Six Keys To Build Vision - Point Five

5.Submit it to good leaders (accountability breeds stability and security)

Vision is always too much for one man / woman to handle (body

One of the key reasons why a vision is successful is in the attitude of the leader of it to allow others part ownership in it. Our western philosophy of ownership can be quite selfish. I am not talking of negating our responsibility to lead the vision, but would question the way some visionaries are unable to let go areas that would grow better under someone else's care.

The Japanese have several traditions. One is binding the feet of babies in order to keep them small in later life. Bonsai is a process of miniaturizing the root system of plants and trees so as to allow the characteristics of a full-grown tree but in a stunted form. Vision must fully mature unstunted.

If we consider these principles in the same way we handle vision, we can see that restriction of the natural growth points of vision will result in a dwarf version of what could have been. There are several factors that will stunt vision and none more so than unnecessary restrictions on the root system.

The root system of any vision is similar and without due awareness and care, we result in a stranglehold that will reduce the life flow needed for natural growth.

Vision is not "for me alone"

In making the switch from leading charitable organization dependent on donations from the public sector, to a small business whose objectives are to make and distribute wealth, has provided some challenges. My core values for living are to provide resources and skills to those who are not in a position to pay for them. I live my life as close as possible to these values.

When I started my practice I made a decision to give away at least ten percent of my teaching resources, finances and skills to benefit others. My site is loaded with tools for coaches to develop their practices without charge. I have another website designed for supporting fellow coaches and I coach at least three individuals without charge at any given month. Saint? No! I have a commitment to the betterment of those around me. My vision is my responsibility, but it must touch others in a way that improves their quality of life and challenges them to do likewise, otherwise I am not seeing the results of the purpose of my vision.

Currently I am designing a website for developing leaders and training coaches.

If all you see is yourself, you missed the plot

A mirror reflects the image it sees and so does vision. What we put into vision will return to the visionary. Living life self-centered is living life at its poorest form. As you have worked through the different aspects of vision, you will become aware of the sovereignty and power that vision has within it. One learns to understand that the vision owns you, not vice-versa.

This means our future is in part way determined by the momentum that vision generates. This is in no way drudgery or chain around our ankle; on the contrary it brings a synergy and empowerment unlike any other purpose. As we identify the true nature of vision, we will view all other activities through this newfound perspective.

Tony Mckeown is director of Coaching 4 life NZ and regularly travels the world speaking and motivating groups and conferences. His passion and personal mission statement in Life is "To bring a message of hope to a people of destiny". Tony has authored many "How To" manuals along with regular weekly and monthly newsletters.

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