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Para Trooper Gliders With Angle of Attack Motor or Crank

Para Trooper Gliders were very popular in WW II, they were used by both the Axis and Allied Forces. Some of these gliders were huge in size and the Germans had one which had took three bombers to get it off the ground along with two-four rockets used in take off. I believe there is a Wings Discovery Channel Documentary on this. The allied forces also used such tactics, which are well documented and some links are provided as well as pictures below this topic.

MAVs, UAVs, and Insect Flight Characteristics

MAVs and UAVs and Insect Flight Characteristics seem to have a lot in common. Millions of years of evolution in nature seem to have been one of the greatest engineering schools around. So now the schools are looking to nature. However as we study nature, nature is not good enough. The world is not good enough that is why all species are continually either modifying to fill their niches or they perish. Designing machines after nature because it looks cool maybe fine. But a Mosquitoes job is to suck blood and reproduce and fly around to it?s meal and egg laying.

UAV - Terrain Following Technologies

There are many technologies being used today such as ultrasonic sensors, which provide non-contact for solution levels in liquid storage tanks. Using this technology the tanks can use non-corrosive methods to prevent failure of parts. For instance in a fuel tank the bacteria can eat through a 505 (2-inch) think piece of stainless steel in about a week or so. Even plastic, which is made from petroleum products becomes brittle in such environments. So the solution in the various industries is to use sound waves to control switches and float leveling systems. One company in our industry is Compac Engineering which makes all types of "Eracta Switches" like an erector set you build the desired structure or device out of plastic, insert their sensors, plug it in and you are completed. You can know soap levels, waster water levels, freshwater levels using devices, which do not corrode, rust or deteriorate quickly.

MAV Propulsion and Testing

Perhaps we should be looking into advancing the propulsion systems of MAVs, small UAVs by using magnetic propulsion to spin the propellers. When testing a UAV by trying to fly it under the canopy of trees or around sparsely populated tree areas or in cities with streets and housing we may find we have difficult issues. If the aircraft as proper angle of attack you might be able to slow it down, reverse the propeller spin, do a level flight tail slide, reverse the propeller again and fly right out of a box canyon or alley way. Or take pictures of your enemy, turn around and leave?

Confusing MAV Optic Flow Sensors In flight Using Mobiles

Using Shapes on Mobiles to confuse optic flow sensors in Micro Air Vehicles appears to be feasible. Today we are studying the flight paths of Bats, Insects even birds to build and fly miniature UAVs; called Micro Air Vehicles or MAVs. There is significant research being done on this. The goal is to have mini MAVs the size of dragonflies, about 15 CM, which are autonomous and can fly through tunnels, under tree lines, under small bridges and navigate around obstacles. By using the optical flow sensors a new technology of mind boggling proportions the tiny MAV would take send out pulses and capture images, as the next pulse sees the image again it is bigger, this way the tiny MAV can sense when it is really big and getting close so it can then fly around it. There are two ideas, one is to use a single sensor unit and the other is to use multiple sensors. If you have ever studied insects, how they fly and navigate, you can see the enormity of the mathematics and algorithms it takes to make all this happen. Here is how it all works you will have to read all of these papers to understand this concept and to continue such discussion;

Surround Panoramic Night Vision is Possible

Modern night vision equipment is state of the art for infantry and Special Forces. After the most recent assault on the International Terrorists and insurgents in Falluja, Iraq the United States Military and the US Trained Iraqi Security Forces put to good use the methods of Urban Combat. Much of the specialized equipment such as the night vision equipment was put to good use in the door-to-door search and destroy mission to round up the bad guys. Navy Seals, Swat Teams, Special Forces all deploy such modern night vision equipment which is used in conjunction with long range binoculars, these units can see thousands of yards in the pitch black of night, they work so well in fact that they are quite addicting. War fighters have been known to keep them on even while in closer quarters where lighting is sufficient without them.

