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New U.S. Mint Coins a Golden Opportunity

In April, the U.S. Mint revealed plans to strike in early 2006 new .9999 bullion coins to go after the growing world market for .9999 fine (24-karat) gold coins. Studies show that pure gold coins claim 60% of the world?s gold bullion coin market, which is some $2.4 billion annually. The Royal Canadian Mint?s Maple Leafs hold the number one spot for pure gold coins. However, problems with Maple Leafs have surfaced.

Keeping It Interesting

Some lines from a movie never leave your mind; I don't remember the context always, but I do recall the dialog. "The Big Chill" is one of the few movies I own (VHS). At dinner, William Hurt, Jeff Goldbloom, and Tom Berenger argue about their past like dogs growling for a turkey leg at Thanksgiving. JoBeth Williams brings calm by chastising the men, and to that Hurt replies with a smirk, "Just trying to keep the conversation lively." It's one of those "had to be there" moments.

Angel Investors: Who They Are & When Are They Appropriate

Angel investors are individuals who invest in emerging business ventures. Angels typically provide both capital and know-how to companies who are in either their start-up or expansion phases. To reflect the increased risk of investing in such firms, angels seek a higher rate of return versus traditional public stock investments.

Investing In Sons Business Could Cause A Real Family Feud

Q: My youngest son wants to borrow $5,000 to start his own business. My wife is afraid to tell him no. She thinks we should just give him the money and not expect anything in return. I disagree. He doesn't have a very good track record with money, so I'm a little worried that my investment will be lost. Should I loan him the money and hope for the best or just tell him no and hope he doesn't get too upset?

For Entrepreneurs A SIMPLE Plan May Be Best

Q: I own a small decorating business and I?ll be the first to admit that I don?t know anything about taxes or retirement plans. I?d like to set up a 401(k) or an IRA or some other kind of retirement plan for me and my three employees. What are the various retirement plan options available for a small business owner and in your opinion, which would work best for me? -- Wanda S.

Bearish or Bullish?

If you are interested in stock investing and the stock market, you may have plenty of questions. Even if you have already started investing, you may still have many questions about the details of the stock market and your options. Even the stock investing pro needs tips now and again and is on a path of continuous daily learning. That is their lifestyle and sometimes their contribution in life.

Penny Stock Investing

The Nature of Penny Stocks

Finding the Perfect Company

The perfect company - it's the holy grail of the investment world. The company that will make its initial investment hundreds of times over. It's what everyone shoots for. To have bought Microsoft when it first went public... It's how fortunes are made. What does make "the perfect company"?

Beginning Investor - Investment Terms

Over the course of the past two months, readers have brought to my attention that there is a steep learning curve for investment terminology. That's why the focus of this month's Beginning Investor column will be investment terminology. The world of finance can be complex. This article doesn't intend to provide an all-encompassing set of definitions, but rather, as a general guide to help you understand the most frequently used financial terms. There's no way we could cover everything - and I'm sure that we wont - but this should clarify some things for those new to investing. This month, we'll be looking at stock-related words in particular.

Index Trading Weekly Update

Here is a sample of the last newsletter:

Investing and Understanding What You Buy

"There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action!" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)

Can Using Sales Leaseback Method of Investment Property Acquisition Reduce Risk?

Sales Leaseback compared to traditional property investment

Is Offshore Banking for You?

You?ve probably heard about people who keep their money offshore. Most likely you assume they?re all wealthy businessmen; millionaires, who have so much money they somehow ?qualify? to move it out of the country, right? Wrong! Offshore banking can be a benefit for anybody regardless of income.

Time is Money and We Are Running Out of Both!

One of the fundamental principles of finance is the concept that $1 today is more valuable than $1 a year from now.

DXPortfolio: A Great Passive Investment of 25% to $40% per month

First, I need to explain about e-currencies or digital currencies. DXPortfolio are based and supported by the supply and demand of e-currency. Before, I go on to explain how I have used my e-gold account in accordance with my DXPortfolioto grow a nice size nest egg for later (which is growing as we speak), I have to tell you something. As you can guess, the growth of digital currencies are just beginning. That brought me to the idea of DXPortfolio. This is a portfolio based on the ongoing collection of worldwide e-currency exchange fees. Since these fees will only increase, the portfolio will only increase. As you can see it is a win win situation. The only factor that is involved is how fast or slow it will increase. My experience has shown an average gain in my portfolio of between 25% to 40% increase per month. That will account to an increase of over 500% per year. I have been involved for over 6 months and plan on continuing my involvement. I almost forgot the best part. While this DXPortfolioincrease you can borrow the money you invested to use in other areas, and the portfolio still increases the same. Yes, you read it right. You can continue to use the money you invested while it continues to show profit. If you are interested in this kind of opportunity, I will tell you how I am doing it. Before you begin, you need to open a e-gold account. This is a free account that we will need to fund the DXPortfolio and also get the money back out for use.

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