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New Energy Bill: Reducing Our Dependence on Foreign Oil

The U. S. economy is feeling the brunt of skyrocketing oil prices as the nation?s dependence on foreign oil continues to grow. We need a responsible energy plan to reduce our reliance on foreign oil. President Bush and Senator Kerry appear to be skirting the real issues involved.

America and its Collision Course

Energy ESP #7 - America and its Collision CourseCrude oil explodes through $46.50 as the problems are growing -It?s bigger than Iraq, bigger than Bin Laden and even bigger thanthe next election. America has entered into an exhaustive racefor survival - And nobody is talking about it.Talking about what you ask??Taking down Saudi Arabia?s oil infrastructure is like spearingfish in a barrel... a coordinated assault on five or more key[pipelines]junctions in the system could put the Saudis out ofthe oil business for two years...? Robert Baer, Former CIAofficer, USA Today, May 10 2004.In a country portrayed to be the wealthiest oil nation in theworld, Saudi Arabia also has the greatest divergence betweenthe wealthy and poor. With the average individual income at$7,500 per year the poor is kept at bay by charity. Somethingwe all know the Saudis are good at. Men by the hundreds line upto meet the prince and ask (is it asking or begging) forfinancial help for whatever ails them. Is this charity? Or isit a clever way to keep the not-so-fortunate from rising up?Over generations of this practice, the locals have becomeaccustom. At what point do they rebel against these extremeunjust ways of life that they have been delt.? At what point doAMERICANS realize that this is the kind of society we dependway too much on and far too often?!?!CNBC reported last week that OPEC (or could we just say the Houseof Saud) said that ?the current average price of oil is notsufficient (high) enough to meet the needs of the OPECcountries.? Gee... wonder why the 10 year oil futures have beenpropelling themselves into space over the past few years? ? Whatdoes this all mean?... America is dependent on an extremelyunstable country(s). I fear that this will soon come to a headand Americans will be up the creek with only half a paddle.Over the past 30 years., approx. 75% of U.S. trade deficit wasmoney gone to oil imports - That must change What Americans don?trealize is the great divergence in the prices of the things weconsume. . . and it?s about to catch up. . . One quart of oil foryou car costs between $2-$5. One gallon as gas about $2. But ifyou?re in a restaurant and order a Coke or a glass of milk, it isnearly SIX times that. Now you tell me something, do you need a"Coke and a smile" to get to work in the morning? FACT - SaudiOIL FIELDS are shrinking as oil prices are flying. During the70's, 15 oil fields pumped one million barrels per day - Todayonly two of those are at a steady (or is it) one million.OPEC?s SECRET SHORTAGE THAT THEY WONT TELL YOU - Today?s oilreserves estimates DO NOT include the two billion barrels of oilthat was burned in the 91' Gulf War. Yet, OPEC has added 287billion barrels to their reserves without claiming any new oildiscovery. - Anyone smell anything fishy???All this is reason enough that Americans need to work together,in a NON-PARTISAN effort and bring CLEAN - RENEWABLE ENERGY TOAMERICAN SOIL ASAP!! America needs to follow in the foot step ofDenmark - where they actually produce more electricity than theyconsume... and sell the rest.ANYONE you know, if they are in college or not - PLEASEforward them this newsletter. Spread the word! It will takeeveryone you know!

Positive Effects of Carbon Dioxide for Plant Growth

Many articles have been written about the negative effects of carbon dioxide. Sick Building Syndrome, loss of concentration due to high levels of carbon dioxide, asphyxiation in breweries or wine cellars, all these things spring to mind when we hear the magic phrase carbon dioxide. Yet, perhaps today when Venus passes across the face of the Sun, we should remember that our original atmosphere consisted of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. Free oxygen is something that is not really chemically possible. Yet we have it as a result of plant life busily photosynthesising and converting carbon dioxide into oxygen during daylight hours. This is the original use of solar energy!

Marine News - Summer 2004 - Our Ocean Environment

Our oceans are home to many marine mammals, fish, turtles, corals and others. The delicate balance between man and the ocean is constantly being challenged by the demands of our society. Most of our planet is covered by water, a necessary ingredient of human life. The state of our oceans should be uppermost in our minds in order for quality of life for all species to remain as it is.

