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Cloaking a UAV in Flight

If you will recall the Klingon Space Craft and Warship cloaked it?s self as it attacked the USS Enterprise under Captain James T. Kirk. We know when we study nature, this is a tactic that predator and prey both use in survival. Cloaking, concealing and camouflage have always been methods of operation for offensive and defensive endeavors of achieving victory. Our lives and the lives of our ancestors depended on it. In war time we paint our planes, tanks and even battles ships colors, which mimic the natural surroundings adding an element of safety from enemy detection. Today we are uses Stealth Aircraft and designing uniforms, which blend into the scenery and even change colors as the surrounding background changes. It therefore stands to reason that we would want to protect our new robotic fighting machines is such ways. The simpler the technique the less chances it will fail to provide that extra security of cover. The more real it blends into the surrounding environment the less likely it will be detected and tracked as a target by the enemy.

Philosophical Discussion of Distribution Systems

To properly understand marketing one needs to understand the natural march of distribution from a colony of ants to Wal-Mart?s Distribution System. Efficient systems must be designed or worked out by nature over thousands if not millions of years of evolution. It is about getting it done and using all your synergies to maximize efficiencies. It doesn?t really matter what you are distributing or what industry. Think about it for second.

How Do Cities Grow?

You see the cities in America started where there was a river and small populations sprung up, then the railroad steam engines needed a place to fill up the water. Eventually the towns got larger and grew near the rail stations. Then as people moved outward and behind the downtown areas they grew without regards to modern day planning methods, making increased surface transportation rather difficult.

Efficient Transportation Systems

We see in the organized world of the Japanese with their transit systems and floating airports and super engineering anti-Tsunami bridges many ideas in the theory of flow, which assists every part of their society and civilizations. They are masters of the flow of transportations and work hard to perfect every aspect and detail of their transportation system.

Older C-130 Hercules Aircraft Problematic

We have certainly seen around the world many Lockheed C-130 Aircraft, which have had problems over the last five years. Many of these aircraft have in excess of 100,000 total time airframe hours on them. The British lost on in Iraq, one crashed in Germany. Several have been lost fighting fires. The USMC lost one and the USAF lost one. Many of the older A, B and C models have been committed to moth balls, but many are still being flown as we need them, they are superb work horses and capable of unbelievable feats. The newest versions of the C-130 are hardly the same aircraft with many new features, engines, airframe enhancements fan blade style props and a completely redesigned wing; thanks to NASA and Lockheed research and development. Luckily my brother is a USMC pilot in command on a C-130 and he is able to fly the newer versions.

Issues with Aerial Fire Fighting

A few years ago I visited the Wyoming Contractor, which used WWII aircraft to fight such fires. I was amazed that such old aircraft were not in museums but rather in flying condition and used for dropping phoschek on fires. Nicknamed the ?Borate Bombers? after the old material, which for years we used to drop on fires from the air. It was very red, highly toxic to plant life but certainly would do it?s job when put on top of a fire or in the path of one.

4D Mapping of Mars Will Find Life

Let us discuss the mapping of Mars and some thoughts on the matter. We have mapped the Earth by using Satellites and have a complete GIS mapping with complete mineral deposits, underground oil areas, volcanic plumes and even huge natural water aquifers. We have also done this with the US Navy and mapped the entire terrain of the Ocean Floor. At first it was secret and eventually given to scientists and the World. Today we even map the ocean elevations to find gravity anomalies and much of this data helps us with El Nino, weather predictions, ocean-surface temperatures and to learn about gravity effects and variations.

June 2005: Weather Forecasts for Vacationers

If Johannes Kepler, the renowned 17th century astronomer and discoverer of the planetary laws of motion, could speak from the heavenlies, he might have a few words of wisdom to share with the National Weather Service. Although Kepler?s name is not normally associated with meteorology, he was quite the weather forecaster in his day. His first claim to fame, by the way, was not due to his discovery of those planetary laws, but because of his accurate long-range weather forecast of the severe winter that put Styermark, Germany on ice in 1593.

The Impact of Efficient Epistemologies on Algorithms

In recent years, much research has been devoted to the refinement of gigabit switches; nevertheless, few have constructed the synthesis of neural networks. The notion that cryptographers connect with large-scale theory is generally considered appropriate. Similarly, the lack of influence on theory of this discussion has been considered structured. Therefore, probabilistic models and cooperative theory do not necessarily obviate the need for the exploration of interrupts.

Many Sci Fi writers have discussed Earthquake predictions

Cal Tech along with the Universities in Japan are on the leading edge of this new technology and it is quickly becoming a reality. Soon we will know months in advance of an expected quake and the precise time maybe known hours or minutes before it actually comes. Arthur C. Clarke discussed early Earthquake warnings in CA, in a couple of short essays and stories and then again in a two of his most famous novels. If you will recall the book, ?Richter 10;? in this book they could predict the Earthquakes months in advance.

Environmental Eco-Terrorists Must Be Stopped

Eco-terrorists assume some how they are helping the environment, by causing news worthy events and starting forest fires or burning down developments. Yet in doing so they cause air pollution and kill animals. This type of energy they are exhibiting causing harm is bad. This level of high energy could be good energy and used in positive ways. America needs high energy from people to get stuff done and maintain the flows of our civilization, but these eco-terrorists are so misguided that it is upsetting the balance of things. They are doing more than terrorizing, more than polluting, they are tearing apart the fiber of America and causing a rift between smart environmental considerations and conservative movement. They must be stopped.

Crop Circles and Genetic Knowledge

The crop circle enigma is not always a hoax. I am not able to see how someone could do a massive design overnight in the cases where the plants have their stems broken from within. Yes, that is the case in what I consider the real crop circles. The wheat or other plants have the stalk exploded from within and the stalks can be bent at a distance up the stalk which would not happen if the use of weighty rollers was applied to them. Thus we are able to speculate many things but I see no reason for it to be aliens or at least not a visit in physical form by extra-terrestrials.

Army Mobile Command Center for UAV Launch

After visiting the Denver RC Modeler Club one day as they practiced for the national finals in PHX that year, we attempted a touch and go landing on our Blitz Mobile, which is a 74 foot long NASCAR type truck and trailer. Probably nothing more than a Fighter Pilots son from the cold war wanting to re-invent the aircraft carrier concept on a almost nano scale? We were successful on doing a touch and bounce on the top of the trailer without too much difficulty. It appears that a tractor trailer rig specially designed with panels on top which folded out ward to extend the length of the flat surface on top would be adequate to launch and recover many hundred small UAVs. These UAVs could be launched one after another to form swarms for surveillance or to overwhelm the enemy. We did not have any automous UAVs with us on this day of testing and proving concept, but we did use a model aircraft, which was large enough to prove it will work. Here is the unit we used:

The History and Achievements of the Hubble Telescope

The Hubble Telescope is famous worldwide for its amazing images of the universe. Congress in 1977 voted to fund a project to construct the Hubble. Completion of the telescope was in 1985. The Hubble was supposed to be launched a year later but was delayed because of the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

Servicing Missions to the Hubble Space Telescope

The Hubble Space Telescope received its first Service Mission in December 1993. The missions most important objective was to install two devices to fix the Hubble Telescope's vision problem . The space telescope could not focus all the light from an object to a single sharp point because Hubble's primary mirror was incorrectly shaped. Instead it saw a fuzzy halo around objects it observed in space.

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