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Success Trading: Yet More Basic Terminology for New Traders

In this day and age of online brokers for virtually every market out there, there are some very useful tools that will help protect your account and lock in profits when you have them. It is our recommendation that you use a good online broker and take advantage of not only the low commissions they offer, but also the automated tools that are available. These tools are virtually idiot proof if you use them. The number one reason that people?s accounts go belly up in the markets is because they lack the discipline to stick with their trading plans and let emotions drive their trading decisions. This approach is a guaranteed way to lose in the markets. Oh, you might get lucky on occasion, but eventually the market will take your money. Let discuss some of the trading tools we?re talking about.

Success Trading for New Traders: What Does Bid and Ask Mean?

Do you ever wonder exactly what?s going on in the trading pits after you?ve sent an order to purchase stock? You?ve no doubt seen market quotes either online or even in the newspaper. Have you noticed that there are always two sets of prices given? What exactly do those mean and where will my order get filled? Let?s discuss the basics of the two prices you see.

Buying a Home - Your BIGGEST Investment

This column has often focused on intangible investments like stocks that a young investor might hold in their portfolio. While these are one of the most important components of an investment plan, it is not the dominant one for most young people. Even for some who are much further down the path of life, stocks and bonds often pale in comparison to the role that a home plays in their investment life.

How to Invest Overseas - Intelligently!

In recent months, many advisors have talked a lot about the wisdom of investing overseas, but most have failed to really address the way to do that. For new investors, investing in the U.S. is challenging enough, but investing across borders is often even more daunting.

It?s Never too Early to Start Investing!

Remember the old saying, ?never too late to start?? Well, try this on for size: when it comes to investing, it?s never too early to start. Time really is of the essence here. Those of us who find ourselves between the ages of twenty and forty should make investing for retirement a key priority on our list of things to do.

The Real Cost of a Bad Habit

What is the value of a good habit? Think of some daily habits, like brushing your teeth, or buckling a seat belt, or flushing. All of these habits have value important to some part of life. Failing to follow through on some habits can lead to some nasty results, and those results could cost us our lives.

Now is the Time to Invest for Your Retirement!

Yes, it?s the time we?ve all been waiting for?tax season! We know you?ve gotten a jump start and filed early this year, right? Of course not, but rather than dreading this part of the year, we should all look to it as a point for new opportunities. Many readers don?t realize that even though the New Year has come, they can invest money as if it were still 2004! That?s correct, it?s not too late. You can invest funds into your retirement account until April 15th, 2005 and have it count as if the contribution were made in 2004! Investors typically choose to take advantage of this through an Individual Retirement Account.

Franchise Investing, Franchise Opportunities and Franchising Renewals

Have you considered buying a franchise instead of trying to start a business from scratch. Many franchise agreements are renewed every five or ten years, automatically. If you do not want to renew your franchise you need to let the franchisor know a little bit in advance as it generally states in the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) The franchise Disclosure Document used in franchising. Most require that you out it writing so there is no question about your intent, some require this 180 days before expiration. Others state that if you do not specifically say you do not wish to renew the agreement you are automatically renewed. If you do not want to renew your franchise at the end of the five year period, that is ok, but there are generally stipulations after termination. You cannot simply change the ?Burger King Hamburger? sign out front to Joe?s Burgers and keep operating (example only).

Going Offshore For Asset Protection

There are a number of key reasons why individuals and businesses consider going offshore for asset protection purposes.

The Three Legged Stool

My paternal grandparents were born near Lake Como, Italy. My grandfather learned how to farm, and he did just that until he died chopping wood at age 88. As a boy, I would walk into the barn where I watched him milking cows. Never got the hang of it, but I liked hearing the ping of fresh milk in the galvanized bucket. In order to get where he needed to reach, Popper would sit on a three legged stool. That wooden stool causes me to think of three investment legs for every household or business endeavor. As you know, lots of things come in sequence or synergy of three, even sneezes.

Commodities - The Next Big Wave of Fortune Building

Have you often wished you could have got in on a tremendous money making opportunity before it took off? How would you feel if you had bought Microsoft stock when it first went public and your investment doubled 5 times? Imagine how rich you would be right now?

Finding a Broker

?Hey Joe! I need help finding a broker. I notice that discount commission rates are pretty much the same. So how do I choose??

Makin The Sauce

Let's face it, you're on a roll. After getting down to your attorney's office to sign the new Living Trust and then diligently tracking down your assets to fund the trust, you should be congratulated. You're one of the responsible ones - 70% of the people who die each year in the United States haven't even bothered to get a will. Frankly, you're an inspiration to us all. But to seal the nomination for the financial Oscars, a little work on your investments could go a long way.

When NOT to Invest

Unfortunately, many investors who are seduced by the lure of easy money try to become "active" investors before they have the skills, the resources, or the appropriate intellectual framework to do so.

What Is A Fair Market Value, Really? If Youre Going To Trade, Be Sure Its Worth It!

I've been involved in online trading, specifically with stock and index options, for several years. In this time, I've spent a great deal of time thinking about value and the fact that anything, be it a stock or currency or even a house, is worth exactly whatever someone else will pay for it. Sure, there are a million and one pricing models (especially in financial markets) that will tell you precisely what something should be worth. But in the final analysis, if nobody will pay that much, then it's not actually worth that price.

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