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Camera Cell Phones -- More uses than you could have imagined

I was shopping in the large superstore with my five-year-old daughter, perfectly unaware that in the next few minutes I would be living through every parent’s nightmare – in an instant my child would disappear from my side. She had been looking through the little dresses right beside me and, when I called her to go try one on, she was no where to be found. I loudly called out her name, trying to keep the panic from my voice, as I frantically looked all around.

How to Sell Your House by Lease Options

Many people buy a house then have to move within a few years, due to divorce, relocation or financial difficulties. Without any equity though, it can be nearly impossible to find buyers and you still have realtor fees to contend with. There is a simple, easy way to have your payments taken care of for you and find a buyer, so that you can move onto your new life quickly and easily.

Avoid The Sticker Shock Of Relocating

To avoid the sticker shock of relocating, moving Americans can use the results of movecentral.coms annual moving survey to plan their spending. The new survey finds that movers spend $9,400 on purchases during the three-month relocation period, while renters spend $3,700.

Cost of Living Analyses

If youve ever moved from the Midwest or the South to either coast, you realize just how different the costs of day-to-day living can vary among various U.S. cities. Many transplanted families pursue cross-country moves with the knowledge that their new hometowns will be more expensive. And many employers recognize that impending cost-of-living increase with a "cost-of-living allowance" -- a slight raise in salary so that an employee may maintain his or her current standard of living without having to tighten the purse strings upon arrival.

Turf Wars: Author/Landlord Offers a Few Words of Advice for Tenants

Richard Rusdorf, author of "The Landlords Handbook: A Complete Guide to Managing Small Residential Properties," managed a 400-plus-unit apartment building in Chicago 20 years ago. The past president of the Chicago chapter of the Institute of Real Estate Management, he has served as a real estate broker, consultant, writer, architectural photographer, and certified property manager. With such a diverse background in real estate, Rusdorf has plenty of perspective on what peeves both landlords and tenants. Tenants number-one point of contention, he says, is "responsiveness to complaints -- even if theres nothing that can be done about the problem." Residential rental properties are a literal obstacle course of sticky situations. These fairly tight quarters are home to many people with specific concerns that they expect their landlord to address and pay for yesterday. Landlords, whether at fault or not when tenant complaints arise, find themselves between a rock and a hard place on such issues as security, water quality, the neighborhood, neighbors, their guests, and noise.

When Renting Is Better Than Buying

If possible, it is ALWAYS better to buy than to rent. Right Perhaps Not.

High-income Earners Consider Renting Chic Again

Over the past two years, households that earned $50,000 or more annually and had the means to join the ranks of home owners or continue owning the roofs over their heads represented the fastest growing segment of the rental market, according to the National Multi-Housing Council.

Dont Sign That Lease Yet

Youre being transferred to a new city in another state for a position that you start in exactly two weeks. You fly to your new hometown to select an apartment. You have exactly two days to make a decision and sign a lease, so when, after much searching, you find a vacancy in a relatively decent property, youre anxious to sign when the lease is placed in front of you. Resist the urge. As mentioned in previously in our report "Avoiding Tenants Tribulations," wearing rose-colored glasses can easily fool you into believing that your best interests as a tenant will be protected. Your desire to find a home and wind up what can be an exhaustive search process can push you into signing on the dotted line before youve read and understand all of the fine print of your lease.

Apartment Searches: Lose the Rose-Colored Glasses First

If youre getting ready to rent, dont do what this editor did once ... a long, long time ago.

To Buy or Rent For Your College Student

September always means Back To School, and for thousands of families it also signals Off To College. In addition, more and more young people are opting to continue their education with post-graduate studies.

The Minefields in Your Lease

In some markets across the country -- San Francisco, New York and Washington, D.C., for example -- the renters market is so hot that properties are snatched up the same day they become available. In fact, many landlords in these markets find themselves negotiating among multiple offers.

Rent Collections Via The Internet Theyre Not Far Awayllections Via The Internet Theyre Not Far Away

Since the first rental units were built there have been property managers, a profession which requires both real estate expertise as well as a keen understanding of the human psyche. Property managers not only collect the rent and undertake repairs, they are also the bridge between owners and tenants -- two groups often in conflict.

The Curious History Of Wine Consumption In America

The history of wine consumption in America has been frought with starts, stops, and inconsistencies. The American population has always had a love-hate relationship with alcohol. Historic prohibitionist attitudes amongst much of the American population have blurred the line between moderate wine consumption and detrimental alcoholism. As a result, regular, moderate consumption of wine by the American public continues to face ideological and legal impediments.

The History of Wine Country in the Sierra Foothills and the Delta

It is impossible to study the history of wine country in the Sierra Foothills and the Delta without knowledge of the broader economic forces that have shaped the region since the mid-nineteenth century.

Scaling Down almost Painlessly

Moving to a smaller house or apartment in a retirement community almost always involves a certain degree of trauma, both for the elder whos moving and for family members. However, by planning ahead you can reduce the discomfort involved and turn what might well become a nightmare into a pleasant event.

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