our sense of understanding or belief system. If this is your path in this lifetime then this will become part of your life because you have already been chosen for that path.

It Took a Banker to Show Me What Jesus Was Talking About

On January 13th 1982 an Air Florida flight crashed off the 14th Street Bridge in Washington DC. It was a bridge I had traveled across many times before during the year I lived in DC. The entire event was being broadcast live and I sat glued to the TV as the big Boeing 737 slid ever so slowly into the swirling ice cold waters of the Potomac River. Only five people out of the 79 that were onboard that flight survived the crash.

The Power of Gods Love Can Change Your Life

Do you want victory in your life? Do you have problems with addiction, relationships, depression? Do you sometimes doubt that you will ever overcome?

Law Vs. Grace

At first glance it does seem that law and grace are opposed. Even the Bible seems to be divided into two sections the Old Testament (law) and New Testament (grace).

The Centre of Our Existence!

Most of us have heard talk or have read something about the seven centers of energies that we refer to as Chakras. I do believe these are very important centers of our being in terms of our energy field, our aura, and most of all our own balance that can manifest into our physical body.

Karma: Is It Good or is It Bad? You Decide!

We hear this word so often and have one thing stuck in our mind ? it?s either a bad thing or a good thing. The other issue is: do we believe in Karma? Regardless of whether we believe in that word or not, it is still there. Karma plays a big part in our experiences and life lessons. Even if the ?word? Karma does not exist in your personal vocabulary, karma still exists in your life.

Out of the Closet?

We may sometimes consider the difficulty that occurs with our acceptance of ourselves and of who we are in accordance with the expectations of others. Do you understand what I am talking about? Or am I speaking alone here?

Healing Your Life

You have everything you need: a miraculous body, a phenomenal brain, and a vast and powerful subconscious mind. Now it's just a matter of focusing them in the right direction.~Marc Allen

How To Make Your Dreams Come True

You will become as great as your dominant aspiration...If you cherish a vision, a lofty ideal in your heart, you will realize it.~James Allen, As You Think

What Exactly is Grace?

This question, "what is grace" plagued me more into knowing the answer and being sure beyond a shadow of a doubt.

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