How Body Piercing Works -- The Ins and Outs of this Cutting Edge Process

Body piercing (defined as any piercing beyond the standard earlobe piercing) has become such a popular form of body modification that between five and ten percent of the population of the United States has indulged in at least one form of it at some time in their lives. In most cases, once a person gets a body piercing, they follow the first one with more. There are lots of considerations; however, for making sure that your body piercing is done safely so that you don?t end up with either an infection or a poorly done piercing that could leave an unsightly scar.

The Joy of Recycling

I have always been an advocate of recycling. Even though I am not always convinced of its financial viability, I am thoroughly convinced of its value as a means of increasing public awareness of the cost of our consumerism. In the 20+ years I have been in the organizing profession, I have never heard anyone complain that their problem in getting organized was that they didn?t have enough ?stuff.?

Energy and America

Diamond Flashes

Beyond magnificence and splendor, the world of diamonds evolves on stirred grounds. When the stake is so important, interests collide. But technology develops following its onward course. Here are some interesting off-stage events in the diamond industry and innovations in technology.

The Valuable Individual

How can we, as individuals, participate in waste management? Because some of us are so overwhelmed with Earth?s problems, we feel that our contributions have no real consequence in the end. For others, social barriers can be an issue. A lady we once knew confessed that she did not want to be seen buying used items or being concerned with power use. She was worried people would see her as cheap ? a scrooge ? when the family was so affluent. Yet, she was very careful to be seen with recycling bins out on the curb on pick-up day, because that was thought to be the thing to do socially. Now is a good time to put an end to these negative thoughts and feelings of false pride. Waste reduction is not about ego - it is about the health of the planet and of our nation.

Trash Talk Your Way to a Better World

North Americans account for less than 10% of the world's population, yet we produce 50% of the world's garbage and consume more than 33% of it's resources. If everyone consumed like the average North American, we would require three Earths!

Get Hot on Combustion

Energy in the form of heat is obtained when fuel is burnt in air. The release of this heat energy can be slow or can be very rapid.

Why Condition Your Boiler Water?

A boiler is used for generating steam. It does this by heating water to its boiling point, after which steam will evaporate from it.

Tsunami Defined

Tsunami is a Japanese term that describes a large seismically generated sea wave which is capable of considerable destruction in certain coastal areas, especially where underwater earthquakes occur.

Glyco Nutrients & Stem Cell Production

During the speach, Dr. Reg McDaniel talked about first seeing new stem cells in the peripheral blood of clients using glyconutrients many years ago and not recognizing these cells as stem cells. They were 10 times the size of white blood cells and they were given the name "Gee" cells for some time as that's what Dr. Reg said when he observed these new cells that no one could identify! Now we have the tools to identify these cells appropriately as stem cells which can be used as "master keys" to move to places in the body as the body calls for. About a year ago there was an article in JAMA regarding the stem cells implants of male cells into female bodies of women with leukemia who had received a stem cell transplant. When these women died, male marked cells were found as neurons in the brain.

Traffic Zoology

There is a secret zoo that runs encaged along the roads.

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A 5000-year-old toy still enjoyed by kids today has inspired an inexpensive, hand-powered scientific tool that could not only impact how field biologists conduct ...

Science in Europe: by the numbers

The region already hosts some of the world's leading scientific countries, and some of its smaller states are quickly catching up.

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This 3-million-year-old mouse just gave scientists the key to decoding ancient red pigments  Science Magazine

Figuring out the colors of fossilized animals used to be complete guesswork—even in the rare finds containing bits of feathers, scales, or fur, the original hues in ...

The future of science in Europe

On the eve of the European Union's parliamentary elections, a special issue examines the prospects for science across the region.

EPA plan to end funding for children's health research leaves scientists scrambling  Science Magazine

Originally published by E&E News. Despite repeatedly expressing public support for children's health, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is ending ...

Scientists Have Created a Sound So Loud It Can Vaporize Water on Contact  Live Science

Scientists have used an X-ray laser to create the loudest possible underwater sound on Earth.

Ship spies largest underwater eruption ever  Science Magazine

Last week, Marc Chaussidon, director of the Institute of Geophysics in Paris (IPGP), looked at seafloor maps from a recently concluded mission and saw a new ...

House bill restores funding to Earth science and astrophysics missions  SpaceNews

House appropriators criticized NASA for seeking to cancel “legacy” science programs in favor of new exploration work, restoring funding for those missions.

