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Whats Your Marketing Attitude

Entrepreneurs pay a lot of attention to the mechanics of marketing. They take workshops, read books, and hire consultants to find out how to do the best job they possibly can. With my own clients, I often discover that their knowledge of marketing techniques is quite good already. What they might lack is the right kind of marketing attitude.

3 Steps to Successfully Build a Team in any Program

Any x by y matrix plan has one big risk... but also one big advantage.

Service Marketers; How’s Your Packaging

When a shopper picks up a product in a store, what’s the first thing they notice The packaging, right The same holds true for someone buying a service.

The Top 10 Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business in 2004

Looking to grow your business Make sure you have these marketing tools in place:

How to Set and Get the Right Prices

Which product feature of yours is every buyer keen to know about Which sales tool closes prospects instantly Your price. Yet, despite the far-reaching consequences of a company’s pricing, I’m surprised at how little time small business owners spend on it. Here are a few ways to bring pricing to the forefront of your marketing plan.

10 Ways to Exceed Your Clients Expectations Every Time!

The following tips are just a few of the things I do as examples of setting my service apart from the crowd. In general, the weakest areas in the Internet Marketing and Web Development business, are "Customer Communications" and "Customer Service.” Set your effort towards learning to deliver "excellence" in both customer service and communication, and youll have distinct advantages over many other competitors. These tips are based on the tried and true method of "under promising and over delivering."

The Future Of Email Newsletter

What are you doing with the Spam you receive Im sure you are not happy receiving it just like none between us . You have installed already a good Spam filter or you let your ISP to select your Spam and you receive it already into your "Spam mail folder" where from you can delete it easily.

Creating A Web Page That Sells - A Look At Graphics and Copywriting

This is a response to a client that we have been working with, and a website they are building that will sell an eBook on "Hair Styling Tips". We thought the information was important and relevant enough to include in this months newsletter.

The Latest Innovation in Search Engine Algorithms . . . User Popularity

For years, the search engines have continued to introduce new factors into their algorithms to make their search results more relevant and to keep savvy search engine marketers from "cracking the system."

Pay-Per-Clicks . . . One Way to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site

One of the ways to boost traffic to your Web site is by purchasing keywords from one of the pay-per-click search engines or directories.

“Google Friendly” Solutions to Graphic-Intense Sites

We all know that the search engines can’t “see” or “read” the graphics on our pages. We also know that we need to provide text on a page, so the spiders will have something to crawl and index.

7 Ways to Become an Obvious Expert in Your Field

Obvious Experts enjoy a compelling advantage over their competition; they’re the first ones thought of when there’s a challenge to be addressed. Obvious Experts are resources whose advice and expertise are welcomed, trusted, and enthusiastically recommended. When you become an Obvious Expert, prospects come to you pre-sold on your competence. This speeds sales and avoids pricing issues based on unfamiliarity and a resulting lack of trust.

Boost Your Selling Power With Your Call-To-Action Phrases

Look at your marketing material. Now, is there something missing If you’re missing a phrase or paragraph requesting your customer’s business, your copy is lacking an essential component. You can’t assume that your customers will know why they should act, how they should, or when they should act.

Lazy Man’s Way To Get Customers

No matter how big or small your business is and no matter how high or low sales are right now, there is something you need, badly. And that is a selling system.

How "Secure" is YOUR Web Site

A few days ago, an incident happened to me that has prompted the writing of this article. I’m sure that if this is an issue for me and one of my Web sites, it’s an issue for many others.

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