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The Key Ingredient To Increase Preconstruction Profits By Over $20,000

One of the greatest preconstruction investing issues that I hear from individual investors is that they can?t get access to what they believe are good projects. Regardless if the preconstruction project is a beach condo, a townhouse, a single family home, or even land investment, individuals are finding that many restrictions are being placed on them by developers. In addition, prices are continuing to runaway. So given all this, how is an individual investor supposed to excel in this environment? Read on and find out!

Get Wealthy With the Rule of 72

When it comes time to retire how many people would like to have a nest egg that is 2 or 3 or even 4 times larger than what they have? With an answer so obvious allow me to explain how you can make it happen for yourself.

Investing in New Zealand - Learn how to Find Unique Investment Opportunities

Investing in New Zealand might be much easier than investing in other western countries, thank to the excellent infrastructure, the low taxes and the assistance of the supportive NZ government.

The Basics of Tax-Free UK Financial Spread Betting

Financial Spread Betting (or Trading) offers a tax free method of speculating on financial markets.

Making Every Penny Count

More and more workers are leaving their jobs and taking their 401 k retirement plan funds with them. While some are rolling their funds over into IRAs or other qualified plans; many are taking their distributions in cash. Once an employee has left the job, any payments of earned vacation, sick or other leave made after leaving the job were not considered for inclusion in deferrals to Solo 401k, 401(k), or 403(b) plans. These plans? definition of compensation excluded any post employment earnings as the IRS excluded it from the definition. As far as these plans? were concerned, it?s as if the money was never earned.

The Economy Is Not The Stock Market

Several days ago, the Commerce Department reported that May's factory orders had increased by a 2.9 percent. This was well covered by 'the press', as it was to be a positive influence on 'the market' (yes, the quotes are'll see why). The enthusiasm was understandable - the $394 billion in orders of manufactured goods is the highest level seen since the current calculation method was adopted. Although being skeptical can be wise, the figure was (and is) a clue that the economy is on a solid footing. However, too many times there's a disconnect between what 'should' be the result of a piece of economic data, and what actually occurs. The economy isn't the market. Investors can't buy shares in factory orders......they can only buy (or sell) stocks. Regardless of how strong or weak the economy is, one only makes money by buying low and selling high. So with that, we put together a study of some of the economic indicators that are treated as if they affect stocks, but really may not.

Gold and Silver Maple Leafs Get New Packaging

Gold Maple Leafs and Silver Maple Leafs are receiving packaging makeovers, changes clearly mandated by investor disfavor with packaging that the Royal Canadian Mint has used since the coins were introduced. Gold Maple Leafs debuted in 1979, Silver Maple Leafs in 1988. The changes appear to be good moves, which should increase sales of Silver Maple Leafs and help keep Gold Maple Leafs the preferred pure (.9999 fine) gold bullion coins.

Bad News - Why The Financial News Media Can Cost You Money!

The communication innovations we have around us today like the internet, financial newspapers, and special interest television channels focused on investing like CNBC are a high speed pipeline of nonsensical chatter. All these sources of information mean that there is no shortage of media people trying to answer our questions about the stock market and specific stocks. You have to remember that the news media are constantly competing to survive against other stuff you can watch. If they don?t always sound like they know exactly what is going on then you won?t watch their presentations. If you don?t tune into their show then their ratings go down. If their ratings go down they get fired and their show gets cancelled.

Reading Between The Lines In Annual Proxy Statements

Upper Saddle River, N.J. - May 11, 2005 - Now that a large number of the proxy statements for public companies with fiscal years ending December 31, 2004 have been issued, those of us that scrutinize them for a living, as well as those that have invested in those companies, have an opportunity to analyze their executive pay packages in detail. With all of the attention on Corporate Governance and how to improve the level of transparency and insure that a strong relationship exists between pay and performance, these statements provide for interesting reading.

Shareholders Meeting Changing With Times

A significant number of corporations that settled accounts in the past year are ready to hold their annual shareholders meetings.

Making Your Investment Dollars Work for You

Investments are scary for some people, especially those who have never invested before. We grow up hearing horror stories about how this person or that person lost everything they had on some bad investment some odd years ago and it builds in us a fear of investing so profound that it is sometimes easier to get a confirmed agoraphobic to march in the Macy?s Day Parade than it is to get someone to put a few dollars into stocks or mutual funds.

How Eating Bitumen Made Me a Better Stock Trader

Stock market trading is a fascinating activity.

The Truth About Real Estate Investing - Is It Right For You?

You have probably been hearing, seeing and reading that real estate investing is the best thing since sliced bread. There are many late night cable television infomercials spewing out sales pitches for courses that teach you how to buy residential real estate no money down or for next to nothing. Furthermore, polished pitch men on the advertisement emphasize that it is so easy that anybody can do it. They smugly show you that it is simple as they pencil out on the back of a napkin how you will supposedly make a fortune in real estate. Then these real estate investment course promoters show ?actual? interviews of people who have reportedly made gobs of money with the course system.

It Is Never Too Early To Start A Roth IRA!

The Roth is kind of weird until you get used to it in terms of how much you can put in (contribute) each year depending on how much you earn (compensation). Because of this you really have two limits, one dealing with your compensation and the other dealing with your contribution. Let me explain.

The Perfect Economy?

The U.S. economic data reported this week showed strong output growth with tame inflation. Industrial Production expanded at about 1% in June, three times greater than expected, while both the June Consumer and Producer Price Indices were unchanged. Also, the June Capacity Utilization rate rose to 80.0%, and the June Unemployment Rate fell to 5.0%. The June data generally show there is neither strain nor slack in the U.S. economy. Therefore, the U.S. economy is expanding at an optimal rate.

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