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New Energy Bill: Reducing Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

The U. S. economy is feeling the brunt of skyrocketing oil prices as the nation?s dependence on foreign oil continues to grow. We need a responsible energy plan to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. President Bush and Senator Kerry appear to be skirting the real issues involved.

America and its Collision Course

Energy ESP #7 - America and its Collision CourseCrude oil explodes through $46.50 as the problems are growing -It?s bigger than Iraq, bigger than Bin Laden and even bigger thanthe next election. America has entered into an exhaustive racefor survival - And nobody is talking about it.Talking about what you ask??Taking down Saudi Arabia?s oil infrastructure is like spearingfish in a barrel... a coordinated assault on five or more key[pipelines]junctions in the system could put the Saudis out ofthe oil business for two years...? Robert Baer, Former CIAofficer, USA Today, May 10 2004.In a country portrayed to be the wealthiest oil nation in theworld, Saudi Arabia also has the greatest divergence betweenthe wealthy and poor. With the average individual income at$7,500 per year the poor is kept at bay by charity. Somethingwe all know the Saudis are good at. Men by the hundreds line upto meet the prince and ask (is it asking or begging) forfinancial help for whatever ails them. Is this charity? Or isit a clever way to keep the not-so-fortunate from rising up?Over generations of this practice, the locals have becomeaccustom. At what point do they rebel against these extremeunjust ways of life that they have been delt.? At what point doAMERICANS realize that this is the kind of society we dependway too much on and far too often?!?!CNBC reported last week that OPEC (or could we just say the Houseof Saud) said that ?the current average price of oil is notsufficient (high) enough to meet the needs of the OPECcountries.? Gee... wonder why the 10 year oil futures have beenpropelling themselves into space over the past few years? ? Whatdoes this all mean?... America is dependent on an extremelyunstable country(s). I fear that this will soon come to a headand Americans will be up the creek with only half a paddle.Over the past 30 years., approx. 75% of U.S. trade deficit wasmoney gone to oil imports - That must change What Americans don?trealize is the great divergence in the prices of the things weconsume. . . and it?s about to catch up. . . One quart of oil foryou car costs between $2-$5. One gallon as gas about $2. But ifyou?re in a restaurant and order a Coke or a glass of milk, it isnearly SIX times that. Now you tell me something, do you need a"Coke and a smile" to get to work in the morning? FACT - SaudiOIL FIELDS are shrinking as oil prices are flying. During the70's, 15 oil fields pumped one million barrels per day - Todayonly two of those are at a steady (or is it) one million.OPEC?s SECRET SHORTAGE THAT THEY WONT TELL YOU - Today?s oilreserves estimates DO NOT include the two billion barrels of oilthat was burned in the 91' Gulf War. Yet, OPEC has added 287billion barrels to their reserves without claiming any new oildiscovery. - Anyone smell anything fishy???All this is reason enough that Americans need to work together,in a NON-PARTISAN effort and bring CLEAN - RENEWABLE ENERGY TOAMERICAN SOIL ASAP!! America needs to follow in the foot step ofDenmark - where they actually produce more electricity than theyconsume... and sell the rest.ANYONE you know, if they are in college or not - PLEASEforward them this newsletter. Spread the word! It will takeeveryone you know!

Positive Effects of Carbon Dioxide for Plant Growth

Many articles have been written about the negative effects of carbon dioxide. Sick Building Syndrome, loss of concentration due to high levels of carbon dioxide, asphyxiation in breweries or wine cellars, all these things spring to mind when we hear the magic phrase carbon dioxide. Yet, perhaps today when Venus passes across the face of the Sun, we should remember that our original atmosphere consisted of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Free oxygen is something that is not really chemically possible. Yet we have it as a result of plant life busily photosynthesising and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen during daylight hours. This is the original use of solar energy!

Marine News - Summer 2004 - Our Ocean Environment

Our oceans are home to many marine mammals, fish, turtles, corals and others. The delicate balance between man and the ocean is constantly being challenged by the demands of our society. Most of our planet is covered by water, a necessary ingredient of human life. The state of our oceans should be uppermost in our minds in order for quality of life for all species to remain as it is.

How Body Piercing Works -- The Ins and Outs of this Cutting Edge Process

Body piercing (defined as any piercing beyond the standard earlobe piercing) has become such a popular form of body modification that between five and ten percent of the population of the United States has indulged in at least one form of it at some time in their lives. In most cases, once a person gets a body piercing, they follow the first one with more. There are lots of considerations; however, for making sure that your body piercing is done safely so that you don?t end up with either an infection or a poorly done piercing that could leave an unsightly scar.

