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Michael Medeiros

The Mjmls Classifieds,, received a modest improvement, with the utilization of a new GoLocal™ Feature. After several months of, “Beta-Testing,” various localization models, the Mjmls staff decided to implement a feature allowing users to sort advertisements by State or browse on a National level, using a simple, “Dropdown-menu”.

IT Developer, James Park,, commented, “A user can visit the site and select a State from the Dropdown. While browsing, the site will then only display Ads within the State selected”. The new feature creates a simple and effective way to sort advertisements to a region of the country.

Michael Medeiros, the founder of, believes, “The Dropdown is user friendly, as shoppers do not need to know the distance radius of a Zip Code. Once a State is Selected, Individual Towns can be sorted on the Ad Display tables with a simple mouse click”. Although a Zip radius feature is available, Mr. Medeiros feels the Dropdown is simple and fast for end-users, “It uses simple selection. No page needs to load for the end-user to select a location or radius”.

For various reasons, most online Marketplaces are realizing a need to provide localized shopping. Mjmls believes this enhancement will provide significant savings to shoppers by reducing shipping cost. In addition, it reduces the possibilities of fraudulent activity.

Internet advertisers are experiencing a rise in online fraud. Although Mjmls attempts to keep their users informed of possible frauds and scams, this new feature will reduce the overall risks. Michael feels, “Localization enables a buyer and seller to meet and physically review the items or service that is available. There is no hiding behind Usernames and Free Email accounts, at the closing of a local transaction”.

Although Mjmls is a relatively new marketplace, it is gaining traction by offering valuable features, such as GoLocal. While Business Advertising seems to be the fastest growing market, they are determined to incorporate a valuable Real Estate marketing solution. The new localization model is a big step toward future development of a Real Estate Marketing Solution. continues to offer a free Marketplace for buyers and sellers to interact. They rely on the utilization of optional enhanced features, for support of the domain. No fees are attached to the sale of items or use of site features, such as GoLocal. Advertising is relatively simple, requiring a brief registration.

To use the Mjmls GoLocal feature, simply select the state of choice from the Dropdown menu on any Classifieds Directory.

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