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The Power Of Viral Marketing

You certainly know by now that the term "viral marketing" is not just another dot-com cliché. Quite the contrary, it describes the incredible, unmatched power of the Web to promote your business by marrying email to the traditional concept of "word-of-mouth."

Getting One Way SEO Links - The Easy and FREE Way

What we are hunting for

Create Powerful Joint Ventures Step by Step

Figure out what you are passionate about and make it your business.

How To Jump Start ANY Business

Typically it is said that when you open up a new venture, it takes fro 2 to 5 years of steady growth before you can call it a success. All things considered, this is true and because it is true, it is all the more important to do everything correctly, right from the start! So here are 7 guidelines on engagement for every business entrepreneur.

Do I Need Raised Letter or Full Color Business Cards

If youve been searching around for business cards that will best represent the image you want to portray for your business, then youve no doubt encountered many options. The Big Two, as I like to think of them, are "Raised Letter" and "Full Color."

I Would Give Anything To …

A couple days ago I was listening to a CD by one of the most successful speakers in the industry. He has been around for many years and is considered one of the greats. He is also considered to be somewhat off the beaten path. As much as he is admired and respected by many, he is judged by just as many. The segment I found most intriguing was one about how others often say to him, “I would give anything to be a successful speaker and author just like you.”

Yahoo!/Overture Site Match: A License To Steal

Unless youve been living in a cave somewhere, Im sure youve heard by now, Overture now offers the Yahoo! Search Inclusion under its own branded name--Site Match.

Google, Yahoo!, Pandoras Box And The Lottery

In the fall of 1990, the musical group Snap had a monster number one hit record called, "Ive Got The Power."

Internet Marketing Reality Check

There are thousands of web sites, books, CD-ROMs, cassette tapes and various other forms of communication devoted to the topic of Internet marketing. The majority of these sites profess to offer "secret strategies" and "killer tactics" which promise to increase your chances of having success on the Internet. Of course you must fork over your hard earned cash for these wonderful pearls of wisdom. Many of which turn out to be nothing more than pyramid schemes and other scams

Politicians Are Like Car Sales People...

Well, another election has come and gone in the US and no matter which way you voted there are some important marketing lessons to learn.

Does Your Copy Look "Fake" To the Search Engines

From the early days of search engine optimization, keywords and content have always been vital to achieving your goals. Starting back in the days when we used to shove every slightly relevant keyword into our Meta tags, it has been obvious that search engines love text. The more advanced the engines have gotten over the years, the more complex and sophisticated many writers have gotten with their search engine copywriting.

Own Your Niche by Building a Niche Community

In 1997, David Steele was making the transition from a professional therapist to relationship coach. Part of his strategy was to become a center of influence and THE Relationship Coach for his community.

Real Estate Marketing for the “You” Generation

Are you working in the real estate industry Are you a real estate agent, mortgage consultant, builder, real estate broker, appraiser, construction worker, etc

Online Classifieds with Angles

What many may consider the most important part of advertising is writing an effective ad. The information that provided in a classified ad may be the deciding factor if it is successful or a, "bomb". Create a variety of advertisements that utilize various approaches. Be prepared to revise your content on occasion. This ensures that you are demonstrating different aspects of your offering. In addition, you can promote your offering from different angles, to see what will achieve the best results.

Write, Publish and Market a Book with No Out-of-Pocket Money

Do you dream of having a book published, but don’t know where to turn Already have a book, but unsure of how to promote it Looking for cost effective high-return strategies to market your book If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the following information is for you.

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