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Do You Have to Be Aggressive to Make Sales

A few weeks ago I was onsite at a company that had hired me to train their sales team on how to stop using traditional selling and start using the Unlock The Game™ sales approach.

How to Create a Multi-Functional Newsletter to Promote Your Freelance Business and Secure More Work

A marketing strategy is worthless if all it does is promote your freelance business and plea to prospects to hire you. Such is the case with many print and e-mail business newsletters. Few freelancers understand how to use a business newsletter to secure clients in the long term. Instead they use their newsletters to pitch their freelance services and advertise their qualifications. This method does not work effectively. Its why freelancers dont bother publishing a second issue — because prospects tossed out or deleted their first issue.

Marketing is a Patience Game

“Get your positioning and your programs implemented properly, and the numbers will come. But you’ve got to have some patience.” – Jack Trout with Steve Rivkin “The New Positioning. The Latest on the World’s #1 Business Strategy”

How Do You Define a Good Logo Design

Everyone wants his company logo to be the best but how good is good How do we define a good logo Is it necessary to be colorful or an exquisite piece of art Can a simple design work as a good logo We are often in a dilemma.

Success on the Web: Detailed Case Study with ROI Figures

Top of the Hill

The End Of Marketing

Working with top companies worldwide in all major sectors for 20 years, Ive discovered that few of them come even close to achieving their potential results.

What Santa Knows About Marketing

Whats that ringing sound you hear at this time of year Its the sound of store registers ringing up the sales generated by Santa Claus. Just because hes old, overweight, long haired, unshaven and dresses funny, dont overlook his marketing success. Santa is a marketing expert and you can become one, too, if you follow his marketing methods.

Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 9: Monitoring

Welcome to part nine in this search engine positioning series. Last week we discussed the important topic of link building. In part nine we will be covering the monitoring and the various areas you should consider and tools you may want to use.

Why Strategic Marketing Should Be Taught In Seminary

Why are so many churches content with being culturally irrelevant and creatively archaic If you train someone to be irrelevant, they will be. If someone is given archaic ideas for presenting relevant material, the material will no doubt be perceived as boring and outdated. Seminary is not the cause for antiquated portrayals of a pertinent message, however it can be a prominent contributor to waking up a sleeping giant.

Looking for Help Writing Google Adwords

With the holidays in “full swing,” shopping is frenzied and buying is at the high point for the year. With even the most rudimentary business knowledge, you know that fourth quarter of the year is always the strong quarter for retailers. People are buying like crazy and each year, the economy picks up a little more steam and people have a little more disposable income.

Seven Ways To Put Show Biz Into Your Tradeshow

The best way to attract and mobilize more customers to attend your trade show is to bring a "show biz" mentality to all your marketing and at-show strategies. After all, you are in show business. In todays marketplace, consumers are drawn by glitter and excitement but turned off by humdrum events. If you put on a dull show you will generate little interest. Following are seven ways to put more show biz into your exposition.

Secrets Of Getting Free Advertising

The opportunities for getting free advertising for your product or services are limited only by your own imagination and energies. There are so many proven ways of promoting your own objectives without cost that it literally boggles the mind just to think of listing them.

Seminar Marketing: Boost Your Business by Running Seminars

All professional practices have the perennial problem of how to attract new clients. The comfortable days that some of us once knew have long since gone and competition is now the order of the day. Professionals who have not been trained in marketing must feel their way towards a solution which will bring them new clients.

Performing a Simple Competitive Analysis

Marketing, in its purest form, is based on a thorough understanding of the arena in which your brand competes. That understanding enables you, as a marketer, to successfully promote and sell.

Elements of a Successful Advertising Campaign

A successful marketing campaign needs certain elements to be successful. The following information will help you to develop a successful marketing campaign.

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