The Joy of Recycling

I have always been an advocate of recycling. Even though I am not always convinced of its financial viability, I am thoroughly convinced of its value as a means of increasing public awareness of the cost of our consumerism. In the 20+ years I have been in the organizing profession, I have never heard anyone complain that their problem in getting organized was that they didn?t have enough ?stuff.?

Energy and America

Diamond Flashes

Beyond magnificence and splendor, the world of diamonds evolves on stirred grounds. When the stake is so important, interests collide. But technology develops following its onward course. Here are some interesting off-stage events in the diamond industry and innovations in technology.

The Valuable Individual

How can we, as individuals, participate in waste management? Because some of us are so overwhelmed with Earth?s problems, we feel that our contributions have no real consequence in the end. For others, social barriers can be an issue. A lady we once knew confessed that she did not want to be seen buying used items or being concerned with power use. She was worried people would see her as cheap ? a scrooge ? when the family was so affluent. Yet, she was very careful to be seen with recycling bins out on the curb on pick-up day, because that was thought to be the thing to do socially. Now is a good time to put an end to these negative thoughts and feelings of false pride. Waste reduction is not about ego - it is about the health of the planet and of our nation.

Trash Talk Your Way to a Better World

North Americans account for less than 10% of the world's population, yet we produce 50% of the world's garbage and consume more than 33% of it's resources. If everyone consumed like the average North American, we would require three Earths!

Get Hot on Combustion

Energy in the form of heat is obtained when fuel is burnt in air. The release of this heat energy can be slow or can be very rapid.

Why Condition Your Boiler Water?

A boiler is used for generating steam. It does this by heating water to its boiling point, after which steam will evaporate from it.

Tsunami Defined

Tsunami is a Japanese term that describes a large seismically generated sea wave which is capable of considerable destruction in certain coastal areas, especially where underwater earthquakes occur.

Glyco Nutrients & Stem Cell Production

During the speach, Dr. Reg McDaniel talked about first seeing new stem cells in the peripheral blood of clients using glyconutrients many years ago and not recognizing these cells as stem cells. They were 10 times the size of white blood cells and they were given the name "Gee" cells for some time as that's what Dr. Reg said when he observed these new cells that no one could identify! Now we have the tools to identify these cells appropriately as stem cells which can be used as "master keys" to move to places in the body as the body calls for. About a year ago there was an article in JAMA regarding the stem cells implants of male cells into female bodies of women with leukemia who had received a stem cell transplant. When these women died, male marked cells were found as neurons in the brain.

Traffic Zoology

There is a secret zoo that runs encaged along the roads.

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Update: Telescope designed to study mysterious dark energy keeps Russia's space science hopes alive  Science Magazine

*Update, 15 July, 9:55 a.m.: At 6:31 p.m. local time on 13 July, Russia's Spektr-RG x-ray observatory was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in ...

Scientists searching for alien life aren’t very popular in science  Quartz

Scientists looking for evidence of extraterrestrials can draw media attention but also cynical, even hostile, reactions from their colleagues.

Scientists work out way to make Mars surface fit for farming  The Guardian

For future astronauts bound for Mars it will surely rank as a positive: when they sit down to dinner on the barren red planet, they should at least have plenty of ...

E.P.A. Broke Rules in Shake-Up of Science Panels, Federal Watchdog Says  The New York Times

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration failed to follow ethics rules last year when it dismissed academic members of Environmental Protection Agency ...

The genes that make squid eyes also make your legs  Science Magazine

PROVIDENCE—Looking a squid in the eye is eerily like looking in a mirror. Squids, octopuses, and other cephalopods are on a very different part of the tree of ...

Scientists flee USDA as research agencies move to Kansas City area | TheHill  The Hill

A Trump administration decision to move researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to the Kansas City area is threatening to spark the flight of ...

Revisiting the Role of the Science Journalist  Undark Magazine

In today's ecosystem of online science publications, it can be hard to tell what qualifies as journalism and what doesn't. Does it matter?

Apollo astronauts left trash, mementos and experiments on the moon  Science News

Here's what planetary scientists are learning from the remains of Apollo outposts, and how archeologists hope to preserve it.

