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Acoustic Transducers for High Altitude Balloon Control

Using acoustic transducers it maybe possible to create a small region of thicker air underneath a blimp and use that patch as a platform of air to float on while blowing ever so slightly low pressure air underneath the blimp like a hover craft. Although this idea sounds like a long shot it can be done by use of a screen, which shoots the directed frequency waves into the waves created by the acoustic transducers. In fact it maybe possible to place the acoustic transducers on poles, which hang down from the blimp and right below that place a screen which rolls out below the blimp. The wave interference once airborne allow the use the thicker air which is made thru alignment of the air molecules as resistance for the low pressure air blown against it. Any thicker air, which is pushed down or away from the blimp as it moves will freely flow thru the large holes in the screen.

Saving People in Disaster Crisis, Concept

So often when we see huge Natural Disasters there are many people killed, but for everyone who perishes there are 5-10 people injured; many very seriously. So often too the region of the world were the disaster occurs does not have enough hospital beds, medical professionals or the right equipment needed to help save those lives. Well, there is a new discovery, which might change all that. Mark Roth and his colleagues have made a rather fascinating discovery; they have found a way to put mice into a suspended animation state. They used a very toxic gas; hydrogen sulfide, which when used in smaller amounts puts these small mammals into temporary hibernation. Similar to a bear when it hibernates.

Pandemic Crisis Cure Concept

What happens if the world is faced with a Pandemic, for which no cure currently exists but one is on the verge of being discovered? Here is a concept, which with the proper protocols could save the human race from near extinction. Human Hibernation. Put as many of the Pandemic victims to sleep as possible before they succumb to the virus or pathogen. Then isolate a team of scientists to figure out a cure. Once the cure is discovered inoculate the scientific team and have them go around to wake everyone up. Wake up the largest groups first and train them with videos how to inoculate the all those people that there is enough vaccine for.

Dream Therapy and Learning thru Human Hibernation

Want to learn a new language? Would you like to earn a PhD in Physics; perfect your backstroke tennis swing, golf finesse or fly-fishing techniques, while you sleep? While, your immune system catches your body back up on your lack of exercise, fitness and proper diet? How about if I told you, that you most likely will shed about 20-25 lbs of extra weight while all this is going on? Well, if we further develop our sleep research, human hibernation studies and mind or brain advances we will be able to do all this and more in the near future, perhaps less than 5-years.

DNA Testing Has Changed Everything

Since its discovery 20 years ago, the use of DNA for human identity and relationship testing has emerged as a powerful tool in both civil and criminal justice systems. DNA testing can reveal whether two or more individuals are related as well as determining the nature of their relationship. Today, it is possible to identify people by a single hair, as well as obtain information about their gender and ethnic background, and, within the next couple of years, identify their age.

DNA Testing Breaks Down Barriers in the Court Room

DNA testing has three major applications for forensic studies: identification of missing persons; identification of victims of wars, accidents, and natural disasters; and crime investigation. Annually, more than 20,000 forensic DNA tests are performed in the UK. Two out of three of all criminal cases using DNA evidence involve sexual assault, the rest are cases dealing with burglary, murder, and other types of violent crime. During the last 15 years, DNA analysis became an indispensable police tool in fighting crime because it allows unambiguous identification of the criminal by traces of biological material left at the crime scene. It can also acquit innocent suspects based on DNA evidence.

Living In Arizona Boulders--Where Did They Come From?

When most people think of building a secluded home, they think of tall trees and large bushes. But what about boulders?

Is Thought Evident in Plants?

Who would have thought that a plant could be a witness to a crime ? and even testify against the perpetrator? Well, it is true! In the early 1970?s experiments were done on ordinary houseplants, by researchers who connected a polygraph machine to a plant.

Life Under Mars Ice Shelf?

When looking for life on Mars we should be thinking of how life forms on Earth. Not because it will be similar, although it possibly could be, but because we know the things, which inhibit life and the things which help it flourish. This is not to say that life does not exist inside the rocks or under the surface in underground aquifers or that the rocks themselves are not alive, but in all probability we will find the life or remnants of previous life in those places where we find life on Earth which are similar to those places on Mars. That makes sense right?

The Intricacies of a Compound Microscope

Have you ever used a compound microscope? Your first thought may be to answer "no" but chances are if you had Biology in high school or college that you have used a compound microscope. What do you remember about this microscope? You may remember what it looks like but can you recall how it worked? If not, this article is for you!

Ancient Navigation and Mapping


The Harmonic

The Harmonic

Cord Blood and Its Uses

Cord blood is the blood left in the umbilical cord and placenta after the birth of the child and is collected after the cord has been cut off. The umbilical cord is routinely discarded with the placenta after a child is born. It is also called placental blood. Cord blood has lots of blood producing stem cells which can be frozen and later used for transplants. Cord blood is genetically unique to the child and the family. Now researchers have found that it can be used to treat many diseases.

Pre-Neolithic Calendars (Accurate)

Braden is quite wrong when he says the initiations to this knowledge began about two thousand years ago. I think that is when some people emboldened by the earlier Pythagorean partial inclusion of the knowledge into Therapeutae systems like the Essenes, started to study it and write something about it. However, the prohibition on sharing this information which is said to have still been a matter of summary execution in the time of Plato, probably started ten thousand years earlier.

Static Charge Pulse on Wind Generator Material Memory Blades

Wind Power is considered a clean industry and is amongst the favorites of environmentalists and clean energy supporters. Unfortunately the wind generators rely on the wind and the wind is somewhat inconsistent in that sometimes it blows and some times it does not. There are some places in the United States like the California and Nevada Deserts, Hills of North Dakota, West Texas Plains, State of Wyoming where the wind seems to always be blowing and hard. Scientists do long intense studies to determine where the wind blows with the most force by studying weather patterns, terrain and updrafts for many seasons. It is through these studies we learn where to place our wind generators to get the most; ?bang for the buck.? You see wind generators are expensive to build and you also have to build power lines to take the energy to the grid. The is a definite monetary consideration and return on investment which must be calculated with or without the renewable energy infrastructure tax credits and deductions.

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