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Inflation Proof Your Investment Portfolio with ETF?s

Even though inflation has been relatively quiet in the U.S. since the late 1980?s, there now appears to be some strong evidence that it may be starting to heat up again with an expanding economy, combined with skyrocketing oil and housing prices in certain key regions of the country. While the Federal Reserve has been raising key interest rates citing the threat of rising inflation, the cautious message coming out from the Feds are that, inflation is still benign and not yet a threat. Inflation is benign? Excuse me, but the cheapest gas I can find anywhere in this area is $2.23 a gallon, which is up almost 50% from last year and housing prices in my Howard County, MD neighborhood have more than doubled in the past five years.

Effective Advice For A New Generation of Investors


An Economical Retirement Investment Plan

The practice of economy, directed toward a retirement investment plan in the stock market, is in itself a source of great revenue. It is the art of making the most out of every stock market investment, with the definite purpose or goal being to provide a life that is fully independent of monetary concerns.

Foreign Investing - US Investors Still Missing Out?

Investors are still too slowly realizing what the academics have long pointed out ?- adding foreign stocks to your portfolio will, over the long term, increase your returns and lower the overall risk of your portfolio.

The Difference Between Investing and Trading

Investing and Trading are not the same thing. The returns you seek, the length of time it takes to achieve those returns, the amount of risk one is prepared to take, and the commitment one can make to monitor the investments dictate the strategy of whether to invest or trade.

Fundamentals of Option Pricing

When one begins to consider an option, it is very important to figure out how the premium is calculated. Option premiums depend on a variety of factors including the time left to expiry as well as the price of the underlying security. There are two parts to an option premium: intrinsic value and time value. Consequently, several different factors have an influence on intrinsic and time value.

Just what is Arbitrage Investment?

In the simplest of terms, Arbitrage means to exploit price differential.

An Old Dividend Stock Investment Idea, for a New Generation

Death and taxes! The certainties of life! And then, of course, there are the mortgage payments, the utility bills, phone bills, the car payments and thirsty automobiles. Add that to the grocery and clothing bills, and there appears to be more then just death and taxes as certainties of life.

Numismatics are for Collectors, Not Investors

As a precious metals investor, you may heard much about numismatic and "semi-numismatic" coins, particularly the St. Gaudens $20 double eagle gold coin. While coin collecting can be an interesting hobby, it is not necessarily related to metals investing. Coins of this type vary in value with the ebb and flow of the collector market and are not strictly tied to metal value. Also, these coins often go for much more over spot price than bullion coins.

Investor Guide to Financial Health

Step 1: Spend less than you earn

Boost Your Income With Financial Spread Betting

About 6 years ago I started to notice that certain friends of mine had quit their jobs but continued to live very luxurious lifestyles - seemingly without doing very much. I thought they must just be using up their savings until I discovered they were all making a fantastic living by spending just a few hours a week doing something I had never heard of before - ?financial spread betting?.

Planning Starts with the Basics

When developing a plan for your finances, the toughest question often is: ?Where do I begin?? Before investing in stocks and bonds or buying life insurance, before implementing any change or making any decisions, you first need to analyze and understand your entire financial picture. Two documents allow you to do just that. A Balance Sheet and a Cash Flow Statement enable you to take an in-depth look at your current financial situation and make better decisions about the future. With a little work, you can develop these two tools and be on your way to a solid plan for your finances.

Trading Tips No 3: Online Trading and Investing: Buy, Hold, and Hope

So you have learned how to trade the markets by mastering a few trading tools like Moving Averages, Channels, Stochastics, MACD, or RSI - that is a great accomplishment achieved by only a few. However, having the tools and rules to trade markets successfully, year in and year out, is only half of the challenge. The other half is far more daunting and achieved by even fewer investors - I am talking about good old-fashioned discipline. That is, discipline to follow your indicators and rules without fail - every trade entry and every trade exit. This is why it is critical that you learn how to trade. This is the ‘moment of truth’ in the life of every trader or investor.

Risk and Reward

If you are doing your own investing in the stock market, what would be the first question you would ask yourself before you make any trade or investment? If your answer is how fundamentally sound the stock is, or whether the stock just broke out of a trading range on a chart, or the fact that the stock has gone down 50% in the last 6 months, or whether the volatility is low now so it is a good time to buy or sell, then you are probably on the road to ruin. These strategies have nothing in common with each other and there are all kinds of different criteria that I did not mention that have nothing in common with each other. However no matter what type of strategy you use to make your investment decisions, there is only one crucial question that must be asked before you pull the trigger and make the trade. That is, what is my risk and what is my reward on this trade. Even if you are going to buy a stock and hold it for a long time, you still have to be aware of your risk and your reward. Why? Because the entire stock market may be here for the rest of your life, any one stock might not be. You think, that is okay I diversified a lot so I don?t need to know risk and reward. Wrong.

Choosing A Financial Advisor

With so many financial advisors trying to woo you with their qualifications and experience, how do find one you can trust your finances with? ?Trust? is the keyword here, as you will depend on him/her for your future financial security. A good financial advisor can help you determine which investments are best suited for you, based on your financial goals. He/She will also be able to help you with a savings program to build your assets.

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