Science of microdosing psychedelics remains patchy and anecdotal, say researchers  Science Daily

The practice of taking small, regular doses of psychedelic drugs to enhance mood, creativity, or productivity lacks robust scientific evidence, say scientists.

Rancho Santa Fe students to receive new science program - Rancho Santa Fe Review  Rancho Santa Fe Review

Several hundred Rancho Santa Fe pupils will experience a new science curriculum in the coming academic year.

Hungry elephants fight climate change one mouthful at a time  Science Magazine

African forest elephants can eat up to 450 kilograms of vegetation a day as they plow through the rainforests of West Africa and the Congo Basin. But all this ...

Sleep Training Science: Myths And Facts About How To Get Baby To Sleep : Shots - Health News  NPR

Some parents swear by it. They say it's the only way they and their babies get any sleep. Others parents say it's harmful. So what does the science say? Here we ...

Anorexia not just a psychiatric problem, scientists find  The Guardian

Scientists have found that the devastating eating disorder anorexia nervosa is not purely a psychiatric condition but is also driven by problems with metabolism.

Scientists Find an 'Exceptional Specimen' of a Cretaceous Lizard...Inside a Dinosaur's Belly  Live Science

About 120 million years ago, a small dinosaur gulped down a lizard, swallowing the reptile whole. The wee lizard's story might have ended there, but the ...

Silencing Science (Rebroadcast)  Reveal

President Donald Trump says he doubts humans have much of a role in climate change. His administration has not only downplayed the science of climate ...

Greenland’s Superfast ‘Ice Slides’ Could Be Bad News for Climate Change  Live Science

Greenland's ice sheet is sliding way more than previously thought, making it more vulnerable to a warming climate, according to a new study.

Jeffrey Epstein liked palling around with scientists — what do they think now?  The Verge

Jeffrey Epstein's presence has loomed large over the scientific community for several decades. To some of the most high-profile scientists around the world, ...

What Seinfeld can teach us about science  The Guardian

From micro pigs to the doping dangers of a poppy seed bagel, life may be imitating the US sitcom.

Scientists Capture First-Ever Image of Quantum Entanglement  Futurism

For the first time, scientists managed to capture and image with photographic evidence that two photons were linked by quantum entanglement.

Antarctica bombshell: How scientists found clues about Jesus Christ’s era below ice

ANTARCTICA scientists are able to understand more about Jesus Christ's era after digging almost 500 metres below the surface of the icy continent.

MIT Press and Harvard Data Science Initiative launch the Harvard Data Science Review  MIT News

MIT Press and the Harvard Data Science Initiative have launched the Harvard Data Science Review. An open-access journal published by MIT Press and ...

A probiotic spray may help bats fight off white nose syndrome  Science News

Nearly half of bats infected with white nose syndrome survived through winter after being spritzed with antifungal bacteria, a small study finds.

Imaging Bell-type nonlocal behavior  Science Advances

The violation of a Bell inequality not only attests to the nonclassical nature of a system but also holds a very unique status within the quantum world. The amount ...

'The Operators': Understanding your user – The art and science of UI/UX behind Facebook, Google, Mint, and Edmodo  TechCrunch

Welcome to this transcribed edition of The Operators. TechCrunch is beginning to publish podcasts from industry experts, with transcriptions available for Extra ...

Science Explains Weird And Emotional Airplane Behavior  NPR

The reason some passengers weep uncontrollably or order strange beverages in the sky might be related to high levels of noise and air pressure in the cabin.

EPA science panels overhaul broke rules — GAO  Axios

The Trump administration failed to follow ethics rules during its overhaul of the Environmental Protection Agency's science advisory boards, the Government ...

One of America’s top climate scientists is an evangelical Christian. She’s on a mission to persuade skeptics.  The Washington Post

Faith in God is central to Katharine Hayhoe's life. But when it comes to fighting climate change, “the answer is up to us.”

Seeing science – in pictures | Art and design  The Guardian

Photography and science have long been intertwined, helping to shape the way we look at the world, as Marvin Heiferman shows in Seeing Science: How ...

Five Questions With Scott Riefler-Chief Science Officer: SoRSE  Forbes

Background on Scott Riefler, Chief Science Officer: Scott Riefler has over 40 years of cultivating and commercializing scientific and technological resources.

Chemesis International Inc. Announces Addition of Chief Science Officer, Dr. Joshua Hartsel  GlobeNewswire

Dr. Hartsel has extensive experience in large scale commercial extraction facilities.

