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An Investment Real Estate Strategy Unknown To Most Is A Negative Amortization Loan

If you want to make the most of your personal or investment real estate, you should consider a negative amortization loan. Mortgage amortization is basically mortgage balance reduction. Consequently, when a mortgage has negative amortization, the loan balance not only is not reduced, it actually grows. So, why should you consider this? Simple. It is a great way to invest money from real estate someplace else.

Well Managed Investing Risks Bring Rewards!

"Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing!" Warren Buffett (1930 - )

Investing for Retirement - Not an All or Nothing Play

In 1519, Hernando Cortes, beached on the shores of unexplored Mexico, made a fateful decision: he would burn the ships he and his men arrived in and attempt to overthrow Montezuma and the mighty Aztec empire. The decision was risky. The Aztecs were meant to possess large numbers of brave warriors while Cortes had only a handful of men. If Cortes had the slightest setback there would be no escape. On the other hand, Cortes had no choice. The powerful Governor of Cuba wanted his head. Cortes had defied the Governor time and time again and his best option for getting out of the situation was to win favor with King Charles by conquering a civilization rich in gold and other treasures. Since Cortes' men might get a little antsy if the going got rough and decide they would prefer going home, Cortes decided it would be best to completely align their incentives with his. He did this by burning the ships. Anything but success would now equal death for Cortes and all of his men. Thus began the famous march from Vera Cruz to Tenochtitlan.

How to Invest Your Money

Think carefully on how to invest your money because if you make wrong decisions it could cost you dearly. There are many ways in which to invest your money and as such seeking the advice of a professional would be a very wise move. The information below will help give you a better understanding of some key elements of managing money:

Useful Tips on Investing

Here are some useful tips on investing. When you make an investment, you are giving your money to a company or an enterprise, hoping that it will be successful and pay you back with even more money. Some investments make money, and some don't.

Trading Tips No 4: Technical Analysis The Holy Grail Syndrome

Everyone knows that the Holy Grail of investing and trading is a myth. Finding a good technical analysis tool that will give you a trading system that wins all the time is called the holy grail of trading. This means that one would never have a losing trade, not to mention consecutive losing trades, never have an equity curve drawdown, and after five winning trades in a row will just keep on delivering winning trades forever! There is simply no technical analysis or system that wins on every trade.

Learn How to Lose and Risk Management

One of the leading traders on Chicago Mercantile Exchange, because of a single trade lost everything!

Investing & Online Stock & Share Trading- The Stock & Share Markets are Booming But Be Warned

I had the pleasure of being invited on a friend?s yacht to sail in a race on Sydney Harbour yesterday. On board, as one of our motley crew, I met a top ranking corporate executive from one of Australia?s largest banks, who we?ll call ?Phil? here for the purpose of this article. After the race ended and after being told of my trading experience, he told me he has a large stock portfolio, many of which are speculative resources stocks. He said that he?s excited by all the money he?s making and wondering how long this has been going on?

Trading Tips No 7: Developing a Casino Mentality for the Day Trader

I submit that the successful day trader would profit well to adopt a casino mentality. At first glance, this sounds reckless and nothing more than a gambling attitude - but it?s not. Why? Because everyone knows that it?s the casinos that profit and take in all the money on a consistent basis. And, of course, the patrons end up losing even after brief winning streaks.

Investing and the Fear of Regret and Greed

People tend to feel sorrow and grief after having made an error in judgement.

My Way Or The Highway: Give Your Financial Professionals A Good Talking To!

All this talk about Investing is encouraging lately. Over the last few years, more people have become interested in the duty to invest there money, then ever before. However, when you follow most investment offers to their logical conclusion, they are disgustingly futile.


The best way to avoid being hit hard by a stock market crash or another Enron/Worldcom fiasco is to make sure you don't put all your eggs in one basket. Diversification helps ensure steady growth of your net worth as you accumulate more assets.

Success Trading: Some Basic Terminology for New Traders

The world of trading can get very complex because the financial markets are complex. There thousands and thousands of successful traders out there today. The amazing thing is that they all have carved their own niches and approach the markets in a unique way. This should be wonderful news for beginning traders because it demonstrates that there are thousands and thousands of different ways to proper in the markets. It?s just a matter of discipline and finding the approach that suits your style and personality. With all that being said, new traders must begin somewhere, so let examine some basic terms and approaches to the markets.

Success Trading: More Basic Terminology for New Traders

One important aspect of trading the markets is to understand how to feel it?s overall pulse. In the stock market, this is measured by measuring the movements of selected stocks across various sectors to let us know how the market is doing in general. A gentleman by the name of Dow came up with this concept and today we still use his Dow Index for the purpose of measuring the market?s pulse. There are also several others out there, but another popular index of mostly technical stocks is the NASDAQ.

Investing in World Markets

There are many different ways to invest in world markets: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, commodities or currencies. Sometimes people refer to these options as investment vehicles (or method of investment). Some of these vehicles may fit your personal characteristics or lifestyle better than others. The point is that no matter the method you choose to invest, the goal is always to put your money to work so it earns you a profit. Even though this is a simple idea, it is the most important idea you should understand.

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