Bad moods could be contagious among ravens  Science News

Ravens may pick up and share their compatriots' negativity, a study on the social intelligence of these animals suggests.

Angela Saini video interview: The return of race in mainstream science  New Scientist News

In her latest book, Superior: The Return of Race Science, Angela Saini examines what she calls the “subtle” return of race within mainstream science. She tells ...

Lions wounded by porcupines may be more likely to attack people  Science Magazine

Hobbled by their injuries, the big cats may turn to easier prey.

Faulty cellular antennae may cause a heart valve disorder  Science News

Mitral valve prolapse might be caused by dysfunctional primary cilia meant to signal cells during development.

A cognitive neuroscientist warns that the U.S. justice system harms teen brains  Science News

The U.S. justice system holds adolescents to adult standards, and puts young people in situations that harm their development, a researcher argues.

Costly cancer lawsuits may spur search to replace world's most common weed killer  Science Magazine

"Total fear and shock." That's how Andrew Kniss, a weed scientist at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, describes the reaction of farmers to recent courtroom ...

From physics to data science  Symmetry magazine

Four physicists share their journeys through academia into industry and offer words of wisdom for those considering making a similar move.

Scientists break record for highest-temperature superconductor: Experiment produces new material that can conduct electricity perfectly  Science Daily

An international research team of scientists has discovered superconductivity -- the ability to conduct electricity perfectly -- at the highest temperatures ever ...

Why some climate scientists are saying no to flying  Science Magazine

In 2016, two seemingly unrelated events conspired to make Kim Cobb confront her personal carbon footprint. First, a massive El Niño event hit the coral reef ...

The kilogram just got a revamp. A unit of time might be next  Science News

After years of preparation, new definitions for the basic units of mass, temperature and more have now gone into effect.

‘Earthworm Dilemma’ Has Climate Scientists Racing to Keep Up  The New York Times

Cindy Shaw, a carbon-research scientist with the Canadian Forest *Service*, studies the boreal forest — the world's most northerly forest, which circles the top of ...

Neal Stephenson Interview: Tech Moguls, Brain Science, and Fall: or, Dodge in Hell

Neal Stephenson is one of the great authors of contemporary sci-fi—not only because he's widely read, but also because his work unabashedly high-fives ...

School bus shot near Museum of Science and Industry after dropping off Northbrook students  Chicago Sun-Times

The driver, who works for the First Student bus company, was driving the empty bus near 67th Street and Stony Island Avenue when it was hit.

Canadian Arctic fossils are oldest known fungus on Earth  The Guardian

Fungus is half a billion years older than previous record holder found in Wisconsin.

Genetically engineered immune cells fight off deadly virus in mice  Science Magazine

Researchers may have demonstrated a novel way to protect us from some of the world's deadliest viruses. By genetically engineering immune cells to make ...

How do you talk science to the layperson? ‘Be a bit goofy’  The Irish Times

Hayden Wilkinson used the topics of synaesthesia, split brains and designer babies to engage audiences.

Da Vinci axes plans for $100M Science City on Easton riverfront  Lehigh Valley Business

Plans to construct a $100 million-plus science museum in Easton have been called off. Lin Erickson, executive director of the Da Vinci Science Center in ...

This Is Easily the Best Correction in Science Publishing This Month  Gizmodo

Science journalists around the world received one of the silliest corrections yet in our inbox over the weekend, and I would like to share it here with you.

Mathematics Science is helping kids become math masters  Science News for Students

Some researchers study video games, students' posture and more as a means to help kids become better and more comfortable with math.

Scientists: Why we should appreciate wasps  BBC News

Scientists have put together a map of the UK's wasp population, showing the distribution of key species. Data recorded by volunteers gives an insight into where ...

Trans Activists Silence The Science So They Can Claim It's On Their Side  The Federalist

It's telling that, in order to claim that science is on their side, trans activists need to bully actual scientists into silence, lest they spread truth.

Rad Scientist Ep. 15: Science And Basketball  KPBS

Elischa Sanders grew up in Tacoma, Washington playing basketball and getting good grades. A first-generation college student at the University of Washington, ...

Initial results from the New Horizons exploration of 2014 MU69, a small Kuiper Belt object  Science Magazine

After flying past Pluto in 2015, the New Horizons spacecraft shifted course to encounter (486958) 2014 MU69, a much smaller body about 30 kilometers in ...