Balancing science and security  Science Magazine

Federal elected officials and members of the United States intelligence community have expressed concern about the security of the nation's scientific and ...

Strain-programmable fiber-based artificial muscle  Science Magazine

Materials that convert electrical, chemical, or thermal energy into a shape change can be used to form artificial muscles. Such materials include bimetallic strips ...

Is 'Race Science' Making A Comeback? : Code Switch  NPR

We talked to Angela Saini, author of the new book Superior: The Return of Race Science, about how race isn't real (but you know ... still is) and how race science ...

These are the countries that trust scientists the most—and the least  Science Magazine

Nearly three-quarters of people worldwide solidly trust scientists: That's one of the main findings of the Wellcome Global Monitor, a new survey that asked ...

Top university split in row over erasing 'racist' science pioneers from the campus  The Guardian

They were some of Britain's greatest scientific pioneers. Based at University College London, they developed the first fingerprinting methods, the use of statistics ...

Courting controversy, scientists team with industry to tackle one of the world's most destructive crops  Science Magazine

IN LIBO ON SUMATRA, INDONESIA—Crickets were chirping one clear morning in April when Anak Agung Aryawan walked under the canopy of a ...

Starving children often don't recover, even when fed enough. Restoring their gut bacteria could help  Science Magazine

Even after starving children get enough to eat again, they often fail to grow. Their brains don't develop properly, and they remain susceptible to diseases, even ...

The global tree restoration potential  Science Magazine

The restoration of forested land at a global scale could help capture atmospheric carbon and mitigate climate change. Bastin et al. used direct measurements of ...

#MeTooSTEM founder out at Vanderbilt  Science Magazine

BethAnn McLaughlin, the controversial neuroscientist who founded the advocacy organization #MeTooSTEM 14 months ago, said today that she has left ...

Chinese scientists and security  Science Magazine

Many scientific and economic successes in the United States are owed to the work of foreign-born scientists. Today, a substantial percentage of U.S patents and ...

California's stem cell research fund dries up  Science Magazine

Stem cell scientists in California who have benefited from a $3 billion state research agency created in 2004, at the height of federal limits on working with cells ...

Ancient cattle genomics, origins, and rapid turnover in the Fertile Crescent  Science Magazine

Cattle were domesticated ∼10,000 years ago, but analysis of modern breeds has not elucidated their origins. Verdugo et al. performed genome-wide analysis of ...

A mysterious coral disease is ravaging Caribbean reefs  Science News

Scientists are racing to learn what's behind a disease that's “annihilating” whole coral species in hopes of stopping it.

Scientists Close In on Blood Test for Alzheimer's  VOA News

Scientists are closing in on a long-sought goal — a blood test to screen people for possible signs of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Effects of microbiota-directed foods in gnotobiotic animals and undernourished children  Science Magazine

Childhood malnutrition is accompanied by growth stunting and immaturity of the gut microbiota. Even after therapeutic intervention with standard commercial ...

It could take 118 years for female computer scientists to match publishing rates of male colleagues  Science Magazine

It could be well into the 21st century before female computer scientists annually publish as many research articles as their male counterparts, an analysis ...

Trump officials deleting mentions of 'climate change' from U.S. Geological Survey press releases  Science Magazine

Originally published by E&E News. A March news release from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) touted a new study that could be useful for infrastructure ...

Both fish and humans have REM-like sleep  Science News

Sleeping zebrafish have brain and body activity similar to snoozing mammals, suggesting that sleep evolved at least 450 million years ago.

Science and Sustainability May Clash on the Moon  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Moons that escape their planets could become 'ploonets'  Science News

If giant planets in other star systems lose their moons, the freed objects could become “ploonets,” and current telescopes may be able to find them.

Ancient people may have used pig fat to build Stonehenge  Science Magazine

The 30-ton megaliths that make up Stonehenge in Wiltshire, U.K., might have been moved using more than just elbow grease. Pig fat residue on nearby pottery ...

Civic honesty around the globe  Science Magazine

Rationalist approaches to economics assume that people value their own interests over the interests of strangers. Cohn et al. wanted to examine the trade-off ...

Committee hearing on marijuana policy overlooks science | TheHill  The Hill

Let's press pause and listen to the medical and scientific experts. A policy of legal pot is too far, too fast.

The origin of pointing: Evidence for the touch hypothesis  Science Advances

Pointing gestures play a foundational role in human language, but up to now, we have not known where these gestures come from. Here, we investigated the ...

