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Three Types of Telescopes - What are the Advantages

Refractors, Newtonian reflectors and Catadioptrics are the three main types of telescopes. All these different types have the same purpose, but each telescope design does it differently. Collecting light and bringing it to point of focus so it can be magnified and examined with an eyepiece is their goal.

Paternity Testing Regulation: Help or Hindrance?


Whispering Windows For Observation Decks of ISS and Moon Colonies

Talking glass, which was featured recently in the famous Tom Cruise Movie ?Minority Report? where advertising would spring to life and communicate with the actor; is not new science. In fact it has been around since the 1940?s and some believe that the ghost of Lincoln, which was discussed in the biographies of Richard Nixon as being in the White House when looking at his picture on the wall was Whispering Windows Technology. In other words unfortunately ghosts do not exist in the white house at all. These technologies where called ?Terfonal Devices? and were developed by scientists at the University of Iowa and were primarily used to enhance sonar capabilities. Today you can buy a small personal device for your mirror at home to tell you that you look great or use the mirror as a speaker for your favorite music.

Ultra Thin Space Suits, just a concept

The space suits we saw on the first Moon visit were too large and bulky. We need Ultra thin space suits, but what if you break the skin underneath. You could bleed for hours until you get help and get the space suit off. Now then please view this company and Blood Coagulations products by: Z-Medica Corporation

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Mudslides: Extreme Events - What Do They Mean?

In lieu of recent, tumultuous occurrences, people are more compelled than ever to discover the mystery of these modern-day, earth-changing events.

Mars is not hollow; is it?

Is Mars Hollow? We are pretty sure it is not, but no one can be certain however we might soon know. The reason such a question is asked is because of questions about the Earth and the time it takes for sound waves to travel through it. And the speed of the spin rate of Mars, the question of moons is interesting and a few other interesting a recent discoveries. Here is one of the thoughts on the matter. By bouncing waves off the polar ice caps this can be proven or disproven;

There is a Core at the Center of the Earth; Right?

There are some who would like to discuss why they believe the Earth is hollow and shaped like the inside of two symbols when put together.Most scientists are quick to discount such a notion and call it complete and utter BS. Yet, the hollow Earth theorists disagree with scientists and are quick to point out certain facts which are ambiguous in the area of scientific knowledge. These theorist say that there is equal amount of gravity pulling whatever is there in all directions inside the hollow Earth. First off let us look at the Earth?s mass, and how it is distributed due to its shape. The Earth is not perfectly round, as we all know, it is shaped like a beach ball which is being sat on by a little kid. If you were to dig a tunnel from the US to China; you would be pulled down by gravity until about a third of the way to the center and then pulled down but also out at angles to either side towards the direction of your travel to the center in a cone shaped gravitational pull. Eventually as you came to the center you would be pulled in every direction equally, well almost equally remembering the Earth is not a perfect sphere. In the Center you would be floating being pulled by something close to a half a gravity from all directions.

Does the Earth Have Hollow Areas Inside it?

Some skeptics of the geology text books we had in school theorize that the Earth maybe hollow. They say; the Earth is probably hollow and since it has had 5.5 billion years to cool down, it probably is not hot any longer in the center and that the effect of gravity has loosened up the center and pulled it outward along with the centripetal force of the Earth?s rotation. If it is hollow, what is inside? Is it a vacuum, void of air or does it have it?s own atmosphere of gas? What type of gas. Interesting if you are referring to 22% oxygen we have in our atmosphere, if this is your question; yes it is void of what we consider air. You most likely could not breath it or could you? But just because humans cannot breath it does not mean another form of life could.

Why Can?t Our Brain Process What We See Faster?

Many who admire the excellent design of Mother Nature and the gift of vision and the enhancements thru evolution wonder; Why Can?t Our Brain Process What We See Faster? A paper by G. Bugmann and J. G. Taylor suggests that retinal jitter is an issue and could be some of the reason for the delay in the process time, thus by eliminating the extraneous visual input data into the brain the retina would not attempt to over define the object, because it is not necessary, once the object is seen, in a lesser definition, it has been registered and the eye simply moves on.

A Case for Human Machine Visual Interface

Animation of personified reality is intriguing, memorable and interesting as well. Perhaps we ought to remember this when letting kids watch cartoons of attacking counter parts? Or maybe this is a good way to help them better understand the Machiavellian characteristics of the species before they enter the real world, where everything is not so warm and fuzzy.

Augmented Reality and 3D 360-Vision

We need a better vision system for the battlespace; an augmented reality 360-degree 3D device would solve many problems. This device could be very useful in wartime while flying a helicopter and much has been studied and many innovations have occurred with HUD in aviation. Whereas 360-degree informational awareness is of value, even more valuable would be a disassociated informational awareness.

The Future Enhancements of Tele-Robotics

Today we have already available UAVs, which will soon have the capacity of operating together in swarms, controlled from another nearby aircraft. We have UAVs, which can be flown by a pilot sitting at a desk more than 1000 miles away. We have trucks, which have virtual dashboards, which send back complete data to dispatchers and a similar version for aircraft, which allows one to fly the other.

Transfer Technologies and Advances in Future Combat

Transfer Technologies and Advances in Future Combat

Robotics Wars

If we are having difficulty getting recruits into the army; lets hire some robots? General Patton?s famous quote goes ??an army moves on it?s stomach? and if you look at the needs of humans to complete a mission they require much in the way of logistical support, where as robots do not, sure some, but much less and we are not just talking about chaplains, psyche councilors, medics, recruiters, human resource personnel and cooks. Any component under the Joint Chiefs is full of a complexity of needs. Yet often it has been philosophized that a nation needs to do something with its young males to continue the civilization without undo disruptions. There is a lot of testosterone involved in the human spirit, a component during the younger years of piss and vinegar, which propels one?s thoughts.

Conspiring to Create Our Weather

Some say the weather is totally random and does not exist in any pattern. Even some academia wonder kids show us kaleidoscope pictures of randomness and say see; this is why we cannot predict the weather. Please people give me a break. Just admit it, you don't know anything, you are all faking it. We do not need a bunch of hunch, fed to us like sack lunch. My Grandfather was 200 miles off the coast of NJ during the WWII before the invasion of Normandy calling in the weather to the likes of Churchill and General Dwight D Eisenhower. Surely we have come along better than that? Others agree the problem of accurate weather prediction is immense:

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