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The Fertilization Process and Implications of Test Tube Babies

Through the wonders of science, infertile couples who were previously unable to bear children, due to reasons such as blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, low egg quantities or advanced age of the mother, are now able to conceive through in-vitro fertilization. The results are babies known as test-tube babies which are technically conceived outside the womb.

Ancient Inventions and Anthropology

ANCIENT INVENTIONS: - In Alexandria and in the Cave of Hathor there appear to be reasons to believe we had electricity. There is no doubt that fraudulent traders were using electrum plating techniques to make gold plate on other metals to sell as pure gold. Some think the cave drawings show electrical wiring conduits, and I think it might be phosphorous slush in hoses to make the light by which the cave was painted by artists. There are professors who would have us believe the reason there is no carbon deposits from oil or wax burning lamps has to do with blind artisans. Thales had a small steam engine, the lighthouse at Alexandria and their tri-level sea-going ships, slot machines and other things lead the authors of Ancient Inventions to say they could build anything we could build until the mid-20th century. They detail the skill of port construction and many other things. There is much more than they talk about for us to re-learn or know, and many whole disciplines or things we've not yet re-discovered.

Earthquake and Disaster Delays in Scientific Innovation

In our present period we are continually reminded that we live on the surface of the planet and with that great honor comes issues of Mother Nature we must deal with. It is a fair trade off, as you get sunshine, warmth and heat from the sun; water, fish and surfing opportunities from the ocean and the stars, moon and cosmos to propel thought, enlightenment and understanding of who we are and perhaps some insight into why we are here. These are all wonderful things we enjoy and with every positive there is a negative, with every up there is a down and with every action a reaction. So then, let?s talk about the negative side of things; which we are reminded of all too often: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Typhoons, Volcanoes, Wild Fires and Floods.

Using Mosquito MEMS to Collect DNA Samples

Soon scientists will have scaled down robotic insects. This is a good thing and most of this technology is being funded for Department of Defense uses as they will have a killer application there indeed. Miniature replica type bugs can go and collect DNA samples of the enemy, inject them with a sleeping type virus so they lose their will to fight or even get out of bed for that matter for a few days, thus your enemy is rendered useless without their will to fight.

Hibernate Enemy with Gas Cloud

Scientists have discovered chemicals, which cause humans to go into a hibernation type state similar to our mammal cousins the bear. This discovery has many killer applications from first responders slowing the bio-systems of those who are seriously injured to long-term space flight or even stopping a civil unrest or riot, which has gotten out of control.

Methods of Improving Boiler Efficiency

With the rising cost of fuel prices, industries that use steam boilers for heating or power generation are hard pressed to operate at peak efficiencies.

Can Rain Makers Really Make Rain?

Whenever there's a drought, someone will come up with the idea of finding a rain maker, or holding a day of prayer for rain.

Randomness Versus Predetermination

Science is inherently a series of experiments within closed systems. A known starting points, then a prediction on what will happen based on a set of starting parameters. Once the prediction can be reproduced this is gauged as fact.

MP Apprehension of High Strung or Drunken Soldiers

Recently scientists have discovered the hydrogen sulfide gas caused mice to go into spontaneous hibernation. The genetic similarities to the mammalian class humans belong to includes these rodents as well. The ability to put humans into spontaneous hibernation has incredible military applications, most of which have to do with stopping an advancing army, simply put them to sleep and thus serve your political will without having to kill them. Indeed this would change the battle space of the future in a way no one probably ever considered.

CCTV Decoy Registration System

Avoiding cameras? Gotcha, what are you trying to hide from. Cameras in Subways and airports often do not get a face shot good enough for face recognition software. There is a solution to this dilemma which can assist us in catching would be International Terrorists on watch lists. When we look over the video on television from the London Train Bombing we see many images from not so good angles, from this the authorities are asking all citizens foreign and domestic to help identify those in the photos. The photos being of course a single frame from a full motion video Close Circuit Television Surveillance System. We all know that such cameras are not so good and often the perpetrator is looking away from the camera at the time when they pass by? Of course those who are perpetrators know where the cameras are and they purposely look away.

Gulf of Mexico Formed by a Rotating Hurricane Trapped in the Region

Recently in a coffee shop I met a gentleman who had dismissed himself from University Level Study and had developed some interesting theories on land formations of the Americas. His theory included a concept that the Gulf of Mexico some 2.5 billion plus years ago was situated in a place where extreme weather occurred and Hurricanes of a category we have never seen in our present period existed. In his theory these Hurricanes were more like Category VII. Currently our Hurricane Categories on the Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale go from one to five Categories. Category Five of course being winds of 155 mph or more; in the Pacific Ocean the Typhoons have much higher winds than this.

Smart Dust and Virtual Keyboards

Using Smart Dust which is sprinkled onto a rock it maybe possible to type information into a small computer or PDA very rapidly. This could be quite handy for many things such as; Search and Rescue, Fire Fighting, Civil Air Patrol, Hikers and Mountain Climbers and of course military applications. Think for a second the possibilities for Net Centric Warfare for Special Forces Troops. But how exactly can all this work? Well, simple really, you find a flat rock and spinkle your micro-electro-mechanical ?Smart Dust and then put on a set of glasses which has a little clip on lens which has a grid pattern of a key board. Then you move your fingers across the virtual keyboard as if typing onto the rock. It is quite easy to use actually because your eyes see it as if it is real on the rock and the glasses you are wearing interpret each tap onto the pressure sensitive smart dust as a strike. The data is then put into a small computer you wear connected to the glasses by a wire. The data is then sent through a hot or helmet and uploaded directly to the satellite.

Ground Targets Via Space Laser Weapons

It is now possible to overwhelm our enemy from space or near space (ultra high-altitude) Blimp weapons. Right now we watch as 11 Western States have massive wild fires, most caused by lightning, but they could just as easily be caused by laser weaponry. Like a lightning bolt from God, airborne laser weapons could wreak havoc on an enemy. Today the United States Air Force Research Laboratory is testing airborne laser weapons where a THEL type system is put inside of a 747 Boeing Jet Aircraft.

Hibernating Humans for Space Flight

Can we hibernate humans using hydrogen sulfide gas for long-term space flight? The answer is most likely; ?YES?. Scientists have successfully hibernated mice spontaneously using hydrogen sulfide gas. The next step for let?s say NASA using this data would be to take some mice up on the next space shuttle launch and hibernate them in zero gravity. Theoretically it should be possible and will most likely work. If we can put many mice on the ISS, International Space Station, under varying lengths of hibernation then we can prove concept. This maybe an ideal way to hibernate humans for long-term space-travel to distant stars, for instance to Alpha Centari and back.

Spray on Dirt for Camouflage

Super sticky spray on dirt or mud simulation coating or wash-off-able paint is needed to protect our troops in combat. It can be used for aircraft bottoms, helicopters and humvees. Sounds like a good idea right? But how would you get the sticky dirt onto the vehicles for instance camouflage? Well there are several thoughts on this. Hudson Sprayer, Aerosol Spray cans, Pressure washer with inline injection or use the nozzles on a water truck. Any of these ways could in fact work. Of course we must eliminate the aerosol can spray idea, that might be good for model airplanes, but it would take forever to do only one vehicle. Using a Hudson sprayer or small air compressor like sprayer could also work, but once again the time constraints are not conducive.

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