Here's the science behind some of your favorite things to do in summer  Science News

Summer brings the heat — and in some cases a lot of it, as those who suffered through record-breaking heat waves in Europe and South Asia in June can attest.

Has the Earth Ever Been This Hot Before?  Live Science

Would you ever go on vacation to the North Pole? Unless you like subzero temperatures and Nordic-ski treks, probably not. But if you lived 56 million years ago, ...

Scientists Are Sharing Their Favorite Paper Titles, And They're Hilarious  IFLScience

Scientists are not the dry dorks they're portrayed as in countless movies by writers who clearly took arts degrees. In fact, even when writing serious scientific ...

Restoring forests as a means to many ends  Science Magazine

Earth is approaching environmental thresholds that, if crossed, will create serious disruptions to ecosystems, economies, and society (1). To avoid the ...

Science is 'key' to pushing forward the 2030 Agenda, UN development forum told  UN News

The implementation, follow-up and review of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was front and centre at the United Nations on Thursday as the third ...

The great Atlantic Sargassum belt  Science Magazine

Floating mats of Sargassum seaweed in the center of the North Atlantic were first reported by Christopher Columbus in the 15th century. These mats, although ...

Exclusive: FDA enforcement actions plummet under Trump  Science Magazine

FDA actions that safeguard clinical trials, food and drug safety in steep decline, Science investigation reveals.

Enhanced CAR–T cell activity against solid tumors by vaccine boosting through the chimeric receptor  Science Magazine

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)–T cell immunotherapy has been highly successful for treating certain blood cancers. Yet this approach has been a challenge ...

Smart Talk Road Trip to the North Museum of Nature and Science | Smart Talk |

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon, July 20, 1969 What to look for on Smart Talk, July 16, 2019: 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 touched ...

Engineering nanoparticles to locally activate T cells in the tumor microenvironment  Science

AAAS login provides access to Science for AAAS members, and access to other journals in the Science family to users who have purchased individual ...

Our Disabilities Have Made Us Better Scientists  Scientific American

Starting a graduate degree in science was one of the most exciting things to happen to either of us. But while we knew that graduate school would be difficult, ...

France most skeptical about science and vaccines, global survey finds  Science Magazine

Quelle surprise. France, cradle of the Concorde, the face transplant, and the first isolation of HIV, is more wary of vaccines and the economic value of science ...

We Tried to Publish a Replication of a Science Paper in Science. The Journal Refused.  Slate

Science is supposed to be self-correcting. Ugly facts kill beautiful theories, to paraphrase the 19th-century biologist Thomas Huxley. But, as we learned recently, ...

RNA-guided DNA insertion with CRISPR-associated transposases  Science Magazine

Prokaryotic CRISPR-Cas systems defend bacterial cells from phage and plasmid infection. Strecker et al. characterized a CRISPR-Cas system that functions ...

World's supply of frankincense could go up in smoke  Science Magazine

Frankincense, one of three fabled gifts the wise men brought to honor Jesus, has been used for millennia as an incense in cooking and religious ceremonies.

Is CBD legal? Here’s what you need to know, according to science  PBS NewsHour

If you buy or sell CBD, you could be breaking the law. These science lessons can explain why.

As countries battle for control of North Pole, science is the ultimate winner  Science Magazine

A competition for the North Pole heated up last month, as Canada became the third country to claim—based on extensive scientific data—that it should have ...

Matrix Fourier optics enables a compact full-Stokes polarization camera  Science Magazine

Imaging the polarization of light scattered from an object provides an additional degree of freedom for gaining information from a scene. Conventional ...

Antarctica scientists make ‘astonishing’ find after drilling 1,200 metres below ice

ANTARCTICA is Earth's most southernmost continent, where the geographic South Pole is located and is an unspoilt landscape, making it perfect for ...

Scientists hail ISRO for detecting Chandrayaan-2 glitch in time  India Today

Giving credit to ISRO for saving the day with its alertness, several space scientists on Monday said the space agency must be appreciated for calling off the ...

Scientists use sound to see around corners  Science Magazine

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA—Spies may soon have another tool to carry out their shadowy missions: a new device that uses sound to “see” around corners.

Struggling with your academic writing? Try these experiments to get the words flowing  Science Magazine

Our Letters to Young Scientists columnists offer some ideas for developing good writing habits.

How to Debate a Science Denier  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Insects feel persistent pain after injury, evidence suggests  Science Daily

Scientists have known insects experience something like pain, but new research provides compelling evidence suggesting that insects also experience chronic ...

