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Six Keys To Build Vision - Point Five

5.Submit it to good leaders (accountability breeds stability and security)

Six Keys To Build Vision - Point Six

6.Recognise that all vision has seasonal components within it

The Synergy of Vision

Over the years I have experienced some amazing results with people who have been secure enough to view their leadership or personal capacity through the eyes of corporate vision.


?A successful attempt at scoring?

5 Good Ways to Make Steady Progress on Your Goals & Projects

1. Schedule a specific time and day to work on the goal ? just as if it were an appointment. Don?t just wait for ?someday? to work on it. It will always get bumped by more urgent (but not necessarily more important) tasks unless you make it a priority. Carving out a specific time to work on the project will make sure it finds its way onto your to-do list.

Achieve Your Goals By Doing Something About Them

The title of this article sounds simplistic but it is amazing how often people (including me) sit staring at a problem like mounting paperwork and become so depressed by the thought of all the work to be done that they do nothing and continue in a paralytic state for days and even months!

How to Set Effective Goals That Guarantee Your Success

In this article, I will be sharing with you the secrets to set effective goals that will guarantee your success. I wish you can apply it into your own goals setting. and wish all your goals come true.

In Pursuance of Your Dream Career

What do u wanna be when you grow up?" " I don?t wanna grow up?!! How lovely it would be if we don?t grow up and be a child forever?

Achieve Goals Using The Lasso Principle!

Here is a unique way to combine your breath and mental imagery to pull your goals closer in record time!

How Being Intentional Makes You Happy

"Inspiration does not beget action. Action begets inspiration." - Chinese Proverb

Creativity Management ? Short Term Goal Setting

Creativity can be defined as problem identification and idea generation whilst innovation can be defined as idea selection, development and commercialisation.

Hustle While You Wait

Everything comes to those who hustle while they wait -Thomas Edison

How to Improve Your Life Every Day

Growing Towards Excellence

Discovering Your Values

In the last newsletter we talked about ?Your Reason Why?, and how having emotional reasons for doing things gives them real power. To see this article go to www.mypowerfulmind.com/articles/article/1823709/25320.htm

5 Steps to Goal Setting Success

Goal setting is the true secret to success in any area of life. But although setting a goal may seem simple, achieving it is usually another question altogether.

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