Landmark analysis documents the alarming global decline of nature  Science Magazine

The state of biodiversity and ecosystems is at its most perilous point in human history and the decline is accelerating, warns a landmark assessment released ...

Artificial Intelligence meets Citizen Science - Citizen Science Salon : Citizen Science Salon  Discover Magazine

The potential for AI to propel citizen science efforts forward is incredible; from rapidly analyzing your data or identifying insects, to helping you find and join the ...

Scientists Say: Guinea worm  Science News for Students

Scientists and health care workers are working to eradicate this parasite, which causes a painful condition called Guinea worm disease.

Bonobo 'helicopter' moms stand guard while their sons mate  Science Magazine

In what may be the bonobo take on a fussy mom giving her son's number to a nice, single woman at the grocery store, female bonobos go to extremes to make ...

Measles erases the immune system's memory  Science News

The measles virus can usher in other infections for months, or even years.

Europe abandons plans for 'flagship' billion-euro research projects  Science Magazine

When Martin Lohse, scientific director of the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine here, welcomed participants to the kick-off meeting for a massive ...

Scientists' grant writing styles vary by gender. That can lead to bias  Science Magazine

When describing research in grant proposals, female life scientists use narrower, more topic-specific language than male applicants, resulting in lower reviewer ...

Science class teaches students about solar, renewable energy  FOX 13 News, Tampa Bay

It's a one-of-a-kind class that teaches kids about our environment and renewable energy.

After outcry, USDA will no longer require scientists to label research ‘preliminary’  Washington Post

The Agriculture Department has dropped its demand that staff scientists label peer-reviewed research as “preliminary,” after angry protests followed a ...

Scientists discover novel genes responsible for regulating muscle cells  Science Daily

Scientists have uncovered a unique set of genes that play a role in muscle cellular gene expression and differentiation which could lead to new therapeutic ...

Extinct squid relative entombed in amber for 100 million years  Science Magazine

The latest discovery in a cache of ancient Burmese amber has revealed something completely unexpected: an extinct squidlike organism called an ammonite, ...

How these girls powered St. Catherine’s to win prestigious science award  WTVR CBS 6 News

RICHMOND, Va. -- Girl power. It's a slogan that encourages and celebrates female empowerment, confidence, and strength. While traditional thinking has girls ...

USDA researchers quit in droves as Trump administration plans relocation  The Washington Post

On a single day in late April, six federal employees at an embattled research agency quit.

Wearable thermoelectrics for personalized thermoregulation  Science Advances

Thermoregulation has substantial implications for energy consumption and human comfort and health. However, cooling technology has remained largely ...

Two threats to US science  Science Magazine

Last month, the House Appropriations Committee of the U.S. Congress began drafting its Fiscal Year 2020 funding bill. Among the promising news is the ...

Scientists teach computers fear—to make them better drivers  Science Magazine

NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA—Computers can master some tasks—like playing a game of Go—through trial and error. But what works for a game doesn't work ...

Scientists Create Tectonic Map of 'Game of Thrones' Continents  Live Science

The breathtaking fictional landscapes of "Game of Thrones" had a tumultuous past that involved volcanic eruptions, mountain-building and entire continents ...

In Brazil, 'useful idiots' protest cuts to research and education  Science Magazine

Thousands of scientists, educators, and students swamped the streets of Brazil this week to protest cuts in education and research funding. Marches occurred ...

Reactivation of PTEN tumor suppressor for cancer treatment through inhibition of a MYC-WWP1 inhibitory pathway  Science Magazine

Supporting tumor suppression. The protein PTEN is a phosphatase and tumor suppressor whose activity is often decreased in human cancers. Thus ...

The 'superblack' patches on these spiders make their other colors glow  Science Magazine

Male peacock spiders attract mates through elaborate dances that show off their brilliant colors. It's hard to miss the dazzling blues, reds, and oranges on their ...

Single-cell genomics identifies cell type–specific molecular changes in autism  Science Magazine

Autism manifests in many ways. Despite that diversity, the disorder seems to affect specific cellular pathways, including those observed in the neocortex of ...

The universe may be a billion years younger than we thought. Scientists are scrambling to figure out why.  NBC News

The age of the universe may have been overestimated by more than a billion years, forcing scientists to rethink how we got from the Big Bang to today.

How European scientists will spend €100 billion

The European Union has partially approved the shape of its next giant research-spending programme, but it faces political tensions.

