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Jakob Jelling

Homeownership, in any form, is a big step for most people. In fact, its often one of the biggest financial decisions of our lives. Despite that, sometimes a homeowner in one country will want to buy a second home in another country, whether for a vacation home or future retirement. Usually they make this decision after realizing they visit the same country every chance they get, but sometimes its because they have relatives or friends nearby too.

Anyone considering buying a second home overseas will of course want to make sure theyre comfortable with the cultural and language differences theyre bound to encounter. If youre used to visiting the area regularly, you will no doubt already be familiar with some of these. To be sure, you may want to rent a home in that area first, maybe even for a few years in a row, before purchasing your own home.

When youre certain you want to buy, be sure to enlist the help of real estate and legal professionals in your chosen country. This is a good idea of course even in your home country! When shopping, you will want to be as thorough as you would when shopping for your main home. Inspections, neighborhood comparisons, and location considerations are just as important. You may want to talk with other homeowners in the area to ask about home construction quality, security issues, etc. You will need to make suitable financing arrangements too, and consider current interest and exchange rates where needed. Dont forget possible tax implications in your home country as well.

Finally, be sure to think about arrangements for someone to look after your second home when youre away. It will need to be checked and maintained regularly, just as your main home.

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