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Exchange Traded Funds

They call ?em ETFs.

Why You Need To Buy and Sell Gold Coins (Part 3)

Putting Rare Coin Market Cycles to Work for You...

Ask The SEC

Who is the SEC and why should I ask them anything? The Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, DC is the government bureau that regulates the securities industry. They make the regulations that all stock exchange listed companies, brokerage houses and mutual funds must follow.

It Must Be Joe Cockers Market

Agonizing displays of poor theatrics failed to entertain my mind one recent Saturday evening. I scrolled across several television channels hoping for an engaging program. Finally, one particular concert intrigued my senses. There on the stage performed one of rock and roll's most expressive singers.

Buy: Hold: Sell: Jump

I?m sitting here at my computer desk with a cup of coffee at my elbow. The coffee rest in a mug, the mug garnished with the words Buy, Hold, Sell, Jump, vertically along its sides. Emblazoned across the top of the cup are the words, Wall Street, which encircles the upper portions of the mug. The handle of the mug is quite ornate, rounded at the bottom, with a cradle in the handle?s top. In the cradle is a die, with a small metal pin through the die, which enables my thumb too spin the die. Instead of numbers, as in a pair of dice, the die?s choices are Yes, No, and ? And, lo and behold, an article is born.

Stock Market Horizons: Gold $3,000, Oil $70

In the last two decades, even though gold prices have dwindled from $850 to $350 an ounce, there are still market gurus who predict gold price to hit $3000 an ounce. Hecla seems to be quite bullish about the future.


You all know what CYA stands for. Of course, Cover Your Assets.

Coca-Cola - A Value Stock?

There has been much talk lately about Coca-Cola and its potential as a value stock ? as it now spots a dividend yield of 2.6% (which is the highest dividend yield since the late 1980s) and a P/E or less than 21 ? right at the bottom of its five-year low. Moreover, the current price of approximately $43 a share is also near the bottom of its nine-year range ? (nine years ago, the last former great CEO of Coke, Roberto Goizueta, was still at the helm of the company). Sure, Coke has had its own set of problems, but it is a great company, they would argue ? and heck, Warren Buffett is also an owner of Coke shares.

Top Ten Investment Mistakes

1. Lacking an investment plan a/k/a/ ?Don't take a trip without packing the map?. A pre-planned asset allocation generates positive results and eliminates emotional panic selling.

Keep Stock Market Investment Profits

Have you had one of those huge investment winners ? a stock that went from $2.00 to $80.00? Or any other numbers you want that gave you a gigantic percent profit?

Stock Market Retirement Investment Plan

For a successful retirement investment plan to work in the stock market, some ?reasonably sure? assumptions would have to be made:

Trading Commodity Futures Using Support and Resistance - Paper Trading

Setting Up a Paper Trading Account

How Do I Start Investing Online and What Are Some Basic Tips?

If you are new to investing online, don't put your entire life savings into an online account. Start with a smaller sum, which will be easier to handle and keep track of. Once you feel confident, you can then decide to add more money to your investing online account.

Investigate Before You Invest

"Through wisdom is a house built. And by understanding it is established. And by knowledge shall every room be filled with precious and pleasant riches!" --Bible

Dont Catch a Falling Knife

One of the most common mistakes made by inexperienced investors is trying to ?catch a falling knife?. This is the phrase used to describe the habit of buying stocks that are in ?freefall?, and is a poor strategy, albeit common among new investors. Sadly, it is a common practice even among old and experienced investors. I?ve even fallen prey to it myself.

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