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How To Purchase An Annuity

An annuity is a contract with an insurance company to make periodic payments for retirement income and sometimes other purposes.

Is Day Trading Right For You

Do you have the tolerance for the risk involved with day trading Day trading is not a get rich quick business. It is not technically even investing. This competitive game of day trading is speculation at its core and the odds are against you in favor of failure. But for those who crave this type of environment it can be a very exciting and profitable venture. A study in 1999 found that 70% of day traders lost money and of those that made money the profits were made from just one trade.

Profits With Rental Properties

So you are interesting in becoming a landlord Investing in rental properties can be an exciting and very profitable business. Not only can real estate provide current income through rental property but it also can increase your personal wealth or networth. Make no mistake, this is not a sure thing to easy money and investing in real estate is not for everyone. There are risks as with any business or investment but with careful research and the help of a real estate professional you can find the right property in the right location for maximum return on your investment.

Preventing Foreclosure Proceedings and Understanding Your Options

Every year over 8 million homeowners are seeking help preventing foreclosure proceedings. This is a stunning 30 year high. Experts project that by 2006, 12 million homeowners will be teetering on the brink of foreclosure. Many homeowners are not aware that the can prevent foreclosure and save their house. Did you know that you canít stop the proceedings up to an hour before the auction takes place

How Much Risk is Necessary to Grow Your Business

A business owner is thoroughly responsible for their own financial survival and possibly the financial survival of their employees. Business owners, for the most part, seem to be "risk takers", who really dont easily "go with the flow". They are inventive and somewhat confident, as just having their own business does mandate that they possess these qualities.

OPM - The Art Of Leveraging

Equity lender, hard money lender, private investor or what ever term one uses can be a great source of funds to do real estate transactions and the question of how to find them comes up often!

Which IRA Is Best For You

An Ira is one of the greatest ways to save on taxes currently and accumulate money for the future.

Relocating for Retirement Which Realtor Can Help You

I am a native of Tidewater Virginia, which encompasses counties and towns in the Chesapeake Bay area from Virginia Beach, to Hampton, Newport News, Williamsburg and New Kent County. Even before I entered the real estate profession I watched the real estate market change and evolve over many decades. The Tidewater area, which includes Greater Williamsburg, is a pleasant location for retirement mainly because of the temperate climate and convenient location on the Eastern seaboard. Many military retirees who have served much of their career in the area simply opt to stay in Southeastern Virginia when they retire.

Federal Loans, Grants and Assistance

Investing in real estate for personal or commercial purposes will always be big business in the United States, and you now have the governments backing at your fingertips.

Filing for a Patent

How many times does this scenario happen: You have a great idea. You think you can make millions. You tell all your family and friends about it. The next thing you know, your great idea is being broadcasted on infomercials and some other guy is making millions off of your idea. In order to prevent this all-too-common situation, the answer is to obtain a patent immediately for your brilliant brain child.

Writing a Press Release

When dealing with "this-just-in" type information, it is important to understand how to write a head-turning press release. A press release must contain substantial information that you consider to be newsworthy and substantial. Relate the news to the audience. Spell out for them WHY it is newsworthy and why they should read on. First describe your news, and THEN tell who said it, etc. Remember that the first ten words in your press release are the attention-getters, thus should be effective. Use what journalists refer to as plain-style language, not fancy words or lots of adjectives. Stick to the facts; avoid fluff. Provide plenty of contact information the name, phone numbers, fax etc. for the person with the most information about the story to make it as easy as possible for the media to do their job!

Preparing for Tax Preparation

Being prepared for your tax appointment can really pay off in terms of maximizing deductions and minimizing tax as well as lowering fees charged by your preparer! Additionally, you should be able to walk away from your tax appointment with peace of mind that your returns are complete and accurate and maybe even with some tax savings advice that you can really use.

How Most Millionaires get to be MillionairesÖ

Why do so many people claim that money isnít important Why is there this notion that wanting money somehow makes you an ill adjusted bad human being Itís such a strange thought pattern donít you think

Do You Know the 4 Traits that Guarantee Home Business Success

When home business success comes it does not come by luck. In fact, when you analyze the characteristics of the most successful home based business entrepreneurs you start to realize that they all share four key traits in common.

Increase Your Buying Power With Capital Gains Reinvestment

When it comes to selling property capital gains reinvestment can be an important strategy for homeowners and commercial and business owners. The Internal Revenue Service requires capital gains tax to be paid on the sale of all capital assets, including properties. Once the sale occurs the tax expense can be enormous, but with a little ingenuity capital gains tax can be avoided and the tax burden relieved. The sale of a home or an investment property can facilitate incredible steps forward for anyone in the real estate market. Planning, education and consulting the experts are the keys to increased buying power!

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