The Secret of Overcoming Procrastination in 4 Simple Steps

Let's face it. Overcoming procrastination can be a challenge if you don't know what's causing it in the first place. These 4 simple steps will help you find the REAL cause of procrastination making overcoming procrastination a breeze. You'll soon be able to achieve those daunting tasks and in some cases, even look forward to doing them!

STEP 1: Identify the REAL Cause of Your Procrastination The first step is finding out what's preventing you from overcoming procrastination in the first place. People often use the word as if 'procrastination' itself is the problem. For example, "You know, I really have a problem with procrastination." But procrastination itself is NOT the problem - it is only the symptom.

Start by picking a task you know you should do, but have put off for a long time. Is this something you dread doing because you're not good at it?

For example, I had a friend whose son always turned his homework in late. He constantly put it off until the very last minute - even after being penalized, still nothing changed.

The boy, as it turned out, was afraid of getting a bad grade on his homework. Without even thinking about it, he would put it off until the pain of turning it in late became greater than his fear of getting a bad grade.

In his mind, he was actually protecting himself from a potentially painful situation. The apparent reason for his procrastination was ? "I'm too busy with my after-school projects." The REAL reason for his procrastination ? "I'm afraid I might fail."

To find the source of YOUR procrastination, ask yourself the following questions?

1) Am I putting it off because I'm just not good at it?

2) Am I putting it off because I'm afraid I might fail or because I'm afraid of what might happen?

STEP 2: Create an Action Plan that's In Line With Your Strengths After you discover the real reason for your procrastination, the next step is finding a way to get the job done that's in line with something you LIKE to do.

Let's say you really like to be with people, but you have a term paper that you must get done. The TRUTH is that you don't want to write the paper because you have to do it by yourself. The problem is that your strength is being with people but this paper forces you to work alone.

The solution? Try inviting a friend over to help you. (This friend must have your best interest in mind). They won't write your paper for you, but you can bounce ideas off of them. This solution would make writing a paper much more appealing to you when you know you won't have to "go it alone." You can do this with any task you need to get done, but have put off in the past because it was not in line with one of your strengths.

STEP 3: Fear of Failure ? One of the Leading Causes of Procrastination One big reason that many people struggle with overcoming procrastination is because they're afraid that they might fail. So what's REALLY driving this fear of failure? In most cases, it's because of that "little voice inside your head" that tells you you're never good enough.

The voice goes like this: "I know I need to look for a new job, but I'm so afraid of interviews. What if I say something stupid? I'll just wait till next week when there are more jobs in the paper and I can get someone to write a better resume."

Do you see how that little voice is creating the thoughts that cause procrastination? You start with good intentions, but they quickly get shot down by that "little voice inside your head".

STEP 4: How to STOP Making Excuses and START Getting Things Done The next step is overcoming that "little voice" and getting rid of it the moment it begins to invent excuses that cause you to procrastinate. Keep reading to find out about a FREE 7-day email course that shows you exactly how to do this.

Believe me. Once you start using these 4 simple steps, overcoming procrastination will no longer be an issue for you. Put these steps to the test right away. Take the first, most CRITICAL step in overcoming your procrastination by eliminating the "excuse maker"? (the "little voice inside your head."). I guarantee, once you know how to eliminate your negative thoughts the moment they appear, your unproductive days will be over.

Larry Bilotta's FREE 7-day mini-course shows you how to quickly and easily eliminate your negative thoughts, STOP dwelling on your problems and START feeling better about yourself. Just visit the overcoming procrastination website.

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