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Dumb Money

Many people have, at one time or another, taken some of their hard-earned funds, and decided to put them in the stock market. These well-meaning individuals either acted on a tip they saw on CNBC, or actually believed one of those crazy faxes/emails that said XBXB @ $0.17/share was the next Microsoft. These people thought they were being smart, but they probably just ended up lining the pockets of brokers and mutual funds when they lost money on their 'investment'. I know, because I've done it, too.

Waiting 20 Years Can Cost You Millions - Dont Wait Start Today

Many Young people live for Today. They really don't fully understand the power of compound interest. The Difference between investing as little as $20 a week at age 20 or waiting until age 50 can be over $3,000,000 (yes 3 Million). Don't wait start today!

Is Your Mutual Fund the Right One for You?

Mutual Funds are considered to be one of the best investments one can get hands on. They?re very flexible and cost-effective. An excellent investment for people with restricted knowledge, time or, money.

The Convertible Craze Brightens The Future Of Equities

Convertibles are stealing the show with their safe investment image in today?s ?protective? market. They seem to be overshadowing the stocks and bonds, and this holds true for the mediocre issuers.

How to Choose the Right Share Class

You'll want to opt for the no-load or institutional share class instead. If you're a no-load investor who is determined to buy a fund that's primarily broker-sold, go through a supermarket and opt for the D shares.

Chile Leads the Latin Pack

Everyone's talking about China. Don't miss the opportunities in the other CHI..

Scots Beat Yanks in China Bank Deal

With visions of an ATM in every neighborhood in China, foreign banks and investment firms are queuing up to join the ?China Club.?

Raising Capital Using a Public Company

Going public in this manner is ideal for companies that may not be large enough to attract an underwriter for an IPO and those that don?t need to raise capital immediately. They want to go public because of the many benefits that being a public company offers such as increased valuation, using public stock as currency to acquire other companies and assets, liquidity, prestige and to reduce the need for expensive venture capital and other financing sources. It also makes it easier to raise capital since once you become public it gives you credibility and a benchmark trading price to raise capital against.

Trading Expert Discovers Ways To Beat Stock Market Odds With Money Management

The first point to mastering money management is that you have to understand when you?re trading on the stock market is that you are playing the odds ? but unlike many forms of gambling, you can make money. The key to making this money is to respect the risk that is part of the market, and manage it. Money management is a set of rules and guidelines that enables you to turn a profit. By being triumphant with your money management skills, you can keep your risk at a level at which you?re comfortable with, keep from making poor trading decisions, and ensure you don?t loose your trading capital. This is why it is so important to follow money management rules.

Introduction To FOREX

The Foreign Exchange Market, better known as FOREX, is a worldwide market for buying and selling currencies. It handles a huge volume of transactions 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Daily exchanges are worth approximately $1.5 trillion (US dollars). In comparison, the United States Treasury Bond market averages $300 billion a day, and American stock markets exchange about $100 billion a day.

Can Your Annuity Do This?

Okay, so I can tell you I have sat in front of countless numbers of people who have made mistakes when purchasing and owning annuities. And I have visited people who wish they never got involved in an annuity. And I have seen people who say that their annuity is their worst nightmare...So what is it that makes the annuity such a bad thing for some people and such a great vehicle for others??? Well I am about to tell you...and it all goes back to the annuity owners biggest MISTAKE. Yes, not mistakes but mistake.

Sell Discipline for Investors: Importance and Execution

Investors usually don?t have an aversion to buying an asset. The real gut wrenching decision is when - and if - to sell. What most don?t realize (or don?t want to realize) is the overwhelming importance of the sell decision. Let?s explore the reasons why and the techniques that can calm a seller?s nerves.

The Benefits of Laddering Your CD Investments

If you?ve decided to stock some money away in a certificate of deposit, why not reap the highest benefit over time by laddering your CD investments? What?s a CD latter? I?m glad you asked.

Preholiday Trading

The Light Crude Continuous Contract closed at $66.13 a barrel Friday, after hitting an all-time high at $67.95 a barrel earlier in the day. A week from Monday is Labor Day, which marks the end of the summer driving season. Consequently, I believe, oil hit a short-term top Friday or will top next week.

Investment Rowing

You have rowed a boat at some time haven?t you? Yes, put the oars in the water and pull. Of course, you don?t know where you are going because you are sitting backwards. Every so often you have to turn to look ahead to see if you are pulling in the right direction.

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