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Making Diamonds Using The Earth

We can make diamonds using the Earth?s inner forces, extreme pressure and heat. We simply send Carbon Blocks in tubes, which have been drilled into the Earth?s Mantle. Then let them return under the pressure built up in the tube and you will be able to make diamonds. Why would we wish to make diamonds? We can make diamonds for wealth to pay off our national debt, for nation building or even feeding starving Africans or perhaps poor South Americans in our own backyard?

Einstein Half Dead

100 years ago Albert Einstein developed his Relativity Theory of physics that claimed that the universe is actually based on a space-time-gravity continuum (a non-mechanical version of Rene Descartes' earlier mechanical ether theory) and with time as variable and relative.

An Immortal Horse

Egyptian scholars know there is little other than fiction that can be written about the civilization that lived on the banks of the Nile in far more recent times than the beginning of the 'Old Copper Culture'. All these things are related and the old fictions are replaceable with the story of a worldwide culture with trading posts in each and every part of the world. Is there any remnant of cultural pride in Iran that treats the ancient metallurgists of their region with a different kind of respect than our history attributes to them? Does anyone think these nationalistic ideologues and pedagogues of today are real and honest presenters of fact? The whole concept of nationalism and most other 'isms' (except ecumenicism) need close scrutiny. The area of the Snake River in east central Minnesota may have been the site of copper mining when the glaciers covered the Great Lakes. Would it be possible for people 20,000 years ago to have been mining these sites and lost their access due to the glaciers? We humbly suggest this is the case and that they then returned as the glaciers melted. Petaga Point and work by Peter Bleed in 1969 may offer a starting point for that kind of thinking. He wrote The Archaeology of Petaga Point: The Preceramic Component by the Minnesota Historical Society.

Where Do Insects Go When It Rains?

Have you ever wondered where insects go when it rains? We have all seen a poor unfortunate spider washed down the plughole so we know how vulnerable they are to rushing water. Surely then, isn't rain one of their worst enemies?

Embryonic Stem Cell

Stem cells are primitive undifferentiated cells that have the capability to form any of the 220 different types of cells in the human body. The embryonic stem cell is found in the embryo and develops into various cells that make a baby. This single cell is capable of forming or specializing to form any kind of cell. During embryonic development the first cell quickly divides to form three embryonic layers namely, the ectoderm, the mesoderm, and the endoderm.

Mississippi River Mouth Debris Jetting Using Acoustic Transducers

The Mighty Mississippi is backing up and causing flooding issues due to over growth build up at its river mouth. This is dangerous because that region is already so close to sea level. In fact much of the City of New Orleans is 12-feet under sea level and protected by a man-made seawall. If we could clear the path to the ocean and watch the fertilizer run off from up river, we may save ourselves a lot of future outlays in the event of a sea wall breach. The current estimate is 155 Billion Dollars in FEMA aid if a large category Hurricane makes a direct land hit at New Orleans, Louisiana.

Acoustic Transducers and Material Memory in Pipelines to Create Flow Up Hill

For the better part of human history mechanical pumps and suction techniques have been used to bring water uphill. By using dynamic pressure, downhill kinetic energy, pumps, suction and heating up the fluid mankind has been busy getting those fluids to market or desired areas. We deliver oil and natural gas in pipelines, water in canals and pipes and a variety of fluids in this fashion. Material memory polymers are now available and seem to be a good fit for moving fluid uphill. Material memory works like a human muscle; it constricts and then moves back to its normal shape. Think more the toy; ?Stretch Armstrong? and how you can stretch it and it simply goes back to its originally designed shape. If we line the pipelines with material memory manufactured substances we can cause them to constrict and then open which will flush the fluid forward and then the suction will quickly fill in the less dense areas of fluid and we do this over and over again.

Building an Ice House on Mars

There is ice at the Martian Poles, one of the poles has water ice in abundance. Such an ice over region could easily be converted into a habitat for a Martian Colony of human explorers. Taking humans to Mars is not such an easy task, keeping them alive once there even harder, bringing them back not easy at all. The polar water ice cap may hold the key to building a successful colony on Mars.

Tactile Pressure Sensors for Future Robotics

Scientists and Robotic Researchers are attempting to design human type personal assistance robots. As they work to develop algorithms, which most resemble the thought processes of the human brain others are attempting to make them more life like thru human behavioral techniques of mirroring and facial features. Soon robots will be very much like humans, on the outside that is. Robotic humanoid devices will assist us in many of our needs. Imagine a robotic companion, it might take a walk in the park with you, go jogging or even spot for you lifting weights at the gym. As we get older and cannot do certain things for ourselves our robotic companions will be by our side as caregivers, helping with our life transitions.

Tactile Squeegee for Plexiglas Windows

Cleaning Plexiglas windows is not easy, you have to be careful to apply the right amount of pressure. Too little pressure and you do not clean it very well. Too much pressure and you end up scratching it. For many years I had washed and cleaned aircraft with Plexiglas windshields.


When the Egypt Exploration Fund was created they had memoranda and articles of incorporation that directed the funding for site excavations which showed promise of being outside the Bible Narrative - should not be researched! This troublesome kind of bias is beyond reproach because sites like Memphis have been built over and for all intents and purposes destroyed. In the efforts of people like Schliemann (Troy) and Evans (Crete) to uncover their dreams that led from the 'myths' of Homer they also confused and made horrible mistakes that allow debunking science to discredit artifacts that would have proven valuable. There are so many examples of actual government destruction of artifacts and people's careers that it is hard to pick one single example.

How Did DNA Testing Children Begin?

The landmark immigration case Sarbah vs. Home Office (1985) was the first to use DNA testing to prove a mother-son relationship between Christiana Sarbah and her son Andrew.

How Can DNA Testing Help an Immigration Case?

DNA testing is routinely used in immigration cases to prove whether a child under 18 is a biological child of or, in some cases, is related to an individual with a leave to remain in the UK. Most DNA tests for immigration reasons are parentage testing (paternity or maternity) but in some cases a grand parentage or avuncular (whether a child is a nephew or a niece of the sponsor) test is employed to prove an alleged relationship.

Telescopes ? Principle of Operation and Factors that Affect Its Properties

Telescopes are devices that are used to view the distant objects. They find its use in astronomy and physics. It enables you to view the distant objects by magnifying them. There are many types of telescopes and their prices vary according to the specifications. Many accessories are also available that can be used in conjunction with the telescopes. Small telescopes that are used as toys are also capable of viewing some objects around 50 meters away.

What is Science?

Students often ask; ?What exactly is science?? Professors explain by discussing theories, proofs, laws of physics, observations, duplication of results, etc.. Professors often pull rank on students when they argue a point with the professor on extending the professors definition of science. When this occurs the professor indicates to the student; ?You obviously do not know what science is? they quickly tell the student.

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