U.S. cancer institute cancels nanotech research centers  Science Magazine

The U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Bethesda, Maryland, will halt funding next year for its long-running Centers of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence ...

Scientists Just Redefined the Kilogram  Futurism

In November, scientists from more than 60 nations got together to redefine the kilogram, the base unit of mass in the International System of Units (SI). Previously ...

St. Mary's School Will Use DCF Grant For Science Stuff, Robots  Eagle 99.3 FM WSCH

The $2800 grant from the Dearborn Community Foundation will provide new science equipment for the school in Aurora.

These tiny microbes are munching away at plastic waste in the ocean  Science Magazine

Plastic makes up nearly 70% of all ocean litter, putting countless aquatic species at risk. But there is a tiny bit of hope—a teeny, tiny one to be precise: Scientists ...

13 new science fiction and fantasy books to check out in late May  The Verge

New books coming out at the end of May include a new Stranger Things tie-in, the latest serial from Serial Box, and stories of fantastical cities, lost astronauts, ...

Science reacts to Coalition victory

Both Science & Technology Australia and the Australian Academy of Sciences have released statements on the re-election of the Coalition government, ...

Antarctica: How scientists uncovered ‘SHOCKING’ 650,000-year-old find below ice

ANTARCTICA researchers made a discovery dating back 650000 years that former US Vice President Al Gore dubbed “shocking” in his book.

NSF, NASA, NIST would get funding boosts under House spending bill  Science Magazine

The National Science Foundation (NSF) would get a 7% budget increase, and NASA a 3.8% bump, under a 2020 spending bill approved today by an ...

In lopsided vote, U.S. science academy backs move to eject sexual harassers  Science Magazine

Breaking with their 156-year history, members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) today voted overwhelmingly in favor of amending the elite ...

Why race science is on the rise again  The Guardian

After the second world war, the belief that differences between so-called 'races' are genetic became taboo. Now, with the far right resurgent, it's back.

De novo design of tunable, pH-driven conformational changes  Science Magazine

Protein design has achieved success in finding sequences that fold to very stable target structures. Protein function, however, often requires conformational ...

Bedbugs date back to the time of the dinosaurs, new family tree suggests  Science Magazine

Every half-million years, a new species switches to human hosts.

Seth Rogen and the Science of Rogenomics | GQ June/July 2019  GQ

The man behind everything from 'Superbad' to this month's 'Long Shot' talks about surviving Hollywood, getting high, and channeling Kanye West.

Mellon College of Science Students Named Goldwater Scholars  Carnegie Mellon University

William Fahy, and Jung Joo Suh, both students in CMU's Mellon College of Science, are among this year's 496 recipients of the scholarship.

Scientists Created Bacteria With a Synthetic Genome. Is This Artificial Life?  The New York Times

Scientists have created a living organism whose DNA is entirely human-made — perhaps a new form of life, experts said, and a milestone in the field of synthetic ...

The Scientists Behind the First Black Hole Photo Get Nod from Congress

Four scientists involved with the Event Horizon Telescope project that successfully captured the first image of a black hole went to Congress.

Bermuda Was Made by Unexpected Geological Layer Deep in Earth's Mantle  Live Science

For the first time, scientists have evidence that a layer deep beneath Earth's surface can create volcanoes. The layer, known as the transition zone, lurks in ...

Thousands of scientists in Argentina strike to protest budget cuts  Science Magazine

Scientists from labs across Argentina stayed home today, joining a nationwide strike against the government's latest round of austerity measures. One of their ...

In the deep, dark, ocean fish have evolved superpowered vision  Science Magazine

When the ancestors of cave fish and certain crickets moved into pitchblack caverns, their eyes virtually disappeared over generations. But fish that ply the sea at ...

These origami robots could one day deliver drugs inside your body  Science Magazine

Tiny robot swarms that deliver drugs and help perform operations inside the body have long been a dream of scientists and science-fiction writers alike. But the ...

Scientists want to limit climate change by releasing more CO2  Popular Science

Carbon dioxide gets a lot of attention these days. The scrutiny is understandable: On May 11, levels of the gas reached 415 parts per million, more than 100 ppm ...

Lawyer: Ex-WWE star's brain will be donated to science research  News 12 Long Island

Ex-WWE star Ashley Massaro was found dead in her Smithtown home.