Highest energy light ever seen traced to Crab nebula  Science Magazine

A collaboration of Chinese and Japanese astrophysicists has reported the highest energy photons ever seen: gamma rays with energies up to 450 trillion ...

Cal State San Marcos scientists accepted into NASA research program -  KUSI

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Cal State San Marcos announced today that a group of its researchers have been accepted into a NASA research program that will ...

What the California earthquakes can tell us about future temblors  Science News

After back-to-back quakes, scientists are scrambling to figure out which faults ruptured and what it means for future California quake activity.

Harvard Professor Still 'Playing Science' And Winning Federal Grants At Almost 94  WBUR

He has typical age-related health issues but his mind has remained very clear -- perhaps "because I use it all the time."

New Dark Energy Data Emerges from Misshapen, Distorted, Ancient Voids  Live Science

There are weird voids in the universe, we can't see them properly, and they're hiding data about dark energy.

Bringing Transparent Peer Review to the Physical Sciences and Beyond  PRNewswire

Web of Science Group and IOP Publishing Enter New Partnership LONDON, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Publons and ScholarOne, both part of the Web of ...

Humans May Be Accidentally Geoengineering the Oceans  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Scientists claim they've finally made hydrogen into a metal  Science News

Physicists are crushing it — hydrogen, that is. Squeezing the chemical element to extremely high pressure transforms it into a metal, a trio of researchers claims.

Ancient DNA reveals a multistep spread of the first herders into sub-Saharan Africa  Science Magazine

The origin and spread of domestic animals across the globe also affected the underlying genetic composition of human populations. In Africa, however, it has ...

Duterte signs act strengthening Magna Carta for scientists, engineers  ABS-CBN News

President Rodrigo Duterte approved Monday an act which seeks to strengthen the Magna Carta for scientists, engineers, researchers, and other science and ...

Biblical Philistines—archenemies of ancient Israelites—hailed from Europe, DNA reveals  Science Magazine

As a schoolgirl in Israel, Michal Feldman learned that the ancient Philistines, who lived between present-day Tel Aviv and Gaza during the Iron Age, were "the ...

NASA breakthrough: Why Saturn’s moon is ‘leaking salty water into space’

Enceladus is the sixth-largest moon of the second-largest planet in the Solar System, measuring 310 miles in diameter. The surface is mostly covered in *fresh*, ...

Does the Universe Rotate?  Live Science

If you look around space, you'll notice a lot of things — the planets, stars, moons, even the galaxy itself — have one thing in common: they're spinning. So, is the ...

Are we living in a simulated universe? Here's what scientists say.  NBC News

Is our world an elaborate illusion? Some believers of the simulation hypothesis say our universe may have been created by more technologically advanced ...

Author Myke Cole talks writing hard science fiction in his space-set Coast Guard novel Sixteenth Watch  The Verge

Myke Cole is best known for his fantasy work, including his military-focused urban fantasy Shadow Ops series and his more traditionally epic fantasy Sacred ...

Acceleration of ice loss across the Himalayas over the past 40 years  Science Advances

Himalayan glaciers supply meltwater to densely populated catchments in South Asia, and regional observations of glacier change over multiple decades are ...

Scientists map high-risk areas for hepatitis E  Science Daily

A team of scientists has compiled environmental and epidemiological data from around the world to develop a map that shows the riskiest areas for hepatitis E ...

Eight WSU faculty elected to Washington State Academy of Sciences  WSU News

Eight faculty from Washington State University have been elected to membership in the Washington State Academy of Sciences, an organization that advances ...

Remembering Whitaker - Sweet Pea a master of the sweet science  ESPN

Pernell Whitaker was one of the greatest boxers in history. Dan Rafael, Steve Kim and Mark Kriegel remember moments from Whitaker's career that made him ...

Science Has A Sustainability Problem  FiveThirtyEight

Mauricio Urbina was trying to save the planet on the day he realized he was simultaneously destroying it. A biologist who studies the bodies of fish and other s…

The glycan CA19-9 promotes pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer in mice  Science Magazine

Patients with pancreatic cancer often have elevated blood levels of CA19-9, a carbohydrate antigen present on many proteins. CA19-9 is thus commonly used ...

The Asteroid Peril Isn’t Science Fiction  Wall Street Journal

Even if we managed to spot a small but dangerous asteroid heading for Earth, we currently have no means to stop it.

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