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Locusts To Help Make Energy From Bio Waste, part IV

We are in a Plague year 2004-2005 where the locusts are swarming. No one knows how long this will last, but this problem could rage on for several more years. In fact the entire middle east is on watch for the locust plagues.

Laser Ionization Airflow Tunnel Flight Theory

I believe their is a way to have an on board aircraft laser the air in front of it and move the air out of the way, thus less friction at lower altitudes, no sonic booms and rapid acceleration no induced or parasite drag at low altitudes. You could call it hyper laser atmospheric conditioning. By doing this, the power to weight rations are no longer important and you can fly on air itself with low pressure.

UAVs and The Future Enhancements of Tele-Robotics

Today we have already available UAVs, which will soon have the capacity of operating together in swarms, controlled from another nearby aircraft. We have UAVs, which can be flown by a pilot sitting at a desk more than 1000 miles away. We have trucks, which have virtual dashboards, which send back complete data to dispatchers and a similar version for aircraft, which allows one to fly the other.

Megaliths and Pole Flips

The changes in the earth magnetic field away from the 7.8 cycle rhythm that it has been for a long time is something that may be a result of the things man has done to the Earth. It is more likely part of the cyclical nature of the sun?s effect on the Earth but we must keep an open mind. I used to think there was some possibility that the reason the Mammoths in the northern climes had buttercups inside their fast frozen mouths had to do with a pole shift of a physical nature. I do not think that is the case anymore. I present these thoughts for your careful consideration.

Gerald Hawkins

There is something about the Hawkins clan that I like. My most adept and austere teacher was a Hawkins related to Black Jack the Privateer and I wonder if this man who died recently while happily flying his model airplanes is one of them. I think it is very possible that genetic information transfer is real. Mathematics and astronomy was his forte but he also had a gift for Public Relations when he ran the contest to pay a large sum to anyone who could do the math in Crop Circles.

Big Bang or Lots of Big Fire Crackers?

There are many who talk about the Big Bang Theory. Although no one can be sure what went bang? Steven Hawking suggests it does not matter what went bang, because we will never know, so let?s think on things we can know. Interesting comments indeed, others suggest you cannot have a big bang without having something that went bang. Therefore they say the big bang theory is hogwash. Still others say God created it all? Yet the critics of that concept say; ?Well who created God then??

Underground Cities, Save the Humans

Perhaps we should design tunneling robots, which can dig out an underground city. Unmanned Tunneling robots to build underground cookie cutter cities to save mankind from possible future calamity. These robots would run off a pre-programmed schematic like a robotic house-building machine. Each city underground would house 100,000 people and be ready in case of disaster. They would run off thermo heat from the Earth and be fully stocked and have near bye underground water supplies to draw from.

Hyper Sound Wave Emissions to Quiet Helicopters

It is possible to disrupt the sound waves coming from a flying helicopter and re-direct those sound waves up. This would mean on a day with no clouds you would not be able to hear the helicopter from the ground. If our International Terrorist enemies cannot hear them, they are much safer from being shot down. The hyper sound waves would be emitted from the skids on the helicopters and face upward like a cone. Careful consideration would be made so the hyper sound emissions would not cause an unbalanced resonance or detrimental harmonic situation to the aircraft. The mixing of the sound waves; the actual sound from the helicopter rotor blades and the aircraft?s engines along with the introduced hyper sound waves together would also be studied perhaps at the Boeing Companies Apache Attack Helicopter Center to make sure that the sum of the sounds or the difference of the sound waves did not create frequencies which would screw up communication or cause harmonic imbalance. Hyper Sound Wave Emissions to quiet helicopters might be just what we need. The sound of silence, ah, so sweet indeed.

Memory Research Misses the Obvious

The search to reveal a mystery.

Increasing Human Brain Power, Concept

Is it possible to increase the human brainpower? Not just become smarter, but actually more power and energy? Some say yes and NASA is working on ways to do just that, the applications are endless; from boosting the immune system to higher cognitive processing.

Theoretically is it Possible to Defy Gravity?

Many believe it is possible to build an anti-gravity machines and there are many small version which can do this by interfering with the gravity waves. Other say why build an anti-gravity wave machine when you can use the gravity to pull you the other way. Some say hogwash; conspiracy theories and UFOs and all the other stuff. They flat say it can never be done. If you see it done it is a trick, it is impossible they say.

Astrophysics and Other Universe Sentient Life

ASTROPHYSICS: - Many other entries will deal with knowledge from this truly amazing field of exploration founded in astrology and chaos science before the Ice Age. There is one question we'd like you to consider at this time. In the recent past, the 'experts' said there were likely some 100,000 lifeforms in our universe (there are others) which are at least as advanced as we are. That was before the Mars meteorites indicate there is water on Mars as well as some biologic form of life. That factor plus water on moons around Saturn or Jupiter has greatly accentuated the statistical probability to the point that it is more realistic to talk about civilizations that may have existed on Mars and Venus, from which we may have come. It certainly makes it likely that there are hundreds of thousands of advanced lifeforms in our own galaxy.

Hominid Inter-breeding

'Kenyanthropus platyops': - Perhaps the 6,000,000 year old men found by a maverick who went behind the authorities back at the Olduvai Gorge will be proven to actually not be outside the australopithecine lineage. But the Leakey family has found a 3.5 million year old human that definitely is, and it was announced after I had written the things related hereto earlier in this effort. I love how these synchronicities occur and how much there is for us to know about ourselves.

Stem Cells (The Truth)

The much publicized stem cell research debate focusing on moral arguments is off target with the goal of real progress in the direction of human physiological benefits potential. No matter what side of this issue you come down on, practical considerations ultimately trump this emotionally clouded subject. Stem cells are a valuable renewing asset of human physiology and thus are deserving of our intense interest, but passionate disagreement about research and cloning issues miss the mark of discovering just how simply we can use what we already know about stem cells and how we can benefit from that knowledge to improve the health of everyone.

The Bill Clinton Neuron And The Sweat Neuron

In the world of science, there is excited speculation about recent discoveries of individual neurons in the brain, with striking capabilities. They had discovered a neuron, which fired on recognition of just one special face. Scientists spotted this using microelectrodes, which could identify the firing of a single neuron. Buried deep in the amygdala of a female patient, they discovered the so-called ?Bill Clinton? neuron. The cell fired on recognizing three very different images of the former President; a line drawing of a laughing Clinton; a formal painting depicting him; and a photograph of him in a crowd. The cell remained mute when the patient viewed images of other politicians and celebrities. In other patients, scientists found similar cells that responded selectively to actors, including Jennifer Anniston, Brad Pitt, and Halle Berry.

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