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Mission Statements Improve Goal Setting and Decision Making

A Mission Statement consists of a short phrase or a few sentences that form an overview of your core priorities and guiding principles. It describes what you are trying to accomplish and what you value. It forms the basis for all of your long-term planning and outlines the overall direction of where and what you would like to be. Writing personal Mission Statements gives you the opportunity to establish what?s really important and to make decisions to stick to before you even start setting goals. They allow you to connect with your own unique purpose and help improve your Goal Setting, Time Management, and decision making processes.

Achieving Your Goals

You may or may not have a set of written goals. If you do not, then I strongly urge you to make a written set of goals and clarify what you want to achieve. Whatever the case, you may be struggling with achieving your goals in life. In this article, you will learn some techniques for achieving your goals.

Whose Goals Are They?

Many have goals, but few reach them all. Businesses like sports teams aspire to making goals (gaining points) to earn rewards. Are your goals clichéd with being productive? Why is it so difficult to set realistic goals that 100% of the time you can reach with ease? Ever think about what the motivating factors are that caused you to choose those goals? Goals cannot be set alone - they need reflection and confirmation of the origin along the surrounding dynamics to assure the appropriate method to set realistic goals. If you choose to set goals based only on what you think is right, that will not work alone. You need to agree that the goals set by your organization are also your goals but not limited to their plan - make your own! Look beyond, dream about what you wish for your loved ones, for yourself and start there. Taking charge of your own destiny will keep you productive. You will be able to look beyond the politics of organizations that can diminish your efforts to reach and exceed goals when they are not your own.

Finding Your Niche

Why are there so much stress and unhappiness in the work force? One reason is that 95% of workers never find their niche. Most of them drift through life taking whatever job they can get. Although one can make a living in this manner, it would be much more enjoyable and profitable to find what fits your talents.

Make This Your Most Productive Year Ever - 26 Tips

Each year we start the year thinking about our goals, our job, our health, all the ?new? routines and commitments we make to ourself to make this our best year yet? but two weeks into January all our planning and resolution goes out the window! You can make this your best year ever by applying some of these simple ideas (and re-reading this article each year to keep you on track.

The Painless Solution To Procrastination

I have a confession to make. Once upon a time, I had a bad case of procrastination. I could find all sorts of excuses for putting off any activity which I just didn't feel like doing!

A Winner Never Uses Chance or Luck to Win

In games of chance, what separates a player from a winner and are they mutually exclusive?

Journal Your 100 Life Goals

Journal Your 100 Life Goals

A Fundraising Road Trip: Planning & Achieving Your Goals

Do you ever daydream about going on a great vacation? It?s fun to think of all of the great sights and things to do once you get to the destination. But usually there?s lots of planning involved, such as planning around schedules, getting tickets and placing reservations. It can be quite an ordeal. But once you?re on your dream vacation, boy is it worth it.

Goal Setting - The Facts Behind The Fiction

To have hopes and dreams for the future is a wonderful idea. If you want to call them 'goals' that's fine also but do learn to get things in perspective. They are NOT achieved in the way you have been led to believe.

Maximizing The Time of Your Life

Setting goals

Mind Over Matter -- The Power of Thoughts

One of the greatest challenges in life is understanding just how powerful our thoughts are. Many of us learn this the hard way -- myself included. After spending most of my early life caught up in negative thought patterns, it occurred to me that I had created exactly what I had been thinking about all those years.

Be Discontented With The Status Quo

It is natural to be satisfied with the way things are; but the moment we settle for how things are, we give up the opportunity to experience how things could be. Life is evolutionary, but only if we allow it to be. If we choose to, we can get stuck in the comfort of the status quo and miss the real opportunities that require us to step into a bigger life.

Goal Setting

The goal-setting process enables an organization to check on the attainment of both its short-term and long-term objectives. When properly done, this process provides an array of valuable benefits and is a link to coaching, motivation, and performance management. Working without goals is much like trying to bowl without pins at the end of the alley. There is nothing to aim for, no way to determine how many pins you have knocked down. Human beings, by their very nature, are scorekeepers; we love to know how close we come to the target. If there is no way for us to tell how well we are doing, we will probably drop out of the game. Goals provide the necessary measuring sticks to tailor work into actual productivity. And contrary to what many people believe, goal setting is not an elusive or complicated process. It merely requires communication between management and staff and a desire to clearly state where you want to go, how you will get there, and how you will know you have arrived.

Make 2005 Your Best Year Ever - Its Not Too Late!

We are moving rapidly through 2005, and you?ll find previously intelligent and reasonable people struggling with trying to keep a ?resolution? that they made earlier in the year to push themselves to create change in a specific area of their lives.

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