Pint Of Science helping quench thirst for knowledge of science-hungry public  ABC News

People across Brisbane are gathering over beers, not Bunsen burners, to learn more about the latest scientific discoveries.

Climate change: Global sea level rise could be bigger than expected  BBC News

Scientists believe that global sea levels could rise far more than predicted, due to accelerating melting in Greenland and Antarctica. The long-held view has ...

SWE Outreach at Philadelphia Science Festival  Society of Women Engineers

On May 4th, Philadelphia SWE volunteered at the Philadelphia Science Carnival and led a hands-on outreach activity titled "How do planes fly?"

U.S. universities reassess collaborations with foreign scientists in wake of NIH letters  Science Magazine

Adam Kuspa tries to anticipate queries from his institution's largest source of research funding, the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, Maryland.

'Ultraprocessed' foods may make you eat more, clinical trial suggests  Science Magazine

Something about the industrial processing of food makes us more likely to overeat, according to a new study. Volunteers ate more and gained more weight on a ...

Science Shows How The Los Angeles Lakers Should Be Responding To Magic Johnson's Comments  Forbes

You've undoubtedly seen Magic Johnson's Monday interview disparaging the Laker's leadership. But while this sutation is more dramatic than most, every ...

Multivascular networks and functional intravascular topologies within biocompatible hydrogels  Science Magazine

In air-breathing vertebrates, the circulatory and pulmonary systems contain separate networks of channels that intertwine but do not intersect with each other.

Brian Eno to Receive Stephen Hawking Medal at Science Festival  Pitchfork

At this year's Starmus Festival—a science event featuring panel discussions, concerts, exhibitions, and more—Brian Eno will be receiving the Stephen Hawking ...

Hydrodealkenylative C(sp3)–C(sp2) bond fragmentation  Science Magazine

Plants produce an abundance of structurally complex terpene compounds that are useful precursors to pharmaceuticals and other fine chemicals. However, the ...

Global health institute sued for age and sex discrimination  Science Magazine

Seven current and former female employees have sued officials at a global health institute that is part of the Mount Sinai Health System's Icahn School of ...

Vision using multiple distinct rod opsins in deep-sea fishes  Science Magazine

Vertebrates are typically thought to have a consistent system for processing light, in which multiple cone opsins permit color vision during the day, but a single ...

As gene testing surges, lawsuits aren't far behind  Science Magazine

While DNA testing upends the practice of medicine, U.S. laws aren't keeping pace. That's one message from a nearly finished 3-year, $2 million project called ...

A new AI acquired humanlike 'number sense' on its own  Science News

A new artificial intelligence seems to share our intuitive ability to estimate numbers at a glance.

Sticky proteins could protect crops more safely than chemical pesticides  Science Magazine

Many pesticides have an inherent weakness: The active ingredients don't adhere well to the plants they protect. After the chemicals are sprayed onto crops, rain ...

Meet the blue crew, scientists trying to give food, flowers, and more a color rarely found in nature  Science Magazine

New tools are aiding the age-old quest for a precious pigment.

Ancient South American populations dipped due to an erratic climate  Science News

Scientists link bouts of intense rainfall and drought around 8600 to 6000 years ago to declining numbers of South American hunter-gatherers.

Site-selective enzymatic C‒H amidation for synthesis of diverse lactams  Science Magazine

Enzymes excel at specificity because of their constrained active sites. With appropriate evolutionary pressure, they can be made to differentiate between similar ...

Do transportation network companies decrease or increase congestion?  Science Advances

This research examines whether transportation network companies (TNCs), such as Uber and Lyft, live up to their stated vision of reducing congestion in major ...

Make EU trade with Brazil sustainable  Science Magazine

Brazil, home to one of the planet's last great forests, is currently in trade negotiations with its second largest trading partner, the European Union (EU). We urge ...

German research promised a decade of budget increases  Science Magazine

BERLIN—German research organizations cheered a decision announced today by state and federal ministers to increase research budgets by 3% a year for the ...

10-Foot-Tall Stone Jars 'Made by Giants' Stored Human Bodies in Ancient Laos  Live Science

The carved "jars of the dead" are scattered across miles of the rugged, tiger-haunted Xiangkhouang province.

New batlike dinosaur was early experiment in flight  Science Magazine

Find suggests many dinosaur species may have taken to the skies in unexpected ways during the Jurassic period.

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