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Consolidation Period

The economic data reported Fri showed continued above trend growth with disinflation (at the core level, excluding food and energy) in the second quarter. Real output growth has slowed from about 4% in 2003 & 2004 to just over 3 1/2% so far this year, while a core inflation rate fell from 3% last quarter to 2%. Consumption growth slowed from 3.5% to 3.3%, investment growth jumped 9%, and net exports increased over 12%. Also, business inventories declined.

Why Should I Use Penny Shares to Build Wealth?

A strategic question. Why indeed?

Looking For a Safe Investment? Try a Certificate of Deposit

If you are looking for a safe investment and you have between $100 -$1,000 to invest, you should consider a certificate of deposit or CD. When purchased through a bank, CD?s are federally insured up to $100,000.

Property Investment Just Got Exciting

There is an area in Brazil that has lower crime & lower property prices than where your are probably sitting right now!

Art Investing for a Financial Future

When we think of investing we probably conjure images in our minds of the New York Stock Exchange, suited stock brokers making deals, bonds and treasury bills, and all manner of financial matters. The last thing we probably think about is art. Art investing, however, can be a big money business, and can create incredible financial gains and losses for those who choose to speculate in the art market.

Better Investing Made Easy

If there were one piece of advice that an investor could ask for, the question would probably be something like ?What do I need to do to invest better?? Better investing choices are sought by investors every day. Some find them and succeed, others do not. The difference clearly lies in better investing, so investors are on the right track. They are, however, asking the wrong questions.

Everybody Wants to Know How to Invest

Those unfamiliar with the process of making and managing investments often have more than a few trepidations about investing in general. They figure that, since they do not know how to invest, they will never learn. Of course the horror stories of investors who lost their life savings on some bad deal don?t help people to feel any less secure when figuring out how to invest.

Getting Started Investing is Often the Hardest Part

There are several reasons people give for not investing their money in things like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. One reason is that they feel that they don?t have enough money to make a serious investment, but a more common reason that many people have absolutely no idea how to go about getting started investing. In fact, if more people understood the basics of investing and had a cohesive plan for getting started investing, more people would do it.

Expand Your Pool of Investors for Your Company

If you own a company that sells complicated products and you want more investors, consider having topics on your web site that discuss the background needed to understand your products and your company. For example, if your company specializes in producing and researching monoclonal antibodies, post articles discussing exactly what monoclonal antibodies are, how they are produced and what research your company is engaged in. In some cases, it may be a good idea to work with an outside writer, one who can explain the information in layman's terms.

Direcway & Wildblue Set to Square Off this Fall?

There is a cat fight brewing between Direcway LLC, Starband and Wildblue Communications for the large number of people in the U.S. who can't get some type of broadband internet and are willing to pay $50 or more to get better speeds. The combatants are telling investors there are 20-30 million "potential users" out there in rural or underserved America...true, but the historical fact of the matter is that up to now, only 500,000 or so have been willing to pay as much as $50-$100 a month for the "so called" high speed services offered by Direcway, Starband and now Wildblue. What has changed to stir all the press and advertising hubub by the companies? The claim is that both the Wildblue ka band and new Direcway 7000 offerings will finally give consumers a more DSL/Cable-like internet lower latency and higher upload speeds. They expect that tens of millions of rural Americans will flock to their doors to pay over $50 per month to be "connected". To a degree they are right. It has become virtually impossible to funcion as a business without broadband internet and it is more and more difficult as a consumer to do without it. Even retailers (who obviously target consumers) are building sites that are very difficult to navigate unless you have a fast connection to the net. Pictures chew up bandwidth.

Need To Trade!

You don't HAVE to be trading.

What If You Absolutely Positively Could Not Lose - Would You Play the Stock Market?

Seniors on fixed incomes face a unique problem. Where do they invest their savings to get maximum return on investment with limited risk? Some of the traditional places like CDs and Treasury Notes are extremely safe, however the yields tend to be very low. Stocks and Mutual Funds while offering a potential for a higher yield have a risk factor that most seniors find unacceptable.

Forex market offers opportunity and information

The forex market is what is called an international exchange currency market, where currencies are exchanged on a daily basis. There are five forex market centers around the world ? New York, London, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Zurich. One does not need to be on the trading floor, so to speak to be involved in the forex market. Today, forex trading can be done from home on a computer.

The Biggest Oil Opportunity in the World ? And How You Can Profit From It

Where is the second biggest deposit of oil reserves in the world?

Creating Wealth by Gearing Up

Gearing is where you borrow money to invest. As already mentioned, it is best to clear all your debt before looking at investment. However, there will arise situations where the investment is a good one and it is necessary to borrow a small amount to make the deal work. The borrowing may be for property or shares.

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