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The A-Z of Exhibiting Overseas

Exhibiting overseas is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to identify the best foreign markets for your products/services. International trade shows and fairs offer opportunities for multilateral contacts and business deals. They allow you to test your product’s export suitability; explore the strength and scope of your competition; and gain exposure to potential suppliers, in-country distributors and customers before making any sizable financial commitments. However, to effectively trade internationally, top management must commit to developing foreign markets.

Loyalty Programs May Keep Customers Coming Back – But First You’ve Got to Earn their Trust

Remember trading stamps If you’re over 40, chances are you will. Every time you shopped at a participating grocery store or gas station they gave you stamps to paste into a book. When you’d accumulated enough stamps, you could cash them in for “free” gifts.

Privacy: Reduce your Customers’ Concerns by Building Trust First

Before making a purchase from you, buyers need to trust your company and think that your products and services will do what they are supposed to. Do your marketing and online practices help establish the trust necessary to convince prospects to buy from you What is the connection between privacy and trust Evidence shows that the two are closely correlated.

Marketing Success Defined

How do you personally define success High income Substantial net worth A fine home Peer recognition

How to Add Warmth, Color & Texture to Your Advertisements

"…A powerful agent is the right word…" --Mark Twain

Postcard Marketing – Low Cost Visibility

You need to be visible to attract customers, right But how do you get that visibility when you’re short on cash Here’s an idea that’s worked for many businesses. It’s postcard marketing, and it’s very affordable.

Googles Wonderland: Trouble In Paradise

The fairy tale existance of Google is starting to experience shockwaves.

How Heavy Hitters Avoid Rejection Working MLM Leads

“But, these people are telling me NO and I don’t like the way that feels,” he told me.

Winning the Traffic Exchange Game

Winning the traffic exchange game can be done. I was just starting out online and had no money so I was looking for a free way to drive traffic to my site. That is when I first found traffic exchanges. I found the concept to be great and signed up for everyone I found and started clicking and clicking and clicking. After countless hours, a blistered clicking finger and a lot of frustration I found the secret to the game.

Building Your Fan Base

Want to build your fan base Meaning, do you want to attract more clients or customers to you and your product or service Then build a platform. A platform is media lingo for having a solid base from which to pitch your work. It’s about numbers, about how many people know what you do. It’s about building your following, that you can use to then build it even more.

“Super Verbs” Really Move Your Copy

Run or hustle Eat or devour Move or scurry You can boost the power of your copy by boosting the quality of verbs you use. Verbs show action, and the way you describe that action can have a dramatic bearing on your readers. Why would you want to fill your copy with complacent words when you can conjure emotions and visual imagery in the hearts and minds of your readers Sure, "run" and "hustle" both indicate that someone is moving fast. But "run" is a dull, ordinary verb while "hustle" evokes definite images in your readers mind.

How To Create Instantly Compelling Ads Every Time

Use This Quick 3-Question Evaluation Process… And You Can Be Sure That Your Message Will Sell!

How to Earn More by Visualizing Your Marketing Success

Did you ever imagine yourself lying on a beach enjoying the sun or spending the holidays relaxing with relatives We all daydream and picture ourselves in places wed like to go to, or doing things we enjoy or have always wanted to try.

Want to Increase Your Online Sales Make Sure That Your Web Site Has a Unique Selling Proposition

If you own a web site or if you are going to build a new one, the most important thing about your site is to achieve as high as possible visitors to sales conversion rate.

To Be Successful Sell to Wants not Needs

My mother used to tell me, tongue in cheek, that I never wanted anything in my life– everything I asked for was something I needed!! Think about it. We say, “I need a new car.” “I need to go on vacation.” “I need someone to clean my house.” When was the last time you heard someone say, “I want a new pair of shoes.” I bet even Amelda Marcos said, “I need a new pair of shoes.”

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