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Invest To Make Money, Not To Get Rich

The technology boom of the ?90s romanticized the ?rags-to-riches? ideal that all of us dream about when investing. For those that invested $1000 in Dell at $5 during 1990, held through the seven splits, then sold in March 2000 at $59, the dream was a reality. That investment would have returned an amazing $1,132,800! Image making over $1 million for every thousand dollars invested. Beyond Dell, companies like EBay,, and many others made their investors very wealthy.

Use of a Franchise Business as a Family Tax Planning Strategy

Suggesting the use of a franchise business as a vehicle for family estate and tax planning. Specifically using as an example, The Car Wash Guys, a portable car wash franchise, where you will be purchasing a completely designed and outfitted car wash truck and the right to develop a specific city or regional area with out of pocket start-up costs between $25-50,000. There are many other types of mobile franchise busiensses in the same general price range due to competitive market components.

Out-Of-State Investors Check List of Questions

The following lists of questions are suggested questions to ask before you plan to purchase residential real estate outside of your neighborhood.

Gold; What Type of Gold to Buy


Focus Your Investments on the Long Term

"All human power is a compound of time and patience!" Honore de Balzac (1799 - 1850)

Approaches to Investing

Here is a small summary of the three major approaches to investing:

Getting Started In Investing

Are you ready to open your pathway to financial independence?

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I am sure you have probably read about the power of compound interest. And how if you invested $10,000 at 10% return and let it compound for 50 years you would have a little over 1 million dollars.

Pros & Cons of Investing in Bonds

What are Bonds?

5 Things To Know About The Stock Market

50% Of U.S. Households Invest In The Stock Market Individuals invest in the stock market directly, through mutual funds, their pension plans, profit sharing plans, 401k's, IRA's, etc.

5 Day Trading Tips for Success

1. How to Treat Gap Openings

Issuing Warrants to Investors

When raising capital for a business venture, warrants are a common form of equity that is given to investors. A warrant is like an option ? it gives the holder the right to buy a security at a fixed or formulaic price, which is known as the "exercise" or "strike" price.

Six Principles of Successful Investing

1. Begin investing immediately

Forex Trading Best Practices

FOREX, the term for the FOReign EXchange market, is an international exchange market where currencies from many different countries are bought and sold. Both long-term hedge investors and short-term investors that seek quick profits use FOREX. Trade reaches between 1 and 1.5 trillion US dollars per day. Needless to say, FOREX is a very lucrative market. Many wonder how to gain the most profits by trading with FOREX. There are a few simple trade practices that can help any trader, either an amateur or a professional make significant profit from FOREX.

Day Trading the SP Futures with Initial S/R and the NYSE TICK

For instance, if the market moves up in the first 20 minutes of trading, touches the initial resistance zone, and then turns down, this implies that a good tradable downtrend move is likely to develop.

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