Micro Blimps Cleaning the Air in Buildings to Eliminate Anthrax spores

Presently mini-blimps are being deployed in government leadership buildings as sensor units to identify biological threats in the air. We believe this new technology being deployed in this way is a most excellent use of such technology. We believe we should go one step better. Anthrax spores can be killed by some household cleaners, it is for that reason we propose a vacuum cleaner system within these blimps. The new mini-blimp device will be an ?Anthrax Killing Machine,? or AKM it will operate in the air much the same as a robotic pool sweep.

Free Energy from Space

Tesla was always looking for a way to harvest electromagnetic energy and deliver it to the world wireless, after reading a biography about Tesla; I had come up with this concept. Harvesting and Wireless delivery of Electromagnetic Energy From Space. Why not put a satellite that counter rotates the Earth and is located at the poles. It would be over the poles. It would have 24-mile long entergy tail tentacles off of it spinning around along with the satellite.

Active Aerial Minefields

Is it possible to build an active aerial minefield to protect our troops and in-country logistical supply lines? The answer is probably yes. The Germans attempted to use hot air balloons with charges on them. It did not work. However today we have many newer technologies that if put together it might be possible to actually build an active aerial mine field. For instance what about a ?Metal Storm? with lightweight munitions inside hanging from Balloons.

747 Onboard Laser Might Cause Mistake and Identity

Remember when the Russians shot down a Korean Airlines 747 accidentally, which was 4 degrees off it?s course and flew over Russian Airspace. Migs shot it down with two missiles, one hitting the tail and one hitting the left wing, everyone on board died. The CIA also owns some 747 aircraft. The Russians thought it was a Spy Plane. The CIA does have such spy planes and so even though the interception and demise of that flight sparked an international incident, the Russian?s issues at the time were not without merit.

Bio-Rhythm Disruption Frequency Identifier for Human Intentions

It appears we have found many identifiers for Bio-Metrics to identify people. In this new age of International Terrorism with bad guys trying to get Pilot?s Licenses, HazMat Driver?s Licenses, get onto airlines, step onto buses and sneak over our borders we need a fool proof system. Currently we use fingerprints to identify criminals and those who hold important positions. Some of the newest forms of security include retina scans, voice prints, palms, DNA, Implanted RFID Chips, etc. We have devices, which can see thru trucks, pick up the scent of bio-weapons that use heat to pick-up illegal human trafficking inside vehicles. We need sensors to pick up human intent. Lying devices tell us when someone is exuding thru facial sweat glands, but what about a person who is not close to the device? Inside a vehicle, in a crowd or approaching a sensitive check point. Advanced warning could be the difference between life and death.

Re-Designing the ICBM With The Latest and Greatest Technology

We propose a Stealth Aircraft or non-stealth composite aircraft to have a honey comb structure with an external shell or skin for the diffraction of incoming laser weaponry, which we believe based on the results of the THEL Anti-Missile Defense System success, will be what future enemies will use to attempt to down our US Aircraft. Israel is selling information and weapons to China, Pakistan and other nations. Russia is also doing the same, it will not be long before everyone has and is planning to use such technologies for both offense and defense.

Preventing Death in a Bio Threat

In the event of Bio threat how to mobilize Hospitals in case of biological emergencies should close except for broken bones and accidents. Instead those who believe they have contracted a biological terrorist induced pathogen, virus or disease should be required to stay at home.

Aluminum Oxide to Disrupt Laser Weapons

In a defensive move to eliminate communication of an enemy, an offensive system using a chemical laser would be a good idea. In manufacturing we have lasers, which coat materials so they can be combined or heat-treated in the application process. This process of depositing coatings by lasers is known in manufacturing as Direct Metal Deposition (DMD) is a generative laser process.

Human Motion, Walking, Running and Gait for Identification

Identifying a human gait, walking patterns, running exists. Can such records be of value? Many think so. Why is this so important? Well every time Bin Laden is on TV no one knows if it is real or not. You cannot take a DNA sample, no retina scanning, fingerprints, well then facial recognition? Harder on video tapes at only one angle. Some ones gait could be viewed and downloaded by a sniper to decide if this is the correct target, although chances are it is best to kill all the doubles anyway, the fewer they have the closer you are to the primary targets.

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